AngelouEconomics: Specialized in Economic Development & Site Location

Firm believer of ‘every business should focus on what it does best’, AngelouEconomics, focuses on economic development, public-private-partnerships and site selection—three practices. This multidisciplinary expertise of AngelouEconomics provides their clients valuable insights in competitive intelligence, best practices and analytics.
AngelouEconomics guides their clients in creating globally competitive economies. Over the past 20 years, AngelouEconomics has developed over 650 strategic plans working hand-in-hand with towns, cities, counties, regions, states, countries and private sector companies to develop visions, strategies, and implementation plans to advance success, growth and prosperity.
Unique Expertise in Strategic Economic Development Plans
AngelouEconomics combines unique expertise in strategic economic development plans (primarily public sector clients), economic impact studies, SWOT analysis, strategic plans, and site location (private sector clients). They have an ample experience in not only strategic planning but also in policy, public-private-partnerships, entrepreneurial accelerators, marketing, and communications strategies.
Focused on producing customized economic and operational strategies that bring the clients measurable results and success, the team of AngelouEconomics brings together experts with extensive multidisciplinary expertise. They utilize their expertise to develop unique, original strategies customized to the client’s local context.
Major corporate clients of AngelouEconomics include Fortune 500 companies such as HP, Dell, Seton Health, The Cleveland Clinic, Dimension Advisors, GE, Oracle, Exodus Communications, Intel, Oracle, Sun Micro Systems, AMD, SEMATECH, CITGO, Bloom Energy, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and ConocoPhillips; international clients in countries such as Portugal, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Austria, Republic of Malta, Alberta, Canada, Parana, Brazil, Vietnam; as well as countless domestic clients including major public-sector clients include Texas Lottery Commission, Texas Workforce Commission, and the State of Texas (Governor’s Office) for the Public Policy Strategic Plan and First Tech Strategic Plan.
Angelos G. Angelou, Principal Executive Officer of AngelouEconomics has completed his B.A. Economics and Political Science, University of Texas, San Antonio, Texas, M.A. Economics and Management, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas and a Ph.D. coursework in Economics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.
Angelos, bringing nearly 30 years of experience in economic & business development and site location consulting, is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the International Accelerator in Austin, Texas, which is focused exclusively on foreign-born entrepreneurs and launching their technology startup businesses in the US. Angelos is an angel investor in half a dozen startups in Texas. He is also a founding member of the Site Selector’s Guild, the top site selector consultants group in the world.
AngelouEconomics is a leading economic development consultancy in the US. The firm has an impressive list of clients in both the private and public sector and has conducted over 650 economic development strategies, 150 economic impact studies, and has sited over $18 billion in capital investments projects throughout the world.
Prior to starting AngelouEconomics, Angelos spent 12 years with the Austin Chamber of Commerce as Vice President of Economic Development & Chief Economist. During his time at the chamber, Angelos was responsible for the recruitment of 800 technology companies and 70,000 employees.
Reflecting on the question of AngelouEconomics’ future, Angelos says, “While our reputation is stellar, we refuse to rest on it. We combine continuous innovation, candid advisement, and unbounded creativity to deliver measurable and intangible value for our clients.”