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Approyo: Igniting the Future by Revolutionizing Data

Companies are now realizing the benefits of the Cloud and Big Data. SAP in the cloud is no longer a crazy thought. Now it is proving the benefits of specific solution sets, getting companies online quickly and helping companies use data in an effective manner.
Additionally, small and medium sized businesses are increasing their focus for SAP solutions. Naturally, these sized businesses only think of SAP as a pure enterprise solution. However, SAP and partners like Approyo have been recently getting the message out to small and medium businesses and letting them know how largely SAP HANA can impact them.
Delivering SAP HANA and Big Data Technology
Approyo is a leading global SAP HANA and Big Data technology solution provider. They are unique in the marketplace as they bring their SAP HANA cloud offerings to their customers faster and more efficiently than anyone in the SAP ecosystem, and have the experience to back it up.
Their flagship product is called Ignite. These Ignite solutions delivers services that enable continuous and effective use of SAP HANA to meet strategic and daily needs of business operations. Ignite provides the services and tools that enable organizations to minimize the cost and risk associated with having the HANA systems up and running. These solutions include Cloud Ignite, SAP HANA Ignite, SAP S/4HANA Ignite, GRC Ignite, and GTS Ignite.
They also offer SAP services like SAP Licensing, SAP Consulting, SAP Upgrades, SAP Hosting, SAP Implementation, SAP Deployment, SAP Quality Assurance, SAP Support, SAP Migration, SAP Reporting Services, S/4 HANA, SAP Backup/DR, and SAP On-Premises Solutions.
Their Hadoop solutions include Cloudera and Horton works, Integration with SAP, Hosting, Managed Services, Support, and Migration.
Other services they provide are Tableau, Dashboards, Managed Services, Migration Services, Hybrid Cloud services, and Consulting.
Technologist, helping Employees and Clients Grow
Christopher Carter being the CEO and CTO of Approyo, runs both the business and technology aspects of the company. He loves both verges of his responsibilities as they allow him to work with the complete team to grow solutions and the business. Chris has over 25 years of Big Data and technology expertise, and is the creator of their first customer SAP HANA Cloud Environment. Since then, their team has worked with over 100 SAP HANA customer cloud environments.
Over all these successful deployments, Christopher shares that the biggest success in his role is watching the success of his staff and his customers, referring to the same, he asserts, “When I see a staff member grow before my eyes year-over-year, it is gratifying to me.” “Then I look at our customers and to watch them grow their companies with the usage of our SAP cloud solutions makes me feel proud as an inventor and as a partner to them. Their growth and success is on my shoulders and it feels wonderful.”
Key Strategies to Stay Competent
To become and stay as a market leader, Christopher shares, “Speed to Market” and “Global Expertise” act as the key factors. For the first part, whenever SAP introduces a new product, Approyo wants to be the first company to bring that product to the cloud and to the world. For instance, Approyo brings Big Data and SAP HANA to everyone in a quick and efficient manner. Their SAP HANA Solutions are typically up and running within 2 – 5 days. Their SAP HANA solution Ignite encapsulates HANA’s various components into one neat and easy package. Furthermore, companies get the freedom to either use the entire package or specific components.
Justifying the second part, the Approyo team is located where customers do business. Their team of experts from around the world is dedicated to helping customers realize the business benefits of big data, the internet of things, and cloud computing. They are dedicated to the success of their customers by providing expertise to help facilitate business growth, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. And, because they have experts around the world, they are available 24×7 for support.
Keeping Customer Centric Approach
Approyo’s goal is to get companies up and make them run on SAP in a quick and simple manner. Once they are online, they are utilizing SAP and fully realizing the benefits, then Approyo’s team strives to help their customers grow by showing them different opportunities created through SAP HANA. Their team works together to make this happen. From their sales and marketing team who is out there educating people, to their engineers setting up the environment, they all have one goal which is – “We want to be the most customer-centric SAP HANA business in the world. This means our team is focused on our customers and making sure that they are achieving their dream,” says Christopher.
Currently, the team of Approyo is focusing their resources on their new offering – SAP S/4HANA Ignite!  It is their new SAP cloud for companies to start using SAP S/4 Hana in minutes rather than months. Through this product, Approyo provides the companies a solution to give them the ability to try Hana 1610, test with their data in a secured segmented environment and allow them to try to see what they will need to migrate/upgrade to it from their own system.

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