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Artha Infotama: Delivering Business Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Demonstrating one’s proven expertise in delivering quality solutions in one or more specialized areas of business is a Microsoft Gold Competency Partner’s forte, and a leading IT company which is outshining others by reaping maximum benefits for being a Microsoft Gold Partner is Artha Infotama. Famously known as ARTHA IT, Artha Infotama is one of the fastest growing IT companies with end to end solution providing capabilities.
As Microsoft Gold Competency Partner (ERP Microsoft Dynamics, Volume Licensing) and 1-Tier Cloud Solution Provider (CSP 1-Tier), Artha Infotama is also Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club in 2009,2010, 2012, 2016, Award from Microsoft as part of top- performing partners
Established in 2002, Artha is headquartered in Jakarta (Indonesia), and has its branches located in Surabaya (Indonesia) and also has some of its subsidiaries in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia under the name of ARTHA IT Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
The Tale of Artha Infotama
The inception days of Artha was not at all easy, they faced numerous difficulties, but never let their moral down. In the first year they were able to grab only 2 new customers, and now they proudly own a clan of 700+ customers with Microsoft products, and included more than 400 customers of Microsoft Dynamics GP with total deployed 4300+ users.
If you are looking for a single gate to open and deliver the solutions meeting your needs, then Artha Infotama is the only answer. Artha’s worldwide solutions cover multi industry domains with out-of-the-box products & services, such as:

  • ERP Microsoft Dynamics (Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365).
  • Vertical Industry Solutions (Plantation Management System, Oil Mill, Property Management, Retail, Textile, Education etc.).
  • Cloud Solutions (Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365, Office365, Azure, IaaS).
  • Portal Management & Mobility (Vendor, Customer & Human Capital Portal Management).
  • Business Process Management-Low Code Workflow Automation.
  • Auditor & Tax Consulting.
  • Implementation & Maintenance Support.

Meet the Torch Bearer of Artha Infotama
Stephen Hendry, CEO of Artha Infotama, is a visionary leader and an entrepreneur of a different kind. Right decision making capability is his forte and he is a master in the art of helping clients manage their day-to-day operations and help them make quick and right decisions.
In 2001 Microsoft began to enter the Enterprise Resource Planning business by acquiring Great Plains Software and at that time we saw that this is the right time to hit the market, because of the reputation of Microsoft which was already at the peak level in the global market. And in 2002 we established PT Artha Infotama to start our journey in ERP business by becoming a Microsoft Business Solution Partner for Great Plains product and now with the name  Microsoft Dynamics GP – asserts Stephen.
Taking Client Satisfaction to a New Level.
At Artha Infotama, they treat their clients as their partners, they not only provide them with system solutions, they also help their clients in technology development. To help clients’ focus in their business, they provide support by providing operational solutions through technology enablement with good infrastructure, which can be adjusted in no time while assisting them to focus on the growth paradigm.
In the era of globalization and digital transformation, entrepreneurs are increasingly getting dependent on integrated systems, Online & mobility procedures meet their internal and external challenges. At Artha Infotama they believe intelligence, collaboration, and transformation is the key value for every company to help businesses and expand their growth. This is where Artha Infotama (ARTHA IT) comes in with single gate end to end solution, by differentiating solutions and focusing for some industries, thus outshining their competitors.
Services on which You can Rely Upon
Plantation Management System: Microsoft Dynamics GP for Plantation Management System is an activity based costing solution which handles the overall plantation operations from the acquisition of land, land improvements, planting, maintenance, workshop, harvesting, payroll to replanting, Oil Mill, weighbridge. Under this platform, all the activities are controlled through the system, resulting in high efficiency and productivity. With this business intelligence analysis clients can control and make decisions faster.
Property Management System: Microsoft Dynamics GP Property Management System is an integrated, end to end solution for property development companies to manage their unlimited group property (Mall, Office Building, Residence & other strata units) with simple, efficient and productive solutions.
The Property Management System covers various areas such as: Tenant Management, Agreement, Fitting Out, Rental, Service Charge (Electricity, Water, Management Fee, Rental Fee, Parking) & billing. It also covers Ownership & Tenant Rental Management Profit Sharing, Consignment, Preventive Maintenance & Case Request.
Payroll Management: Microsoft Dynamics GP for Payroll Management provides flexible and unlimited perspectives for companies with unlimited Paycode, Localized Tax Rule including Tax reporting, Insurance, employee loan, medical claim, Employee Selfserve, Leave request,  integrated with attendance machine, digital payslip & bank transfer. The solution is suitable for every size company, let it be a small scale company, medium, enterprise and group company.
ARTHA For Retail: Flexibility Point Of Sales Online & Offline System for electronic retail, mini mart, supermarket, fashion, consumer good, with multi promotion, sale & multi payment method.
ARTHA For E-MOBILE: Flexible Mobile solutions support Android/IOS with enterprise function such as E-Order, E-Procurement, E-Preventive Task, E-KPI, E-Travel, E-Leave Request etc.
Future Perspectives
As the company moves forward, product transformation, solutions and technology will run continuously; thus, we will help our clients through the system to get closer with their employees, customers and vendors so that our clients can get more efficiency, more productivity and can grow well and be stable in future.

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