You are currently viewing Attra: Providing a Strategic Advantage to the Enterprises in Banking & Payments Domain

Attra: Providing a Strategic Advantage to the Enterprises in Banking & Payments Domain

The technological advancements in the financial industry are changing the way people bank today. This is complicating the payments systems, as the consumers, enterprises and banks continue to demand more efficiency. The new wave of ‘fin-tech’ (Financial Technology)  firms are emerging in parallel, innovating new and unique means for banks to interact with their customers.
The BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) segment is evolving more rapidly than it ever has in the past. The advent of digitization has fostered a whole host of FinTechs with lateral ideas and solutions. This has provided entry for new entrants into the payments universe, such as Mobile Network Operators, Trusted Service Managers and OEM’s such as Samsung, Apple and Microsoft. The traditional means of banking are constantly challenged by new and efficient technologies, that not only challenge the legacy, but in some cases completely disrupt the space. Eg. The Blockchain technology.
Acknowledging that they are on the precipice of a pivotal change, Attra have made large investments into building Emerging Technologies, Digital practice and Cyber Security teams that are challenged with the singular task of R&D, and innovations. The teams have been successful in building the necessary skills in order to tackle and adequately service the rapidly evolving banking space. Attra aspires to stay abreast of the latest technologies; and continue to pave the way for its customers, specifically, and the BFS industry in general. Attra constantly strives for the ‘Next Best Practice’, with state-of-the-art global delivery centers in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Melbourne, and Dubai.
Attra has internally reviewed traditional means of execution and equipped itself to render services using an agile approach adopting Dev ops to enable continuous integration.
Attra, ‘Transforming the Possibilities into Reality’
Being a multinational IT solutions and services delivery firm focused on banking, finance and payments industry; Attra is transforming the possibilities into reality through the various services and solutions offered by them.
Attra provides a broad range of IT services including Business Analysis & Consultancy, Subject Matter Expertise, Project Management, Application Development, Portfolio Migration and Conversion Services, Product Launch, System Analysis, End to End Test Management and Execution, Certification Testing, Integration and Production Support Services, Automation and Digital services covering Mobility, Content Management and Information Management.
Over the years, Attra has worked with leading banking applications in the areas of Core Financials, Fraud Management, Transaction Switching, Card Management and Leasing & Lending platforms, provided by some of the major Fintech providers.
The competition in the industry has become as tough as it can be. In this cut-throat competition, Attra is proving its mettle through high end services and solutions offering. For Attra, the top driving differentiators are:

  • Industry Relevant Services with specific emphasis on “domain” focus
  • Ability to provide a full-range of services within the niche domain (cards, core banking, switching, data warehousing, analytics, automation etc.)
  • Information security through their enterprise-wide PCI DSS V3.1 certified offshore premises
  • Nimble and Agile approach – ability to respond quickly, sense customer pulse and urgency, respond with equal fervor while maintaining focus on quality and information security, with a mindset to get it right the ‘first time’.

Anil Gammampila, Passionista behind Attra
A technocrat with an urge to build a company that would embody his ability to fathom customer sentiment and his passion for delivery, Anil Gammampila, Founder, Chairman, Chief Technologist, Innovator and a leading Entrepreneur laid the foundational stone of  Attra. Anil built Attra, a multinational IT Solutions and Services Delivery Firm headquartered in Melbourne, Australia from the first employee in 1995 to a resource strength of 1500+ today.
Being a truly global person, Anil was born in Sri Lanka and educated in the UK. He worked in Europe, the subcontinent, the Middle East and Australasia. Anil is passionate about delivering exceptional client outcomes based on the philosophy “Nothing Boomerangs On Us”
Elaborating one of the biggest project of Attra, Anil says, “Attra executed a large, complex piece of transformational work for the largest bank in Thailand. We won this project in the face of stiff global competition and successfully migrated a 6.5 million cards portfolio from one continent to another. We installed a brand new cards platform and surrounding systems such as fraud and risk prevention systems. This is the kind of work that one normally associates with a large international player. We have been able to deliver it “First Time Right”’. Since then, we have been awarded ongoing support and development work for this customer. We have helped the customer  double their portfolio size over the last five years.”
Future Zenith of Success
Having success in its kitty, and the return of the ‘customer on the top priority’ attitude; Attra 2.0 is eying towards working with their customers through the sea changes of innovations. This not only includes measured data and consultancy, but also through end-to-end services rendered through new partnerships.
Anil further adds, “Our go-to-market model is built around strong domain skills, process maturity in its delivery models, and using Information Security as a key focus. We continue to differentiate by focusing “inch-wide” and “mile-deep”.