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ANALEC: Helping Clients Boost Competitiveness and Productivity

ANALEC is a leading global financial technology company that empowers broker-dealers and banks to their investment research and client servicing functions with greater efficiencies and better customer engagement.
The company combines deep domain knowledge of the capital markets space with its ability to leverage the most appropriate technologies to design workflow and process automation solutions to get the best results for its customers. It has been playing the role of a change agent in the stockbroking and capital markets theatre since its inception, relying on technology to drive business process efficiency while enhancing its clients’ customer engagement capabilities.
ANALEC’s research management and CRM software solutions allow clients to become more productive internally and more competitive externally in the market place.
Indy Sarker, the CEO of ANALEC, has over 20 years of experience in the industry. He is responsible for general management and strategic business developments, while striving to continuously drive innovation. Indy started his investment research career in the UK and also worked for Deutsche Bank out of Hong Kong. His extensive knowledge of client servicing and investment research was accumulated over a 10-year period working for global investment banks. Indy was a top ranked analyst by Institutional Investor magazine during his time as an equity analyst.
Indy has been a regular contributor to various forums and Round Table discussions on issues and challenges facing the investor community (i.e., MiFID II regulations, digital engagement of customers, sustainable broker-dealer business models etc.). He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge (UK) and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Delhi (India).
Engaging Customers with Deeper Insights 
ANALEC’s range of outstanding product suites has been designed to help its clients engage their customers in ways that lead to profitable and long-lasting relationships. ANALEC’s product suite consists of: ANALEC ResearchWise: An investment research management platform that caters to the specific workflow challenges of an investment research organization. It delivers the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Ensures quality control and consistency in branding and presentation.
  • Centralizes financial and other data across the organization.
  • Facilitates content authoring and its automation to aid analyst productivity.
  • Ensures workflow approval discipline along with regulatory compliance around disclaimers and disclosure management, and internal checks and controls.
  • Promotes content distribution to multiple channels and captures analytics on readership across the client base, ensuring compliance around MiFID II criteria around “research inducement”.
  • Controls digital access rights in innovative ways to protect clients’ intellectual property embedded in their research products and drives user analytics to gauge readership and consumption patterns.
  • Enhances the organization’s ability to deliver on bespoke client service requests with minimal effort and resource investment.

ANALEC ClientManager: A CRM that is specifically geared to address the client servicing challenges of broker dealers and investment banks. The platform delivers the following capabilities and benefits: Ÿ Intelligent Contact Management capability at the individual service provider level ensuring each research analyst, and sales and trading professional has easy access to their individual client lists and tasks around them.

  • Proactive and insightful Account Management capabilities ensuring close alignment of the service organization to a client’s needs and priorities.
  • Integration across all communication platforms for a seamless experience – email, telephony and mobility.

Management of high touch services like Roadshows and Corporate Access with the appropriate checks and balances with respect to MiFID II compliance.

  • Integrated buy-side database from Thomson Reuters providing intelligence around portfolio holdings and contact information on the client base.
  • Powerful management reporting capabilities to ensure proactive client servicing as well as transparency in resource allocation initiatives.

Delivering Superior Customer Engagement 
According to ANALEC, its domain-centric capabilities and ease of use at the business user end is driving adoption through increased business value to its customers. The world of capital markets is rather unique and, therefore, needs more than the one-size-fits-all approach of most standard CRM solutions like or Microsoft Dynamics.
ANALEC’s CRM solution delivers significantly greater capabilities to its clients, especially in the context of the competitive shifts taking place in the world of capital markets driven by technology and regulatory changes. Not only does it fare well in terms of capabilities compared to similar products in the marketplace, but also delivers a significantly better (ROI) and total-cost-of-ownership.
A Unique Organization 
ANALEC is rather unique in the market place for its integrated investment research management and CRM offering. It helps clients on both sides of the investment research production process (and its related digital content management capabilities). Collated information is fed into a CRM platform which helps its clients engage their own clientele through a world-class range of tools and analytics to boost the customer service experience.
Over the last 5 years, ANALEC’s services and contributions to the industry have been recognized through a series of awards and commendations at the company level as well as for individual product suites. The organization is extremely grateful to all its customers for their continuing patronage and continues to strive each day to deliver an increasingly stronger value proposition to them.

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