Anaida Deti: An Inspirational Health Entrepreneur

Bright and white teeth are everyone’s asset. Not only do they give you confidence but also depicts overall good health. However, not everyone has a bright and healthy smile due to discolored and stained teeth and other bigger problems. At DentalX, the company’s CEO Anaida Deti understands that life is busy, and it is easy to put scheduled teeth cleanings on hold. The company’s dental professionals add sparkle to stained teeth. The professionals first perform an oral exam in order to determine the best treatment for your teeth.
Dental Appointments 
Ever since Anaida Deti was a young girl, she wanted to be a dentist, an orthodontist to be specific. Dentistry was something that had always fascinated her. This does not mean that she wasn’t terrified to go to the dentist! Sure, she was, but she also found it very interesting. She used to say that, “when I become a dentist, I would help all the people who were scared like me, to actually look forward to their dental appointments”. Anaida experienced her first dental appointment, when she was 7 years old; she remembers the dentist, the nurse and her mom holding her down because she was so terrified. That scarred her for life! Her next dental appointment was when she was 19 years old and she only went because she was in extreme pain. Thankfully, dentistry has changed quite a bit since then. According to her, nowadays kids and adults both look forward for their dental appointments.
Passion for the Dental Field 
After opening the doors to Anaida Deti’s very own dental office, the honeymoon feeling however was short-lived. If she thought the problems were now over, she was very wrong, they had not even started. She waited for the phone to ring and the door to open, and waited…and waited… And then there was the issue of finding the right staff. It was a huge risk especially when you know there is a dental office in every single corner and your competition is dentists who pay thousands of dollars in marketing and advertisements. Luckily, patients and staff believed in her vision and saw something that in other dental offices did not exist, a relationship between her and patients. Anaida’s passion for the dental field and taking care of patients was transferred in the best way possible that made them believe in DentalX.
The organization specializes in seeing nervous patients who do not like going to the dentist. The company’s warm environment and techniques make patients more comfortable. It is an amazing feeling when patients come in and tell us they look forward to their appointments. Anaida thinks being successful is subjective to everyone. “I love what I do and every morning I cannot wait to go to the office and start my day. The best part is to do what you love and get recognized for it.”, says the leader.
Care of Daily Tasks 
Anaida’s day starts at 7:30am with getting herself and the kids ready for school. After dropping them off to school, she makes her way to the office where she takes care of daily tasks. She sees patients and performs all duties as a dental hygienist. She manages the office as well as takes care of the payroll, hiring staff, dealing with patients and different problems as they arise. She takes care of the marketing for the office. Anaida overlooks at all things that happen in the office. Her workdays are 12+ hours long, Monday to Saturday. After work, she still has things to do at home with the kids, and house-works. She never goes to sleep before midnight. She is very busy and does not have much time to do anything else; she has her plate full of her family and business.
At this time, it is sad to say that she does not have a hobby. She spends her very limited free time in going out with her husband and her kids. The hardest thing she finds is to find the perfect balance between business and family and prioritizing tasks. Being a mom of two, with a teenager and a toddler, life gets difficult. Her family encourages her to do better every day.
A Fighting Spirit
Anaida thinks the most difficult thing as a female leader is to juggle family and business at the same time. During the time she opened her business in 2014, she also got pregnant with her daughter and had a complicated pregnancy. Her daughter was a twin, but she lost one of them which made her pregnancy high risk and the doctor told her she had to be in bed for the remaining 7 months. Anaida replied that was impossible. Doctor made her sign and told her that she was nuts for doing this. Unfortunately, she had no choice. She tried to be very careful, scared, knowing she will never forgive herself if something happens to her daughter. But her daughter is a fighter just like her, both made it and this amazing little girl completed her family. Anaida worked till the last day of her pregnancy. The delivery went well, she was just perfect. Three days later however, she had to return to work, she really had to. When the people saw her at the door, they could not believe their eyes. For the first two months, she drove home for lunch to breastfeed her daughter and went back to work again. It was hard. When people say to her, they cannot do something because it is hard; she tells them “what I had to do when I was pregnant with my daughter and after I had her”.
Breaking Every Barrier 
Anaida Deti immigrated to Canada from Albania 17 years ago with her husband. They had only a few hundred dollars with them and a big dream of building something theirs but not much else. She spoke no English and her school meant nothing here, so she had to start everything from scratch. Anaida worked seven days a week while going to school full time. After a few years of finishing school and getting her licence as a registered dental hygienist, she founded DentalX in 2013. DentalX started with only her, booking appointments in her car and seeing patients in the late afternoons or Sundays after she worked all day for other dental offices. Now she has an award-winning dental office with 12 staff members.