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Amit On: A Young Leader with an Ultimate Call Management Solutions

Imagine a scenario where someone knocks on your door at home and puts their hand on the peep-hole. It might be a nice girl-scout selling cookies, but on the other part of the spectrum it could be a burglar. Would you open the door?
Something similar happens when we receive an unknown call. Today, we are part of the tech savvy generation where every sector, almost every task is dominated by the internet and smartphones. Smartphones in particular have completely changed the way we communicate and perform our daily duties, but we are still unable find the caller behind each phone call. The software and applications in the current market display very few call details as well. Thus, the application which can improve the process of how we manage our calls and one which enables us to identify the unknown face behind the call is prerequisite!
Tech gurus around the globe are trying their best to develop such a futuristic app. One incisive individual who comprehended the challenging issue, and created a perfect solution is Amit On. The young tech genius developed a mobile app, called CallApp, which provides users with the ultimate call management solution for all their smartphone needs. Stereotypically, it provides users with Universal Caller ID, Call Blocking, Smart Spam Filtering, Call Recording, an Enhanced Dialer and a Social Contact Book.
Flourishing with an Incredible Speed 
CallApp is now booming with unmatchable pace and today it has over thirty six million users worldwide. The app also facilitates information such as birthdays, last email or message, productivity tools and multiple communication options that aggregate all of the major social networks and messaging applications. CallApp reinvents the way people communicate, by providing them with the right information & tools at the right time, right where they need it.
The app was also acknowledged by the world’s best technology leaders. It was featured in TechCrunch’s The Top 20 World’s Most Promising Start-Ups list and was among the finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC. CallApp was also selected by Microsoft, IBM and Qualcomm as one of the most innovative and promising Israeli companies. The prime reason behind CallApp’s notable success is the young, compassionate leadership of its Founder and CEO, Amit On.
17 years of Technology, Start-ups, Internet and Mobile 
Amit started his journey at a very young age. By age 14, he started his first tech company, which was a very popular Bulletin Board System, BBS. A few years later at the tender age of 16, the internet arrived to households and this changed his life forever. While still in high school, Amit worked for two different startups, both of the start-ups were later acquired by larger companies.
Moving on a few years to the age of 18, Amit’s professional astuteness landed him a position in the IDF’s Special Intelligence Technology Unit. After the IDF, Amit joined a startup called Followap as a developer. Once again Amit excelled in his work and climbed the designation ladder all the way up to be its Chief Architect. Followap was a huge success and the app was later acquired for $140M by the US Company, Neustar. After his successes at Followap, he joined the startup Amobee. He served as the company CTO for four years. Amobee was then acquired by Singtel for approximately $340M. Amit has also played a major role in many other startups as well.
The Pivotal Moment 
Amit decided to create CallApp because of his own personal experience. Once he was in a very important meeting and his mobile phone rang. Sounds fairly normal right? Well the number was unknown, and Amit had to decide on the spot if it was important enough to answer. Amit answered the call, only to find out it was a spam call. That was the moment when Amit decided that it makes no sense not having information about the person calling you. Every time he made or received a call there was a lot of information missing. He knew that all of this information was already publicly available. Thus, he decided to create a solution for people to see this information in one easy to use place. Staying true to his words, Amit developed an astonishing solution within a year, thus forming CallApp.
An Advice from a Young and Admirable Leader 
The biggest obstacle for Amit was something that many leaders have had to face and overcome 30 years ago, as the landscape was drastically different than today. Amit mentions that 30 years ago a CEO would never admit to being wrong. But according to him, having humility is a must for every new leader.
Amit also believes that every industry is growing at an exceptional rate, being able to adapt to any circumstance is a must for any leader in the 21st century. Although he clarifies that there is not a specific best piece of advice he can give to young and aspiring leaders, he implies on having a never give up approach. Amit claims, “There are times when you will fail, but this is a learning curve. You need to get back on your feet and give it another shot. Nothing perfect is done in the first try.”
 He feels in order to succeed at a young age, a leader must be the man of his words. He notes, “You need to say what you mean and mean what you say.” Above all this, Amit’s advice for budding entrepreneurs is to have an unwavering confidence on their ideas and people that keeps the ball of success rolling.
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