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Chris Carter | Founder & CEO | Approyo

Approyo: A Leading Name in the SAP Solution Industry

With the capability to support global organizations and their applications, Approyo is one of the leading SAP solution providers. It is a Managed Services Provider (MSP), specializing in SAP Solutions and services on a global scale. The company supports customers on their digital transformation journey, with experience ranging from R/3 up to S/4HANA.
Providing tailored solutions packages to fit every clients’ needs, Approyo supports companies throughout large transitional projects such as implementations, migrations, and upgrades, as well as ongoing 24/7 SAP Support and monitoring. This evidently means that the company provides the best solutions and services that best fit customers’ needs, leading them to more success in the future. It serves businesses of all sizes, industries, and locations, and ensures quality service no matter the situation.
Approyo’s solutions differ from others through the fact that its focus is primarily on SAP. While the company still provides combined services with other ERP software solutions such as SAP on Azure, other larger MSP’s tend to focus on everything. It serves as an MSP for larger MSPs, working as an external IT team for their customers running SAP.
For these customers, they might see a big brand name, but it is Approyo that is doing the work in the background. Its’ reliability, certifications, and experience with SAP are what keep it in the game. Simply enough, what makes Approyo stand out is its’ expertise.

“The customer always comes first. We only succeed when they do”

A Veteran Business Leader
Approyo’s Founder and CEO, Christopher Carter, has always had a passion for SAP. Chris has been working in the SAP industry for around 25 years. Not only does he have extensive knowledge on SAP, its benefits, and projects, but he has been recognized for this knowledge throughout the years.
Throughout college and early on in his career, Christopher continued to work with SAP software and the solutions surrounding it. It wasn’t until he decided to go into retirement that SAP released their in-memory database platform SAP HANA.
Chris and a friend, who worked for SAP at the time, discussed the opportunities and possibilities of SAP HANA. Within Wisconsin, there was a lack of SAP Managed Service Providers, and Chris wanted to fill the gap. Next thing he knew, he was buying an office space, hiring on a global team of SAP experts, and getting back to work.
Chris has done multiple presentations to event crowds at SAP TechEd, Cloud Expo, and more. He has worked with hundreds of executives and SAP partners, whether it’s just for a discussion, or to help them with a project. He has been awarded many entrepreneurial acknowledgements and is seen as an industry expert by many.
For example, in 2018 and 2019 Chris was awarded ‘USGamechanger of the Year’ by AQC5, which is for those who have achieved outstanding commercial success in designated areas of expertise.
Outside of the SAP industry, he is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and is featured in many TV, radio, and articles throughout the year. While SAP is his strong suit, he also has great understanding of artificial intelligence, facial recognition, cyber security, and more.
Coping Up with New Advancements
The technology landscape is constantly evolving, which is why businesses need reliable, flexible, and agile software systems in order to keep up with their competition. The team at Approyo asserts “Utilizing SAP as your ERP system will enable and speed you to new capabilities and processes. Advanced technologies are shaping the way that we interact within both the digital world and business world.”
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, etc. create new ways of collecting data, making it simple to create in-depth analysis of customers’ behaviors and demographics, leading to better decisionmaking and happier customers. SAP has these capabilities all in one platform, giving companies the opportunity to accelerate their business processes.
Leveraging Opportunities
“Not only do we utilize SAP, but we leverage other ERP solutions as well. SAP is our main focus and always will be,” says the team. Every single one of Approyo’s projects involves SAP, but it does offer combined services depending on its clients’ requests.
There are many benefits to combining systems, and as an example, one of the newest is SAP on Azure. One of the most important technologies to its solutions’ success is the use of Artificial Intelligence.
Using AI technology, the firm is able to predict problems with its clients’ systems before they even occur, meaning less down time and better decision-making. Being a technology company, it is important to always stay innovative. Therefore, Approyo is always looking for ways to gain a new certification, skill, or provide a new service.
Envisioning a Bright Future
The goal at Approyo has always been and will continue to be growth and success. In the future, the company wishes to grow through new partnerships, new clients, and new employees.
Just over the past month it has hired four new employees outside of the U.S., who are continuing to help it support its clients 24/7. Also, the company aims to gain new certifications, broadening its knowledge even more so and finding new ways to market out services in this time of need. The goal is to always keep pushing forward, no matter the circumstances.
Exhibiting Distinction
“By leveraging Approyo’s in depth knowledge of the HANA architecture we were able to build an analytics engine to solve the needs of the organization, both with predictive modeling and through the analysis of huge data sets. This work would have been impossible on our inhouse infrastructure.”VP of Advanced Analytics of a trucking company
“Approyo’s guidance and support during the purchasing and setup stages were second to none. Since moving away from AWS and on to the Approyo servers, we have not just cut costs, but also increased access speeds and enabled ourselves to concentrate on the application stack and not have to worry about our servers, as we know the backups and network and hardware are in good hands.”CEO of a technology company
“We chose Approyo for the expertise their team provides, the quality of the work they provide and the direct benefits they bring to us as an organization. Since this decision we have expanded our footprint with Approyo three times and look to them for our success as an IT department for many years to come.”Director of IT of a construction company