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Atlas RFID: The Future of Material Innovation

Atlas RFID Solutions was founded in 2007 to bridge the gap between the capabilities of RFID and barcode technology and the commercial needs of efficiency conscious firms. The company develops and implements RFID and barcode based systems that connect people, process, and technology to ensure craft workers have the materials and information they need to carry out their work without disruption due to material availability issues – while simultaneously increasing planning flexibility and minimizing the need for costly material buffers. A Future-Ready Product Jobsite Visibility Extension (Jovix) is the signature product of Atlas RFID Solutions. It is an award-winning solution designed to support complex multi-site Material Readiness processes for industrial construction capital projects market. The Jovix platform drives value to construction by automating site material management workflow processes and providing actionable, real-time information about the availability and location of materials, ensuring visibility and traceability through-out the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPIC) material lifecycle. Jovix plays a critical role on construction sites and provides innovative and unique features that help maximize productivity. The following are some of its numerous benefits.

  • Digitize the Clipboard
  • Mobile / App-Centric
  • RFID and Barcode Technologies Visibility
  • Readiness Reporting
  • Exception Notification
  • Cross Team Collaboration Extension
  • ERP Integrations
  • Procurement Integrations
  • Work Planning / Scheduling Integrations

Jovix: An Irreplaceable Asset 
Manual, paper-based processes for managing materials at the jobsite create silos of information that lead to reactive decision-making, reduced labor productivity, and increased cost and schedule for projects. Jovix replaces these processes with an automated, digital solution that:

  • Improves the performance and accuracy of material management personnel by giving them a better tool to do their work
  • Provides real-time data on material location and status to construction planners, allowing them to align work plans with material availability, resulting in improved direct labor productivity
  • Captures and preserves all transactions, inspections, and other material data in the form of digital inputs, photos, and file attachments
  • Seamlessly connects silos of information in procurement, expediting, scheduling, construction planning, and project controls systems to enable collaboration and proactive decision-making
  • Real-time insight and proactive alerts that inform decisions that previously were not possible

An Unsurpassable Feat of Excellence Jovix is built to make a meaningful, positive impact on labor productivity, with the goal of reducing the time labor spends waiting on materials to zero, and it has made tremendous progress in achieving that goal. Jovix has been deployed on over 300 sites and 45 projects, spanning 10 countries and 5 continents. This diverse experience has allowed Atlas to build Jovix using best practices in project execution and Material Readiness from a wide range of projects. Atlas has also been able to prove the capabilities of Jovix in a variety of conditions, producing a capable, flexible, robust, and useful tool.
Jovix project deployments include:

  • Curtis Island LNG Projects (APLNG, QCLNG, GLNG), Australia
  • Chevron Wheatstone LNG, Australia
  • ExxonMobil Baytown Chemical Complex, USA Suncor Fort Hills Oil Sands, Canada
  • BP West Nile Delta, Egypt
  • Tengizchevroil Future Growth Project, Kazakhstan
  • KIPIC Al-Zour Refinery Project, Kuwait

A Documented Case of Merit
Atlas clients have utilized Jovix to improve the execution of their projects.
Case studies from multiple successful deployments detail the following facts:

  • 5% reduction in indirect labor by using Jovix to manage materials
  • 5% reduction in direct labor by using Jovix to align work planning and materials
  • 1% reduction in material budget by using Jovix to track materials
  • Zero lost spools on a multi-billion dollar project by using Jovix to track pipe materials

A Visionary Leadership
Robert Fuqua is the Founder, President and CEO of Atlas RFID Solutions. Fuqua is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and attended the United States Military Academy where he received a BS in Political Science and Systems Engineering in 1996. Upon graduating from West Point, Fuqua served as an Infantry Officer in the 82nd Airborne Division and then with the 3rd Infantry Division as part of Operation Joint Forge. Following his military tenure, Fuqua earned an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and worked 5 years as a sales and marketing executive in the healthcare industry before founding Atlas in 2007.
Under his leadership, the firm has progressed into a rapidly growing technology firm focused on delivering information-centric solutions that leverage the capabilities of emerging RFID and barcode technologies.
Fuqua was recognized as one of Birmingham’s “Top 40 Under 40” by the Birmingham Business Journal and is involved in many community focused endeavors. He serves on the board of Grace House Ministries, Tech Birmingham, and attends the Church of the Highlands. He is a life-long Cubs fan and, more than anything loves being a dad to his two daughters, Starling and Eliza.
A Future of Infinite Possibilities
Atlas, with an eye on innovation, is keen to stay ahead of the curve and it has shown its commitment to the cause through meaningful R&D. Recently, McKinsey & Company released a report describing why, and how, the construction industry should embrace digitization to transform the industry and to reverse the trend of stagnant labor productivity. Atlas RFID is ahead of the curve in 2 of the 5 key trends described by the research report. The innovation at RFID has enabled the company to set itself apart from the competition and stamp its authority as the leader in the industry with an edge in the IOT technology, digital collaboration and mobility.
Atlas will continue to be the innovative market leader for their space—their research & development has resulted in patented technologies developed for mega construction material management. With the goal of zero material wait times, Atlas will continue to evolve technology (mobile application, predictive analytics, etc), hardware (drone, BLE tags, etc) and processes (integrations, industry standardized tracking, etc) to improve Material Readiness on an increasingly global supply chain.
Source: The 10 Most Innovative Construction Tech Solution Providers, 2018