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Andreas Scherer: Transforming Thoughts into Reality

Running a business is a complex endeavor. For a company to succeed, a lot of things have to come together. And a CEO is responsible to put all the parts in the right place at the right time. The right product mix, market message, sales execution and should be maintain an excellent grip on cash flow are just a few of the complexities.
The educational background of Andreas Scherer, President and CEO of Golden Helix is centered around Computer Science in which he holds a Ph.D. from the University of Hagen, Germany. He has published over twenty peer-reviewed articles. He has also authored books on Neural Networks, Intranets and Project Management. His latest book “Be Fast Or Be Gone” was a prizewinner in the 2012 Eric Hoffer Awards competition.
Since 2002, Andreas has run private tech companies and served on their boards. Currently, he is on the board of Golden Helix. Dr. Scherer has also accepted board assignments for non-profit organizations such as TIE-DC and is currently serving on the advisory board of the School of Computing at Montana State University.
Andreas joined Golden Helix as the President and CEO in 2013 with the objective to lead the business into the genetic testing market. While working for companies such as Netscape and AOL as a Global Vice President, he gained valuable insights in running world-wide businesses which require functional know-how in sales, marketing, product development, services and operations.
Leader ‘Holding all the Believes’
With instincts of great intellect and creativity, there are many other values that Andreas Scherer believes and follows. Andreas noted that he is an intrinsically motivated, lifelong learner.  He enjoys the work that he has chosen and it’s important for him that his job provides him the opportunity to continue to learn and to accelerate. Andreas has a very healthy optimism; he believes in his company, in his team and his own ability to execute. Andreas believes that it’s important to make decisions, then move on and live with the consequences. Andreas is also a strong believer of “Do what you say you are going to do.” “I would like to give my team, my customers and business partners piece of mind. They need to know that the things we discussed and the agreement we reached, hold up,” says Andreas.
Golden Helix: Delivering Top Bioinformatics Solutions
Golden Helix® software and analytics company is a global bioinformatics firm founded in 1998. The largest outside investor is GlaxoSmithKline who invested in the Company early on. Since the foundation, the firm has accumulated a significant customer base and currently does business with over 350 organizations globally with thousands of users leveraging their various analytics products. Their software has been referenced in over 1000 peer reviewed publications. The customers of Golden Helix fall into five primary categories; Testing Labs, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Organizations and Government Organizations.
Golden Helix has a strong customer base with a high renewal rate. Their high rate of customer satisfaction and the stickiness of their solution is one of the reasons why Golden Helix has been highly capital efficient.
Evolution of Golden Helix
Golden Helix continues to evolve in serving genetic testing labs and hospitals. Their relationships become increasingly more complex and involved. They are shifting from the innovators and early adopters that dominated the field of next-gen sequencing early on to a more mature class of buyers. “This means for my team that we have to continue to evolve handling these client engagements in the most professional manner. My decade’s worth of experience delivering complex solutions to global public companies in both the public and private sector will help us to accelerate the learning curve,” says Andreas.
Planning to have a Global Influence
Over the years, the company has developed a strong reputation for high-quality bioinformatics products for clinicians and researchers. One of their most important company cultures is the ability to develop products with a close ear to what their clients need and want. This is one of the key capabilities that they want to continue to nurture. It means that they subordinate the company to the value creation for their clients. “Every part of our team from marketing, sales, support and engineering understands this. That is the DNA of our team that brought us to this point and will ensure that we continue to succeed going forward,” asserts Andreas.
The US has been a strong market for clinical testing and research analytics products and services. However, selected markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America, as well as Australia and the Middle East are increasingly important. Golden Helix’s mid-term strategy is to increase their local presence in these markets either through partners or directly.