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Arthur Wagner

Arthur Wagner: Pioneering Tire Recycling Solutions

Driving Industry Change Through Innovation!

The tire recycling industry stands on the brink of transformation, evolving from traditional methods to embrace innovative solutions for a sustainable future. In this dynamic landscape, there is a growing need for advanced technologies and strategic approaches to optimize recycling processes and minimize environmental impact.

Leading this charge is Arthur Wagner, the Director with a deep-rooted commitment to driving change and revolutionizing tire recycling practices. With a keen eye for innovation and a wealth of experience, this executive has positioned themselves as a catalyst for progress in the industry.

At the forefront of this transformation is REGOM, a pioneering company dedicated to advancing tire recycling solutions globally. Through a relentless pursuit of excellence and a focus on customer-centric approaches, REGOM is redefining industry standards and setting new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability.

Let’s delve deeper to learn more:

Transforming Tire Recycling

Arthur serves as the CEO of the company, which he co-founded four years ago alongside his partner, Jean-François Cassier, the President of TC Group, a transport company and collector and sorter of used tires for the French ecoorganism Aliapur. With a background in Finance and Business Administration, Arthur graduated nearly ten years ago, and after gaining entrepreneurial experience in the food industry, he embarked on the REGOM project in 2020.

Initially conceived as a project within TC Group, which had been involved in collecting and sorting 40,000 tons of used tires a year for two decades, REGOM aimed to streamline the working conditions for sorting operators and improve sorting quality. Four years later, the company successfully markets sorting machines worldwide.

In addition to his role as REGOM’s CEO, Arthur also oversees the tire recycling activities within TC Group (TC Environnement), encompassing the collection and sorting of End-of-Life Tires (ELTs) as well as the sale of reusable tires.

Advancing Solutions Globally

At REGOM, Arthur spearheads the company’s development initiatives and the structuring of innovative solutions tailored to meet market demands. The team at REGOM is dedicated to either developing new solutions or adapting existing ones to address customer requirements precisely. Emphasizing extensive Research and Development (R&D), the company maintains a competitive edge by offering solutions finely tuned to the practicalities of tire recycling.

Currently, particular attention is given to advancing the recognition of severely damaged tires. Additionally, REGOM is actively expanding into new geographical markets. This expansion includes the establishment of an office in Boston in September, aimed at supporting the company’s inaugural machines in the US and venturing into Asian markets, particularly Japan. As a burgeoning entity, REGOM places significant emphasis on fostering close relationships with customers to cultivate enduring partnerships.

Enhancing Efficiency

MTP-TRI stands as the pioneering machine capable of identifying and sorting used tires (Passenger Car and Truck Tires) based on user-defined identification criteria. Sorting parameters encompass the tire’s brand, model, dimensions, load and speed indexes, production date, and tread wear. Operating at a rate of one tire every three seconds, equating to approximately +/- 1,000 tires per hour, the machine is engineered to thrive in demanding recycling environments characterized by humidity, dirt, and speed challenges.

What distinguishes the machine is its adaptability to various recycling processes such as granulation, pyrolysis, devulcanization, reuse, and retreading. Users benefit from streamlined tire sorting, data creation, and management capabilities, as well as alleviated workload, sorting list integration, and simplified operator training. Through the machine, they are revolutionizing and optimizing processes to elevate the efficiency of their clients’ operations.

Innovative Solutions for Tire Recycling

REGOM has been dedicated to developing AI solutions tailored to address genuine industrial demands, particularly within the niche market of used tire recycling. Despite the industry’s limited volume, it boasts a significant number of stakeholders. REGOM’s approach has been to channel its efforts into meeting the unique requirements of these diverse stakeholders through a comprehensive range of sorting, mechanical, software, AI, and PLC solutions. Internally, REGOM has developed a robust infrastructure to swiftly adapt to each client’s specific needs and market dynamics.

