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April Critchfield: Voyaging towards Marketing Zeniths

An efficient marketeer is what an organization needs to cater to the evidently widening outreach of contemporary marketing. A well-learned practitioner of modern marketing methodologies knows, sees and performs actions that throttle the analysis and derivation of a profound marketing strategy.
One such marketing specialist working in Zurixx, LLC is its CMO, April Critchfield. Holding a BS in Communication, Organization & Speech and initially an accounting background, April possesses the curiosity and ambition towards marketing. “I have 10+ years of experience in accounting, I love numbers. I love reports: Creating them, analyzing them, presenting them and everything about the numbers. With Accounting, I did it all: payroll, A/R, A/P, Recon, you name it,” states April while narrating her story of how she entered the marketing discipline.
Another instance that instigated April’s passion for marketing is her history of stage performances. She asserts, “I did a lot of big band shows in college and earned vocal scholarships to help pay for tuition. Watching a big event from back-stage and also all the parts that make it a ‘well-oiled machine’, made me want to know more about the event, from start to finish.”
An Innovative and Compassionate Organization
Zurixx, LLC is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Dorado, Puerto Rico. Founded in 2012 by James Carlson, the company develops financial education programs and has received several accolades and awards from Inc Magazine, Fortune, Salt Lake Tribune, and many more. By crafting messaging and developing materials, and launching sales programs, Zurixx’s team members are thoroughly involved in constantly improving educational programs to fit their clients’ needs.
Zurixx is also a big contributor to community efforts and organizations. It is extensively involved in fund-raising, food banks, sports events, health awareness, etc. In 2017, Zurixx stepped in as the presenting sponsor to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation and helped raise thousands of dollars for the event. April was honored to kick off the race as the spokesperson from Zurixx for the event.
The Commencement of Success
April has always wanted to own a business and to get involved in a company that was just starting up. “When I had the opportunity to interview at Zurixx, I actually interviewed for the Accounting Assistant Position. My Boss, the CEO, and I had a really good conversation about my passions which included people and numbers, so he offered me the marketing assistant’s position, right there, on the spot. My accounting experience, combined with a dormant desire for marketing created a new opportunity for me, so I jumped – all in, entire body, mind & soul – into the deep end,” states April about her moment of realization and her subsequent step towards a promising career.
Defining Roles
According to April, setting an example in the little things like being on time, sticking up for others, accepting blame, praising team members, encouraging ideas, and promoting employees to be self-sufficient and to see their value to the overall company should be influenced by every CMO.
She also explains the insistent issues that CMOs face on a regular basis. “CMOs rely on numbers and statistics to make decisions, so when stats change, and we have to re-think the way we’re doing things, sometimes it makes ‘making the change’ very hard to implement.”
“Campaigns or ideas that may or may not work are a challenge, but just because something doesn’t work or doesn’t translate like we thought it would, doesn’t make it a failure. Being able to see the parts of it that worked, makes every test a success,” April expresses.
Overcoming Imminent Challenges
April discovered the abilities of determination and discipline, which is not possessed by many people. She has been honing these skills for a long time and now, applies them to a lot of situations in life, and in and out of her workplace.
“I like to really be prepared when I go to meetings or with presentations. I love displaying the element of surprise when my CEO asks me for a report that I’ve anticipated and I can actually show it to him on the spot,” April asserts.
Speaking up about situations she feels strongly about, and having her issues addressed, she emphasizes, “A lot of times, I would think that my idea has been brought up before, or it’s been suggested by someone else, but I’ve come to find out that 9 times out of 10, it hasn’t been suggested. So it has encouraged me to speak up and know that I’m heard.”
Expressing about her ambitions, April says, “I see myself continuing to grow, and encouraging others to grow, not only in Zurixx, but in life. Understanding communication, networking, and relationship marketing has been a huge opportunity for me. Learning what I have at Zurixx, combined with all of my odd-jobs before I became a CMO has shaped me into who I am in this Industry.”
Advising the Aspiring Generation
“I would definitely say that if you think someone has “been there” or “done that” you’re wrong. The marketing world is getting so creative and just because someone might have done something before you, doesn’t mean you can’t tweak it and make it better. Be prepared for multiple outcomes and be ready to roll with the punches,” is April’s advice to the young marketing aspirants.
She also elucidates, “Sometimes you just have to understand what you want to create. Do it yourself if you can, and if you can’t, allow other people to help you. Keep testing, keep learning, allow mistakes, learn from them, and keep coming back for more. Don’t be afraid to collaborate and ask for support. You never know what could come out of a new partnership.”
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