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AllizHealth: One Stop Solution for All Your Health Needs

AllizHealth is a technology startup in the preventive care space. Their Platform is built for early diagnosis of the health issues, their tools to monitor and track such problems and access a variety of resources to manage the same.
Right from identifying various health issues to digitization of records and reports, setting up reminders and alerts, enrolling for condition management programs, their platform provides a comprehensive solution to keep a tab on the health of the entire family.
Chinmoy Mishra, Founder of AllizHelth, has over 14 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from NIT Rourkela and an MBA in Global Strategy from Babson College, Boston.
Chinmoy was handling the overall sales for HealthAsyst. Prior to this, Chinmoy started his career with Infosys technologies and worked over 5 years as an analyst with AETNA US Healthcare. He has an ample experience in patient engagement, waiting room solutions, EEHR/PHR’s, revenue cycle management and claims processing.
AllizHealth’s Cloud Based Personal Health Records Solution
AllizHealth’s proprietary Health Risk Assessment solution helps user to analyze his/her areas of health risks. This predictive tool takes into account user responses to various non-clinical questions and using several validated medical models, predicts the health risks of the user. Post determination risk, AllizHealth’s cloud based Personal Health Records solution helps the user to manage these risks.
Apart from the ability to monitor various health parameters, users can use the PHR to build self and family health profiles, store medical documents and share them seamlessly with a family / doctor, etc. AllizHealth also alert users to be on schedule for their check-ups, medications and vaccinations. They also receive frequent tips on how to manage their risks and avail features like consult a specialist or chat with a doctor.
AllizHealth’s singular focus is on building a user centric platform and enabling users to drive the solution. They believe that preventive care happens only outside the hospital setting and when the user is involved.
From Curative to Preventive Care
AllizHealth’s goal is to be at the forefront of this change from curative to preventive care. The exciting part of being in the healthcare space is that the canvas is always big. With the advent of big data, there is newer and the new way to look at same data points and come up with interpretations which could be preventive, prescriptive and persuasive.
In the next 10 years, through AllizHealth’s wellness platform, they would wish to touch and, changing for better, the lives of at least 100 million people. They look to work with people at the bottom of the pyramid where curative care is much more expensive and who would benefit immensely by knowing their risks and mitigating them before it is too late.
AllizHealth’s partners in insurance, hospital and corporate, analyzed the data (claims, hospital, and employee) and came up with meaningful interpretation. AllizHealth’s platform helps these groups to evaluate the risk profiles of their population group and issues that need immediate attention. AllizHealth’s sincerity, openness to sharing of risks and meeting all delivery schedules, builds the necessary confidence in their clients. By knowing the health risks better, the groups can provide personalized care plans and drive consumer loyalty.