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Artivive: Bringing Art to Life

Artists always look for new ways to differentiate themselves and their work from others in order to communicate with viewers. To address these needs, Artivive was founded by Codin Popescu and Sergiu Ardelean in January 2017 in Vienna, Austria. Thanks to Artivive, now haptic artwork can be augmented with digital augmented reality in just a few steps. This opens up a variety of potential design options choosing from a huge palette of media and gives artists a completely new way of expressing themselves.
AR, a New Art Form 
Artivive’s Co-Founder and CEO, Sergiu Ardelean thinks augmented reality is a new art form where a new kind of narrative is born – similar to photography and film a bit more than a century ago. Artists can take visitors on a journey in time and explain what lies behind, enhance the art with illustrations or show how the artworks were made. For museums, galleries and other institutions, Artivive offers a new and innovative way for the audience to interact with the exhibits.
Augmented Reality Evangelist 
Sergiu Ardelean worked for more than a decade in advertising and marketing where he had the opportunity to implement the first augmented reality campaigns worldwide for numerous brands. This experience helped him understand the augmented reality space and its power. Being a creative person, he saw the potential of this technology in the art sector which eventually gave Artivive the motivation to start this project.
Linking Analog with Digital
Art Artivive is the platform where artists build the future of analog and digital art. Its vision is to change how art is created and consumed and build the community around augmented reality art. At first, Artivive created an easy-to use augmented reality tool that allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking analog with digital art. The digital layer opens the doors to a whole new world of creative possibilities.
Revolutionizing the Art Market 
After years working for an augmented reality advertising agency, Sergiu decided to take a trip around the world and then he organized a photo exhibition about it instead to have the usual slideshow with friends. One of them asked him: “ok, where do I download the app? You work with augmented reality all the time, there has to be something behind it.” This was the beginning of the Artivive project. Artivive was born out of the idea to digitally revolutionize the art market and changing the way art is experienced. Its aim was giving artists, museums and galleries the opportunity to add a narrative component to works of art and for viewers to have a more interactive experience with the artwork.
Mirroring User Experience 
Artivive thinks that the biggest challenge while providing AR solutions would be to find a way in delivering a tool for people who are not so technically adverse. Sergiu thinks Artivive has to understand its users and their mindset and mirror it in its user experience it is building.
Easy-to-use Tools 
To create in augmented reality, artists have to build an isolated solution that requires technical skills and invest a lot of time and money. According to the organization, few of the existing solutions offered by its competitors are difficult to use and have less usability and UX. The tools offered by Artivive are easy-to-use and have more usability.
The creative tool Bridge by Artivive is intuitively designed and the visualization tool Artivive app for art lovers is also very easy to use. More than 7000 artists worldwide use Artivive’s tool for their artistic work. Artivive has already extended numerous exhibitions in cultural spaces. Artivive offers a unique open AR platform and an app with tailor-made features for creatives and artists. Its approach is to let the artists create the narrative and the art. It distinguishes itself from other AR providers by focusing on artists, creative people, museums and galleries. Creatives and museums can register for an account on
Exciting Future 
Artivive is looking forward to an exciting 2019 and wants to continue to establish augmented reality in the art world. It will keep building a constant dialog with its users in order to gradually extend and adapt the features of its tool to their specific needs.
Client Feedback 
“We have been creating digital art for over three decades. With Artivivie, we recently found a perfect tool to add another dimension to our work” (Station Rose, digital artists) “As a painter and experimental video artist, I found Artivive the perfect tool where my analog and digital work are blending”–(Maria Chalela-Puccini, Visual Artist) “It’s amazing how easy it works”–(Stella Rollig, Director of Belvedere Museum Vienna) “Artivive will replace the audio guides”–(PRof.Dr. Klaus Albrecht Schroeder, Director of Albertina Vienna).