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Antivia: Enabling Non-Programmers to Create Stunning Dashboard Applications

Retailers operate in a challenging environment. They face multiple challenges in the form of intense competition, low profit margins and ever changing customer preferences. To survive from all these, they need to make some smart decisions based on up-to-date and accurate data, rather than just on gut feel.
Antivia is an international software company, and is the creator of DecisionPoint™, a fast, modern business intelligence (BI) platform that enables non-programmers to create stunning dashboard applications and interactive dashboards for mobile devices and desktop. These dashboard applications can be shared with frontline decision makers who can pick them up and use them without training to answer their daily and one-off questions – wherever they are located.
Antivia was founded in 2007 in Leeds, UK and since then their software has helped 100s of organizations around the world to unlock the value trapped in their business data. Antivia is part of the family; they were acquired in September 2016.
Promising Services of Antivia
DecisionPoint™ enables retailers to create and share guided insights with store managers, category managers, supply chain managers, procurement managers and anyone else who needs them.

  • Create and share retail analytics that match your business processes

DecisionPoint™ combines information from multiple data sources to provide the big picture view on inventory levels, supply chain movements, customer demand, sales, etc. Choose from over 50 components to visualize the data. Drag and drop to layout. Calculate key performance indicators. Add sophisticated filters, drill, custom workflows, and color-coded alerts. Apply a custom creative theme that mirrors the brand and helps drive high levels of adoption.

  • Get guided insights into the hands of the people who need them

Delivering retail analytics through customized dashboard apps that are tailor-made for people’s roles gives them the flexibility and autonomy they are looking for. These apps guide people through the KPIs and metrics that are most important to their success. With DecisionPoint™, they can analyze data by drilling through product hierarchies or filtering to compare individual stores or markets across selected time periods.

  • Share information with more people across your organization

DecisionPoint™ scales cost-effectively, to deliver fast response times for large numbers of users from a modest hardware footprint. In a distributed retail environment, it lets you share information with everyone who needs it. Sales assistants in store may want to see how their department is performing against target on a big wall-mounted screen.
And, DecisionPoint™ provides complete offline access to information when they have no network access. It works across Windows, Android and Apple devices. So, you can be confident that your people will always have access to the information which they need.
Backbone of Antivia
Mark Hudson, CEO and Founder has over 20 years’ of vast experience in the business intelligence world in operational, leadership and product management roles.
A serial entrepreneur, Mark sold his first venture, Blue Edge Software, to Business Objects (now owned by SAP) in 2001. He then spent a number of years working for Business Objects in senior roles within the Product Group and latterly as Business Development Director and member of the management team in Australia.
After leaving BusinessObjects, Mark joined the Executive Team at Edgewing, a data integration specialist, as Business Development Director. After Edgewing was acquired by Business Objects, Mark left to set up Antivia.
From his early days as a business intelligence consultant back in the mid -1990s, Mark has always believed that the value of information increases the greater the number of people who have access to it. Yet, many people in organizations still lack access to timely, relevant information delivered in a format that works for them.
The majority of BI and analytic software has been developed to serve the needs of the data analysts within organizations. Yet, data analysts only represent 5-10% of workers who need access to information. Other people – including front-line workers like store managers and category managers in retail –  still don’t have easy access to the data they need to make smart, informed decisions and to take the most appropriate action. Mark established Antivia to support the needs of these people who have historically been underserved by information.
Challenges Faced by Antivia during their Business Days
When Antivia started out they focused on the SAP world, because this is a market they know well. At the time they added value to SAP’s dashboard technology – making dashboard designers more productive and making it easier for them to work with enterprise data sources.
But, SAP Dashboards was based on Adobe’s Flash technology and as the market shifted to mobile, Flash very quickly became yesterday’s technology. From this point, the writing was on the wall for SAP Dashboards. That’s when they took the decision to become a BI platform in their own right, developing their own design tool to create dashboard applications against their existing back-end technology.
This allowed them to design a product from ground up for needs of the mobile world. And, that is why one of the key benefits of DecisionPoint™ is in its offline capability. This is a key requirement for mobile workers. With DecisionPoint™, mobile workers can still interact with their content – drilling and filtering even when they are offline. There is no need for them to second guess the content they will need before they hit the road.
Future Executions by Antivia
The organization plans to continue to help retailers create and share analytics that everyone can understand and act upon. They pride themselves on being responsive to their customers’ needs and this has a big influence on their product roadmap.

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