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Atera: Delivering Solutions that Helps to Improve MSPs’ Businesses

One of the critical decisions every Managed Service Provider (MSP) has to take involves what to do with the abundant information they collect, and how to track and bill for the tasks that their clients might need. Solely relying on email and calendar entries and jotting down mobile numbers and IP addresses on various uncategorized sticky notes scattered around the office isn’t viable for an efficiently functioning MSP. To better organize and plan, MSPs needs a platform that can centrally manage all the business processes and workflows. Professional Services Automation (PSA) software does just that by streamlining operations for MSPs’ businesses.
One such company that can help with the same is Atera, a cloud-based IT automation platform that combines Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), PSA, and remote access into one robust solution. They provide PSA services with the MSP in mind.
PSA is designed to automate and manage some of the most common business tasks. The goal through such a service is to ensure the projects of the customers are delivered on time, within the pre-determined budget, and in accordance with the client’s needs and demands. Atera’s all-in-one innovative platform offer MSPs improved operational efficiency, seamless integration, end-to-end management, and disruptive pricing. Their PSA solution enables optimal support to MSPs so they can run and manage their businesses successfully.
Translating a Vision into Reality
Atera was conceived in 2011 in Tel-Aviv, with a simple goal in mind— to help MSPs build better businesses by making things easier for them. They translated this vision into a reality with the launch of their easy-to-use all-in-one platform.
After being launched in the US market in 2016, the company was focused on gaining MSPs’ trust. In just one year, Atera has already established the company as a trusted name for MSPs, enabling both small and large businesses to grow and thrive with its technology. Their disruptive pricing model—which charges per technician rather than per server—has enabled MSPs to improve budget planning, business efficiencies, customer management, and overall operations. Atera’s technology is both agile and built for the future, so it functions well and does not require large teams of sales support.
The Empires of the Future are Empires of the Mind
Gil Pekelman, CEO, and Founder of Atera is the visionary and leader who built a successful business. Under Gil’s guidance, Atera has grown into the most innovative and industry-leading platform for MSPs both large and small.
Most recently, he was recognized for his thought provoking leadership and accomplishments by ChannelPro Magazine as a 2017 Channel Visionary. Prior to founding Atera, Gil held senior positions at Indigo NV, which is now a division of HP ($1B NASDAQ IPO) and Exanet (Acquired by DELL). His educational resume includes a degree in both Economics and Management from the Tel-Aviv University. It is also worth mentioning that Gil is the sole inventor of three patents.
Best-In-Class Solutions and Services for MSPs
Atera offers MSPs a powerful all-in-one IT management platform with RMM, PSA, and remote access. Through this unmatched technology, Atera ensures operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for MSPs when managing their customers’ IT ecosystems. To further enhance their services, Atera partners with some of the best breeds of IT vendors to offer online backup, security, documentation, workflow automation, remote support, patches, warranties, and more.
Through their best-in-class PSA, services, and security, Atera facilitates business improvement.  The company also provides additional benefits to MSPs by delivering a Business Intelligence (BI) tool called The Benchmark. This technology provides MSPs with industry data to better understand where they match up against their competition.
Additionally, Atera incorporates The Benchmark statistics into its billing dashboard so that MSPs can gain real-time statistics about pricing and ways to improve their business practices. The sleek user-interface is easy-to-use and offers a vivid experience to MSPs worldwide.
Bringing MSP Business Together
Whether it’s RMM, powerful ticketing, or a great customer experience—Atera’s innovative technology brings the MSP business together. Integrating their technology leads to less hassle and offers better strategy and more control.
Atera stands out among its industry competitors with four key differentiators:

  • All-in-one (single code base): RMM, PSA, and Remote Connection
  • Ease of use and a beautiful modern user experience
  • Transparent SaaS pricing
  • Real-time data intelligence and analytics

With continued advancements in IoT and cloud technology, Atera will continue to leverage Big Data to meet the evolving needs of MSPs. Additionally, the company adds new functionality and features to the IT management platform every 30 days, based on regular feedback received from MSPs. This allows Atera to offer a more agile and disruptive pricing model.
Driven by an aim of providing MSPs of all scale and sizes with the most advanced set of tools and data, Atera hopes to improve MSPs’ businesses, and as a result, the quality of IT for small and medium-sized businesses everywhere.

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