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Atom AMPD: Unifying Communication Needs

Customer’s want of cutting edge advances in technology to support growth, network and communication security, increased productivity, and decreased costs, has been perfectly guessed by Atom AMPD, experts of the field. They have the intrinsic belief in the dedication and talent of their people, and a “worldwide perspective” that provides potential solutions to countries that are developing and are in true need of the features Atom AMPD offers.
End-to-End Technology Solutions
Atom AMPD’s disruptive, end-to-end technology solutions provide complete organizational voice and data communications, networking, security and also wireless access. These solutions are all managed by a single, easy-to-use administrative interface. Flexible options provide organizations with seamless integration with existing infrastructures, allowing a variety of deployment scenarios.
Some of the features Atom AMPD’s software, the AtomOS include; Stateful Firewall and Routing Features, Telephony & IP-PBX, Spam and Antivirus Filter, AtomOS Remote Manager, Web Filter & Accelerator, Captive Portal, QoS & Bandwidth Management, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Wireless Access Point and WWAN Support.
Atom AMPD’s delivery model, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), is the simplified method of running clients business’ communication services, such as phones, voicemail, conferencing, and other Voice Services. Atom AMPD’s UCaaS model also integrates Networking and Security software that eliminates the need to deal with multiple service providers.
Atom AMPD can reduce clients’ telephony costs up to 70% by providing them VoIP telephony and the AtomOS features, all bundled into one low cost. Distinct AtomOS features are always available, and utilizing them is simple. AtomOS® can adapt and grow with the client’s business, offering outstanding technical support and monitoring, 24 hours a day.
The company has deployments in the United States, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. Some notable clientele includes the World Curling Federation, US Biathlon Association, and Vernon Davis’ Jamba Juice Stores in Silicon Valley.
Daniel Field, CEO of Atom AMPD, has B.S. degrees from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the University of Arizona, and a Master of Science degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Daniel is internationally recognized for his leadership, highly-diversified background and vision in the technology sector, having more than 30 years of experience.
Daniel is recognized for formulating and deploying strategic initiatives that focus on the development of integrated and disruptive technologies. His vision of convergence has been applied to utilize and link best existing practices with proprietary frameworks. He has founded or invested in many companies specialized in a number of divergent markets, but with emphases in Internet Security, Health Care, Education and Olympic Sport Federations. Daniel’s development expertise includes Voice Biometrics, Communications, Networking, Software & Database design and implementation and Mobility Application Development.
Early in his career, Daniel recognized that disruptive innovations have served as the basis for success of technology companies which add value and create new opportunities. Atom AMPD is an excellent example of this, invading and replacing older, more staid approaches in an area historically dominated by a few large corporations.
Daniel says, “We are excited about our future prospects domestically, as well as internationally. Our present focus is to strengthen our Master Distributors, VoIP Defender (US) and Through Technology (Pacific Asia) and Webflows (Mesh Networking). Currently the AtomOS is deployed in South East Asia with 2 million users and expanding up to 10 million in the next 18 months.”