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And the USA Celebrates Thanks Giving!

It is all about the hot pies and the lingering smell of turkey in the oven. It’s the Thanksgiving Day celebrated with all the happiness and vigor in the USA. It will never be about only the food, but the gathering of the friends and family and discussing about the politics.
This is the most awaited and second most loved holiday observed by USA, which will be followed by Black Friday. This four day weekend is celebrated by visiting the near and dear ones or simply going away and enjoying being in other places. And this year’s travelling business is on its verge with the record break travelling business, as more than 27 million passengers are supposed to take off with the US Airlines.
As these are the celebration days, food will obviously take the center stage in US houses filling up everyone with high calorie dose. As per the experts, an average American is going to consume nearly 4,500 calories.
Thanksgiving cannot be completed with the most awaited Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is the 90th year of this parade, which is supposed to start at 9 a.m. ET on Thursday. Manhattan will be filled with big balloons, floats, the marching band and the festive performances. Many of the celebrities will take part in the event making it is a must watch for all the Americans. Santa will come on his sledge carrying the true spirit of Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!