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Allgress: Redefining Risk and Security Management

A CISO position comes with numerous responsibilities that include unique and challenging decisions. The burden of providing risk, security and compliance management to top organizations leadership’s and partner’s most valuable and vulnerable assets and data is a risk for sure. In addition, it requires organizations to react to the present complexity of managing risk and compliance from the influx of cloud computing in addition to the rapid acceleration of Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile computing. To overcome prior and new challenges, Allgress was founded in 2008. Based in Livermore, California, Allgress helps security, compliance and risk professionals to solve challenges on how to assess, understand, communicate and manage company risk.
Providing Ability to make Effective Investment Decisions
Allgress Insight Risk Management Suite simplifies the task, improves efficiency and lowers the cost of providing actionable information in a fraction of the time experienced with most governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) solutions. Their founders and management team are committed to providing CISOs, CXO’s, business management and business partners with the ability to make cost effective decisions that align security and compliance programs with top business priorities, communicate the value of those decisions to senior executives, and manage risk, fines, and brand damage.
Since its inception, Allgress has exclusively focused on providing only Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Management solutions, to a wide variety of global organizations across multiple vertical markets. Their mission from the beginning has been focusing on helping customers address GRC challenges by delivering automation, reporting and rule-based response in a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution suite. Allgress just doesn’t sell products; but helps organization to buy products that allows them to meet requirements, regulations, best practices and partner obligations.
A Serial Entrepreneur with Vast Experience
Gordon Shevlin is the CEO ofAllgress Inc, an IT-GRC company, and one of several other security companies he has co-founded over a career spanning more than 25 years. Prior to Allgress, Gordon co-founded SiegeWorks, and SiegeWorks International, a digital defense services firm where he grew the company, built a strong international presence, and managed its successful acquisition by FishNet Security, the nation’s leading provider of information security solutions.
Due to his vast knowledge in information security, Gordon has been invited to serve on the advisory boards of leading information security companies. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Gordon has been dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and skills of information security professionals through his volunteer work with ISSA. Among his many roles, Gordon has been President and Vice President of the ISSA Silicon Valley Chapter, CFO of ISSA International, and has held board positions for three consecutive terms.
Success is Simple: Listen to achieve Complete customer and Employee satisfaction
“When customers reach out to me and say that our solutions exceed their expectations and when employees tell me that they have never worked at any place where they could truly make a difference. That is success!” asserts Gordon.
He holds himself accountable for the ultimate success or failure of Allgress and the company’s culture. He acts as a liaison between his experienced management team to perform day-to-day functions of operations, sales, marketing, strategy, financing, and human resources, etc. One can never have enough resources and time, and thus he never hesitates to help.
Allgress’ Biggest Challenges are the Biggest Opportunities
Allgress’ biggest challenges are also their biggest opportunities; the top areas include migration to cloud computing in addition to the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile applications. The continually changing threat environment and requirements of the regulations and/or other vendors put tremendous burden on organizations that are being continuously asked to reduce their risk exposure.
One very important aspect is that they only focus on GRC solutions. That way they are not distracted from their focus on designing, building, marketing and generating revenue from multiple solutions in addition to providing a personal and rewarding experience for their customers.
Transforming the Market by Increased use of Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Allgress is changing the market scenario by automating the tasks that are complex or prone to human error with innovative solutions including AI. This process helps organizations eliminate their manual spreadsheets and processes, giving them the ability to continually automate in assessing their security and risk posture in a consistent way. This enhances good business decisions while improving best practices, policies, and meeting regulations.
Their first and foremost goal is to empower their customers to simplify the GRC process while reducing costs and providing quicker time to value. Allgress’ culture is to have individuals to listen, lead by example and not compromise on anything. That’s why collaboration plays a large role by sharing creativity, experience, and resources than building upon them as a team.
The Future Pathway
Allgress’s solutions have always focused on being the industry leading GRC solutions available in the market. Their focus on helping customers solve their most pervasive challenges has never changed. But the fact that has evolved is their continuous effort to expand their solutions. That expansion includes functions like more automation, support for all cloud environments and partnering with other leading vendors to provide customers with seamless best-of-breed comprehensive solutions. These are just to name a few; the list goes on-and-on. One way or the other, Allgress continues to transform the security and risk management for the customers.

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