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Approyo: Purpose-Driven Cloud Solutions

Christopher Carter, CEO of Approyo recognized the need for a company that could provide cost-effective strategic solutions using the best of SAP, cloud and big data analytics. This motivation led to the inception of the company back in 2011.
Approyo is a leading global SAP solutions provider that creates customized cloud environments for its customers by revolutionizing the way SAP and SAP HANA solutions are adopted. It works with customers to help realize business potential that drives growth, improves ROI and lowers risks.
Setting up an Approyo platform is quick and easy, a key factor in its popularity. Since its inception, Approyo has become one of the largest U.S.-based SAP HANA firms. Today it employs a large number of SAP HANA experts, with over 200 SAP S/4 HANA and SAP HANA worldwide cities.
The company headquarters are located in Wisconsin, and it maintains Data Centers in Columbus, OH, Atlanta, GA, Palo-Alto, CA, as well as a Latin American HQ in Sao Palo, Brazil and a European base in Brussels, Belgium.
Approyo working strategy is based on the platform eco-system trend, which has become the tech world’s prevalent facilitator. This solution has attracted many tech giants to its solutions; Approyo’s client portfolio includes Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Salesforce’s
Supporting Enterprises with Innovation
 Approyo supports firms which are looking for the knowledge to grow through current business process, where an increase of just 1% translates to millions of dollars in business flow. It supports clients in making the shift to the SAP HANA platform by developing ready-to-deploy and secure predictive analytics solutions.
Using this solution for the HANA platform gives a business the ability to fit structured and unstructured data directly into the system without the hassle of massive hardware deployment and the resulting costs. It also allows its customers to choose a pay-as-you-go model or a monthly subscription.
Approyo brings Big Data and SAP HANA to everyone in a quick and efficient manner. Its SAP HANA Solutions are typically up and running within two to five days. The SAP HANA solution condenses HANA’s various components into a single neat and easy package. Companies have the freedom to either use the entire package or individual components. This versatile approach makes it one of the best solutions in the market. The company’s support team manages over 200 SAP landscapes in its cloud platform and offers 24 x 7 support to its clients which further aids efficiency.
Shaping Cloud Solutions  
CEO Christopher Carter works with many businesses around the globe. He assists cloud solution providers with the usage of big data in the forms of Hadoop (Cloudera and Hortonwork’s) and SAP HANA.
Chris has been in the SAP industry for almost 25 years. He has been nationally recognized by The American SAP Users Group, SAP Hadoop World and by many other globally-recognized researchers.
Primary Growth Factors  
Approyo’s main focus is essential simplification, and this has been the prime driving factor for the company’s success.
Network – Chris Carter and his team bring a wealth of relationships into the SAP ecosystem, and this further accelerates business and partnerships.
Expertise – Chris has over 25 years of Big Data and technology expertise. He was the creator of the first customer SAP HANA Cloud Environment. His team has worked with over 100 SAP HANA customer cloud environments. This resourceful experience has created unbeatable agility and adaptability in solutions.
Global Connectivity – Approyo has cradled across the globe and provided its solutions across unexplored territories. This global connectivity has been crucial for the company’s credibility.
Team – The Approyo team is dedicated in helping its customers realize the business benefits of big data, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing.
Technology – Approyo believes it helps customers achieve their dreams. The solutions are tailored to the customer’s business needs. Hence, every cloud environment is built from the ground up for SAP HANA, S/4HANA, Hadoop and other technology solutions.
Additionally, the firm is helping its partners uncover new business opportunities through the use of big data and SAP HANA. The utilization of best-in-class technology partners in the SAP ecosystem has seeded consistent growth and the empowering features constructive strategizing, uniqueness, and agility created product popularity.
Revolutionary Solutions with a Purpose 
Approyo recently launched SAP S/4HANA Ignite that gives companies an organized SAP S/4HANA sandbox that can be utilized in minutes. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the SAP world with the most economic production grade sandbox which costs just $3,000 per month with a secure network.
The technology is a game changer for SAP customers who want to try SAP S/4HANA and need to test how they can migrate. Carter stresses that all current and upcoming products of the company are made with one purpose: To help companies succeed.
He adds, “We help companies have a better, stronger more cost effective solution at their fingertips, one that supports their needs and high standards.”

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