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Anne Marie Kirby: A Born Leader Raising the Bar for Everyone with Humility and Purpose

There are many different types of leaders and leaderships around the world. Some believe in leading people and making a difference in their lives. These leaders are often admired and carry a warm glow around them because they are often in the limelight. However, others are more subtle because they wish to lead the world with their work and silently raise the bar for the world with their humility. One such outstanding persona in the business world is Anne Marie Kirby. 
Anne Marie is the Founder and CEO of CoreHealth Technologies, a leading wellness software company trusted by global providers to power their wellness programs for corporate clients.
She realised her inclination to lead early in her career. During her long career as a software engineer, she always took initiative and led a life of example with humility. Her passion for understanding the big picture including the business case, overall environment and the people helped her quickly earn the deserving position of leadership, almost at every turn. She quickly captured her opportunities to lead, learn and grow as a leader.
The Big Picture and the Right Path 
Anne Marie believes that every good leader has an underlying purpose of making the world a better place. In the business world, this is often the most under spoken truth. Often business leaders have their ambitions and motives in order to provide a service or a sell a product. This honest statement needs to be made more often because it does not take away from the real contributions of business leaders. In the larger picture, business leaders and their work often contribute positively and make the world a better place to live in.
Similarly, CoreHealth Technologies develops and distributes a one-stop technology solution for corporate wellness companies. The platform is a state of the art SaaS solution and currently serves more than 2 million employees worldwide and over 1000 client organizations. Anne Marie humbly accepts her motives for changing her fortunes with the successful business but also firmly believes the product is making the world a better place for everyone by improving employee health.
A Dream and A Personal Journey 
Apart from her ambition to become a successful business leader, she also faced personal challenges that made her realise the need for preventative health solutions to help people improve their overall well-being. In the mid- 90s, she suffered from an immune system disorder that was triggered by undiagnosed food allergies. Using her expertise as a software engineer and her independent and initiative-seeking attitude, she wrote a software program to track and analyse food ingredients.
Her passion to find a solution for her ailment motivates her to serve a purpose much bigger than herself and the industry she continuously contributes to. Currently, prevention is an underrated solution to medical problems around the world. Additionally, prevention could save billions of taxpayer dollars when people take personal initiative and have the right tools at their disposal to make the best decision regarding their long-term health. Hence, Anne Marie and CoreHealth Technologies are transforming the world and raising the bar for every business leader with their work.
A Humble Leader 
As mentioned earlier, what sets Anne Marie apart from many business leaders is her quality of quietly leading a team while building a solid foundation. It is perhaps these talents that made Anne Marie walk a path which is truly unique. In the current business world, some women talk about a glass ceiling they face. Anne Marie never noticed such a ceiling despite sometimes being the sole woman in a large group in the field dominated by STEM professionals. Her determination to succeed and walk through life with humility turned out to be her reality as she was promoted and ended up forming a successful enterprise, which is a story envied by others.
She has been an active listener in her journey and has a few words of wisdom for aspiring young entrepreneurs around the world. She said, “Every day when you get up, think about the 2 or 3 most important things that you can do to move yours and your company’s agenda forward.” Anne Marie believes that the world around entrepreneurs is filled with a lot of noise and it is important to take a quiet step back before focussing their energy on the most important agenda of the day, every day.
Anne Marie reveals a hidden good side of human nature. Human nature is filled with many inconsistencies and makes us often prone to committing grave errors. However, there is a good side to us as well. It does not lie in the contemplation of what can be or how it should be. It can come from a relentless pursuit of objectivity and truth in the larger picture. It can also be followed by the determination and zeal to achieve perfection in human nature. When these qualities are put together with a purpose, the world can and does become a better place for everyone.
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