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Alternate E Source: Providing Indispensable Tech Solutions

A famous French proverb quotes “Trust not to God but upon good security”. Time changes and so with it the type of security a society needs. Be it any age, there will always be vulnerability to our valuables and to our data MIS system which is more valuable than anything else in a business entity.
Every organization’s IT operations and equipment seek proper monitoring and centralization. They rely upon a data center house which are believed to be saviors in handling any such issue. Such a trusted name in the field is of Alternate E Source. It is a pro that centralizes an organization’s IT and equipment operation, as well as stores, manages, and disseminates its data into proper channels.
This giant is run by a lady CEO, Tanja Lewit; a woman of substance, who is the driving force behind Alternate Energy Source. She is a founding member of PC&S Inc., a company that manufactures and supplies Electrical Equipment for Measurement and Control of Power. Tanja served as a Principal since 1992. Specializing in Power Measurement and AC and DC Control Systems, she partners with suppliers to provide Digital Power metering systems. The company also partners with customers across several verticals such as Transit, Utility, Industrial and Data Center Infrastructure, to provide the best possible instrumentation and solutions.
While turning the pages of her past, she revealed that in 2011 she took her passion for new technology – forming Alternate E Source; a company providing solutions to the Data Center space such as Infrastructure and DR solutions, virtual cloud and physical server management, data center power management.
They also introduced in Oct 2013 – a new mobile app solution Kentix which renders Environmental Monitoring and Physical Security for IT Server Rooms and Equipment protection guided with IoT technology that reports with a phone app for increased security of physical environment, power, network and much more.
Gearing her experience of 20 years in the electrical component, panel & measuring industry, Tanja has set forth out to provide; an Elite group of new technology products and services for Energy Conservation, cutting its Costs, and achieving Independence for the same.
While sharing her journey, she confidently stated “it’s funny when I started out in the business; we were educating clients about a one box digital multi-function power meter, which could be read via software-The magical modem. Today we educate clients about one box multi-function system that provides monitored data and status alerts to your phone.”
Services Climbing at Par with the Industry
Alternate E source does not hustle under the pressure of a competitive industry. Team AES believes that their services should be polished beforehand any client demands it. Kentix devices (considered new IoT tools) are deployed in high value equipment areas, server rooms, control rooms, small cell sites. The smart sensors continuously monitor, log and lets you know of any kind of breach. They save equipment downtime and thereby cost. The company also tie IP Camera Video, so one can see his remote site anytime and anywhere.
What the company caress to is every equipment, whether on or off. Even the network comes under the cover. They deliver real-time results via SNBP to report to DCIM or Monitoring Software. Since they offer full event and occurrence documentation in easy to understand logs, their services are compliance to ISO 27k; the Information Security Management Certification, better known as the ISO 27001: 2013.
AES differs in the way of entertaining their clients. With focusing on their needs and want, they say no to extra bells and whistles that are costly and difficult to manage. In a doom they delivered, “We provide solutions that are scalable and are easily delivered to manage dashboard, it alerts when it is critical, straight to authority.” Environmental and Climate monitoring is also done with easy to place equipment barriers for recirculation and efficiency. The calculating and monitoring of Power Usage Effectiveness and power measurements with Enhanced security measures such as IP Cameras and Video systems saves costs. Efficiency ensures uptime, because knowing what is happening is easier to control when the remote is in the driver’s hand.
Vision for Creative Future
Listing about their future plans, AES has a lot of creativity lined up. As Tanja conveyed “We are adding an Energy Smart block, so back to my roots of power monitoring!” Yet through new technology they guarantee to monitor and log Power usage and provide a PUE, which is important to IT, rooms and data centers. Cost beneficiary and easy to read dashboards will also be updated. A new IP keypad access system which can be added and controlled, IP Video which captures every opening and closing of the door is also in the plan. Their smart building blocks are in process of customer’s happiness.
Company’s Growth is Proportional to Client’s Trust
Unhesitatingly describing their culture, Tanja said “We have established long term relationships and have provided best practices as our usual course. We have gained trust and confidence and we have a growing team of like-minded responsible ‘action takers’ not ‘order takers’. It’s a difference and reason why we are growing our customer partners.”
She also added “We have been marked by grand overview of easy to deploy tools, considerable power & climate, network, free software and mobile app. As an option we have –text messages and Cloud Service accessories for more security which is liked very well by clients.”
Technology Conscience is Evergreen Ambition
Pondering over company’s aspirations, Tanja realizes the difficulty at times, of understanding the need to provide an optimum climate and how it matters when we live in a digital age. She states “Every business today is a digital business. We believe in using Technology to enhance how we work, how we analyze and how we can take action.”
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