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An online health care platform, Amino raises USD 25 million

An online healthcare platform, Amino that helps users find doctors and estimates cost with expertise in specific areas, has raised USD 25 million in a Series C round of funding.
The round was led by Highland Capital, with participation from Aspect Ventures, Accel, Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures, CRV, and Pilot Wall Group, among others.
San Francisco-based Amino was founded in 2013. It promises to “connect everyone to better, more affordable care” via an online search portal which provides data on “nearly every doctor” across the U.S.
While giving users an indication about costs and allowing them to make appointments with the specific doctors and hospitals, it serves as an online directory of doctors.Though Amino is basically aimed at individual health care consumers, the firm is also targeting employers as it aims to help create “a more efficient health care marketplace with higher quality, lower cost, and more convenient care for everyone,” said the company.
“There are billions of health care searches on the open web each year and thus billions of opportunities to reach people in the moments they’re researching and making health care decisions,” said David Vivero, Co-founder, and CEO, Amino.
“We create products that meet millions of people where they are, with unbiased, personalized, and actionable information that isn’t locked away behind portals or muddled by complex industry terms. This type of transparency is the first major milestone we as an industry must reach if we are to create an efficient health care marketplace where consumers are truly empowered,” he added.
Alongside today’s funding news, the company announced that it’s opening up to new businesses, on an invite-only basis for now. Via new Amino Plus accounts, employees will be able to keep track of their health care plan, including out-of-pocket and deductibles costs for any pending procedures.
Before this, Amino has raised around USD 20 million in funding. The firm will use its latest fund to turbo-charge efforts to create “a single source of truth for American health care, where everyone — consumers, doctors, hospitals, payers — has access to the same information about access, cost, and quality,” according to a company statement.