From collection to valorization, the company has engineered a complete process encompassing sorting aimed at enhancing overall quality for operators and tire sorting outcomes. Beyond AI-based industrial machine production, REGOM offers comprehensive engineering services for sorting lines and collaborates with clients on process enhancements, human resources considerations, and return on investment analyses.

Ensuring Quality and Sustainability

In order to promote and disseminate their innovations, REGOM collaborates extensively with regulatory bodies. One notable example is their partnership with the French normative association AFNOR, where they have contributed to the development of a control norm focused on determining quality criteria for the classification of reused tires for light vehicles.

Building upon this norm, REGOM has collaborated with the RCube Federation to introduce the RECQ label, which is aimed at assuring final customers regarding the quality and safety of reusable tires.

Additionally, REGOM actively participates in various projects such as “BlackCyle” and “Cirpass,” which aim to showcase the advantages of identifying and sorting tires for material recovery based on their chemical contents. Moreover, REGOM’s machine assists sorters and graders by indicating potential valorization destinations while prioritizing ergonomic considerations to minimize physical strain on operators.

Innovative Collaboration

At REGOM, fostering innovation is a fundamental principle, driving the continual development of novel solutions. Each member of the REGOM team is actively engaged at the TC Environment production site when not traveling abroad, immersing themselves in the group’s production activities to devise practical solutions. Rigorous testing of every new application occurs on their production sites to validate their industrial viability.

Weekly meetings convene all departments, including R&D, AI, software, marketing, and commerce, for thorough two-hour discussions on various topics. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone remains informed about ongoing initiatives and understands the collective needs and expectations. Encouraging an environment of open ideation, all team members are invited to contribute ideas without constraints, and project ideas undergo monthly reviews to determine their feasibility.

Maximizing ROI at REGOM

To remain abreast of industry developments, REGOM actively engages in pertinent trade shows and conferences like ETRA, EURRIC, Tire Technology, Tire Cologne, IFAT, GTRC, and CES, among others. However, the primary source of information remains their customers, who articulate demands based on market requirements and daily hurdles.

Upon identifying a new avenue for development, REGOM meticulously evaluates the benefits and potential return on investment (ROI) of automation compared to existing processes. This ensures that innovations effectively address market needs while offering a realistic ROI.

Driving Change

Arthur finds motivation in the tire recycling industry’s transition from an aging sector to one embracing Industry 4.0 principles. He sees REGOM’s potential to contribute to this transformative shift, particularly in advancing from energy-based to chemistry-based recycling methods. The prospect of developing more efficient valorization processes and reducing reliance on raw materials for a more sustainable future fuels his excitement and motivation.

Strategic Decision-Making

In making critical decisions, Arthur values diverse perspectives from both internal teams and external individuals. He typically opts for swift decision-making, prioritizing adaptability over missed opportunities.

Arthur often turns to his wife as his most trusted advisor, drawing on her support and enduring partnership spanning over a decade. When tackling challenges, Arthur and his team employ a systematic approach, breaking down problems into manageable components to streamline and propose effective solutions.

Embracing Cooperation for Global Impact

Arthur believes that fostering positive outcomes requires trust in one’s actions and a commitment to the common good. He emphasizes that individual efforts alone may not achieve a significant global impact; instead, cooperation should be embraced as the prevailing business model of the century.

Striving for Tailored Solutions and Team Growth

Arthur aims to maintain his current trajectory of personal growth and development. His frequent travels afford him the opportunity to forge connections with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, prioritizing the cultivation of human relationships alongside business endeavors.

Through these interactions, Arthur gains insights into various processes, enabling him to offer assistance in their enhancement while also embracing the chance to immerse himself in different countries, customs, and cultures.

For REGOM as a collective, the overarching objective is to consistently provide tailored solutions to users, facilitating their attainment of operational objectives, particularly in the realm of tire recycling. To realize this ambition, Arthur is actively focused on nurturing and developing the teams within REGOM to effectively meet the escalating demands of the industry.