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Ian Chandler | Chief Sales Officer & Co-founder | ARIIX

ARIIX: Innovating to Bring Inspiration

ARIIX was founded in 2011 as a disruptor to the network marketing industry. For 100 years, the objectionable side of the industry has more or less remained unchanged, some companies offering a pseudoscience story that seems larger than life, with over-touted, often overpriced products that haven’t changed for 20 years, created by a guru who knows everything, and which can be sold effortlessly to the whole world to become an overnight millionaire.
In 2020, this tired, antiquated approach is cause for eyerolls and family arguments when the topic of network marketing is introduced. For ARIIX, every criticism is an opportunity; every bad past experience is a chance to reintroduce a business model that is as simple as clicking “like” on a recent movie, restaurant or retail shopping experience. Where competitor companies continue living in the past, ARIIX has boldly created a future rooted in ACTUAL business best-practices that propel a product, brand and market FORWARD. The company asserts, “We call this approach being Disruptive by Design™, and it’s why we started ARIIX.”

“To achieve No. 1 market share in the industry by upending the old, boring traditions with a business model that attracts 2020 post-millennial demographics. When we empower and win over the next generation, we will ultimately win over the market share battle.”

Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Insights Success and Ian Chandler, Chief Sales Officer and Founder of ARIIX:
Describe your company’s cutting-edge solutions, which address the needs of your customers.
ARIIX has introduced a number of tools and opportunities to lead the industry in cutting-edge selling solutions.

  1. A truly unique compensation structure that facilitates the successful merging with other network marketing companies (we have acquired 13 companies in eight years) without changing the organizational structure of the original network (no other network marketing company can do the same). The patent-pending multiline compensation plan, along with the award-winning tools and supportive business-building experience ARIIX offers, creates a high demand from direct selling companies all over the world who wish to join forces with ARIIX. This steady stream of industry leaders and Representatives joining ARIIX is just one of the unique factors that contributes to our record-breaking profitability and industry-leading growth.
  2. Smart Links, which allow ARIIX Representatives to customize a product or a pack into a personalized link and share with family and friends anywhere (social media, email, text, etc.). All the recipient has to do is input shipping and billing information, and the entire order closes in a matter of minutes.
  3. A VIP loyalty program whereby ARIIX Reps earn Reward Dollars every time they make a purchase with ARIIX, dollar for dollar. Reward Dollars can then be redeemed for ARIIX Lifestyle Perks: ARIIX Travel®, offering deeply discounted travel rates, ARIIX Loyalty Shopping, providing exclusive insider savings on world- class ARIIX products, and ARIIX Diamonds™, premier quality jewellery at wholesale pricing.
  4. e-Wallet investment opportunities where commissions can be diverted into powerful investment opportunities for wealth management, ranging from investment funds and real estate to micro-loans and more. More than simply earning a great income, ARIIX Representatives can actually plan and manage their wealth to make their money work for them.

Give a detailed description of the featured person’s influence over the company and the industry.
As an original founder, I have created or collaborated on the majority of the company’s major sales-related programs, including the award-winning ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan. I am passionate about providing lucrative sales programs that help grow a Representative’s business, and I love seeing hard-working Representatives achieve the rewards and recognition they deserve.
Describe in detail about the work culture and the values that drive your company.
Hard work and no nonsense. We don’t make excuses and we own our mistakes. A BIG part of our culture is work AND fun, and we believe you can have both at the same time. In our culture, the group always makes better decisions than the individual. We believe in recognizing our Representatives for their achievements, and we make a big deal about rewarding them.
Whether it’s taking them on unforgettable getaways around the world where they are pampered in luxury, or providing incredible global events to experience, we are always striving to make every aspect of our Representatives’ experience a memorable one. Our Reps are anything but a number. For example, we offer an ARIIX Founders Club, which is the most prestigious and high-level ranking a Representative can achieve in the entire sector of network marketing. With unprecedented influence, Founders Club members help shape the future of ARIIX in matters such as policy changes, products, promotions and so much more. The invitation to join the ARIIX Founders Club is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the direct selling industry — the perfect balance of a working Representative with the privileges of a founder.
And because we care about our Rep’s financial future, rather than promoting debt with luxury items given as incentives that require a certain business level to maintain, ARIIX provides a truly unique savings program. As of 2019 year-end, ARIIX has paid out more than $16 million in savings bonuses to hundreds of Representatives.
How does your service differ from the other companies ‘offerings?
We really are changing the industry through competition. As the old-school ways give way to better competition, the whole industry improves and follows. For example: Where other network marketing companies require large up-front sums of cash to start a business, ARIIX literally has no product purchase required. With a membership fee less than Costco, ARIIX Representatives can qualify for every commission available simply by sharing and selling products with their online followers and customers.
Where other network marketing companies require distributors to buy bulk inventory and handle product fulfillment on their own, ARIIX handles all of the payment collection, shipping, inventory, logistics, marketing, IT, etc., so that ARIIX Representatives and influencers can simply share their promo code with their followers and customers, who then save when making a purchase. This puts the business model in line with the best practices of any 21st century e-commerce platform. Where other network marketing companies create their lifecycle by raising prices every year without improving the product, ARIIX has created a portfolio of brands with unique hero products AND commodity-priced products that follow natural product lifecycle trends. This allows brands to come and go, where ARIIX, the parent company, remains high-value and high-impact in brand perception and can follow trends. In eight years, ARIIX has expanded to nine brands.
Where other network marketing companies force Representatives to join a company-mandated vacation or trip (same people, same trip, same experience), ARIIX has invented a currency of FUN known as ARIIX Opportunity Rewards, which allows Representatives to accumulate, save and spend their Credits on the trips, toys, gifts and more HOW and WHEN they wish!
Where other network marketing companies pretend to “know it all,” ARIIX proudly and selectively teams up with world-class Research & Development partners and suppliers to manufacture brands that are “best in class” at the time of production. Where other network marketing companies sell an “outof- this-world magical healing experience,” ARIIX sticks with science, ingredients with clinical data, and products that can support a genuine transformation without the hype.
Where other network marketing companies claim they are paying out millions of dollars in revenue, ARIIX has the highest actual sales dollar to commission payout percentage (50% of sales dollars) in the industry backed by a fully transparent guarantee. The industry average is less than 40%. ARIIX welcomes full-transparency comparisons of its competition using proprietary software that will illustrate the exact pros and cons of each comparing company. When you have nothing to hide, apples-to-apples comparisons are simple. Other companies are forced to highlight unique aspects of their plan while ignoring the big picture.
Where other network marketing companies can change their commission rules at any time (often to the detriment of their sales reps in the process), ARIIX states in a written contract that it cannot change the commission rules without the vote and approval of its Representatives. Once again, we are the only company in the industry to do that.
Where other network marketing companies give the spotlight to the Representatives who have the longest tenure, ARIIX has created a proprietary scoring mechanism that statistically highlights the highest performing Representatives who create the most value for the company. This not only promotes fairness, but it also allows the company to identify the “diamonds in the rough” who merit extra recognition.
What technologies are you leveraging to make your solutions resourceful and bringing advancement in the industry?
We’ve created our own proprietary backbone system to run transactions, inventory, etc. This allows for limitless customization of the customer experience while holding true to the fundamental business model.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learned that have shaped the journey of the company.
In eight years we have accumulated over $1 billion USD in worldwide sales, achieved No. 57 in top 100 Worldwide Sales (as of 2019 DSN top 100 publishing based on 2018 numbers). But the sales dollars mean less than the hundreds of thousands of customers whose lives have transformed for the better during the journey.