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Attached: Revolutionizing the Language Industry with Intelligent Content Strategies

A website is essential for building any modern business; in turn, superior content is critical to the success of that website. The use of good, precise language that allows a business to connect with its intended audience is perhaps the most important factor of all.
To help businesses create that high-quality content comes Attached, a leading language intelligence agency that creates and translates targeted text for audiences across the globe.
Attached allows corporations with a local and international presence to get their message across in a timely, cost-efficient and, most importantly, accurate way. Its services enable any company to do business and grow on an international scale, regardless of their field or specialty.
The words which its clients use to define Attached are dedicated, highly responsive, flexible, innovative, knowledgeable, loyal, trustworthy and committed.
Why Attached Leads the Pack
Recent technological innovations like Machine Translation, Neural Logistics and Artificial Intelligence address the ever-increasing demand for quickly available content in a growing number of languages. This has forced every Language Solutions Provider (LSP) to rethink its position and reassess its strategy.
In its capacity as a leading LSP, Attached remains relevant by delivering added value to customers looking for a customized, non-generic approach to their service needs. It enhances its product package with consistency and ensures clients seamless continuity in their multilingual communications.
Attached’s world-class range of services include translations, multilingual copywriting, co-creation, subtitling, proofreading, DTP, ISEO (International SEO), workflow optimization and interpreting services.
Companies looking for a gateway to international growth seek Attached for consistent, reliable, intelligent and proactive strategies in the fields of language, culture and technology. It has always proven itself a reliable partner, guiding them through the challenging field of translation and localization by using a combination of personalization and language technology innovations.
For more than 17 years, this approach has attracted the most talented professionals to Attached, creating a diverse team of individuals, all of whom bring their own expertise while always adhering to the firm’s three core values: Solid, Smart & Supportive.
Attached’s Contributions to the Language Industry
Being a leading LSP, Attached is a major participant in and contributor to the industry. The company is an active member of major industry organizations including VViN (Dutch Foundation of Translation Agencies), Elia (European Language Industry Association), Gala (Globalization & Localization Association) and EUATC (European Association of Translation Companies).
They also actively participate in numerous industry events, both in the Netherlands and abroad, and as part of conference-organizing committees.
For almost two decades, Attached has also been a recognized internship provider, offering the next generation of language specialists a chance to learn what it is like to work in this industry.
The Inspiring Woman Entrepreneur Leading This Promising Company
Eveline van Sandick, CEO of Attached, is a dedicated entrepreneur and employer who values loyalty and commitment.
Her teammates praise her patient, considerate and very personable nature. They say, “Eveline will always look for sustainable solutions – quick wins are all very well, but not if they offer only short-term solutions. She is not someone who will rest on her laurels, but is always looking to the future, striving to offer clients the best possible service.
Eveline is an extraordinary woman with extensive experience in the industry. Her leadership skills, commitment, and sincerity have helped her to win the 2017 Enterprising Woman of the Year Award. To take that legacy of values forward, she makes great efforts to instill them into her team at Attached.
With an aim to create an environment in which people are always open to better and more effective ways of working, Eveline creates for her employees an atmosphere where every step towards improvement is stimulated and embraced.
We believe that creativity and innovation will come about by always looking at the needs of those behind the processes,” she says.
Strategies Taking Attached Forward
When talking about the strategies she has used to bring the company to where it stands today, Eveline says, “First of all: we know what we are doing, we are professionals. Language and communication is in our blood, finding customized solutions are second nature to us. Secondly: we take our customers very seriously. Not only do we listen very carefully to their direct requests, but by asking questions, relating experiences, and bringing up examples, we understand their requests better. That way, we can offer our clients the best solutions for their needs.
Eveline embodies honesty and transparency in interactions with her clients in all circumstances. She adds, “We don’t overpromise and we don’t overindulge. Our clients get a straight, realistic answer or proposal that suits their expectations to save them any unnecessary disappointments later.
While looking for ways to help its clients do business on a global scale, whether by providing linguists, cultural experts or IT language consultants, Attached is the indispensable bridge linking its clients to their intended audience.
Eveline alludes to the company’s future plans by saying, “We will continue to help our clients to connect and to be understood, discovered, liked or even loved according to the spirit of their communications – in every language and on every platform.

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