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Alice Chang | CEO & Founder | Perfect Corp.

Alice Chang: Delivering The Most Impactful Consumer Beauty Shopping Experiences Using AI and AR

As an industry projected to be worth nearly 440 billion dollars by the 2026, it is safe to say consumers are into their beauty products. Given the complexity and ever-growing assortment of newness entering the beauty shelves, consumers are looking for ways to a safely and conveniently experiment and explore new products in order to make more confident purchase decisions.

“Perfect Corp. is the world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider transforming the industry by marrying the highest level of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for a reimagined consumer shopping experience.”

As a beauty lover herself, Alice Chang was motivated to find a unique solution that improved the consumer shopping journey. She had always been a problem solver and her experience with advanced AR and AI technologies sparked her desire to translate the idea for the beauty journey. She wanted to find a solution that would deliver hyper-realistic virtual beauty effects that rivaled the accuracy of physical product try-ons, in an engaged, fun, and convenient way. Her desire to improve the consumer beauty experience led to the inception of Perfect Corp., the leading global beauty tech solutions provider using AI & AR to transform the consumer experience.
Embracing Challenges and Solving Problems
Alice has always been a leader to embrace challenges that solve consumer and business pain points. It’s what motivates Alice to think strategically and find resourceful and impactful ways to grow as an individual and as a company. The road to success in the beauty tech category has been an ongoing hustle to prove to potential brand partners and billions of beauty consumers, that its virtual try-on technology and solutions went beyond a cool selfie editing tool, and proved a true utility to aid in the consumer shopping experience. Over the years, brands adopted the hyper-realistic AI and AR effects as a means of boosting conversion and consumers have learned to rely on the true-to-life try-ons to help them make more confident purchase decisions.
Deploying Innovative, Experimental Digital Services
During pandemic consumers have quickly adopted AR and AI powered virtual try-on as a means to safely experiment, discover, and shop for beauty. Living in a Pandemic, virtual beauty has become a necessity, for brands, retailers, and consumers. With business closings and stay at home orders, the demand for engaging direct to consumers online shopping experiences increased, and brands were forced to look toward technology-powered solutions to deliver on the try-before-you-buy consumer journey.
As a company, Perfect Corp. quickly adapted to offer a variety of special programs to provide complimentary beauty tech services to brands looking to leverage the power of AR and AI to enhance their online consumer journey and adapt to the evolving impact of COVID-19. Perfect Corp. is helping brands lean into beauty tech with a 360-degree omni-channel approach that deploys innovative, experiential digital services across all consumer touchpoints, instore, online, mobile, and social.
Encouraging Free-flowing Communication
A positive work culture is essential for productivity. At Perfect Corp., its leadership team strives to maintain a flat organization that gives every employee direct access to top management and encourages free-flowing communication from all team members to help drive the next big idea forward. Innovation and teamwork are at the root of everything Perfect Corp . does and no idea is too big or too crazy.
Being Innovative in Approach
Innovation is at the heart of everything Perfect Corp. does, and it hopes this forward-thinking vision inspires its brand partners as well. It’s essential for businesses to continue finding new ways to align their offerings and consumer journey with the evolving consumer demand for more engaging shopper experiences and to seamlessly integrate across all omni-channel touchpoints.
Adopting Impactful Beauty Tech Solutions
The age of Shoppertainment is here, and brands must challenge themselves to find new ways to connect with their audience—across physical, online, mobile, and social—and deliver impactful digital experiences through a 360-degree direct-to-consumer strategy. Perfect Corp. hopes to inspire brands to lean into the digital transformation and adopt the impactful beauty tech solutions—like virtual makeup try-on, AI Skin Diagnostics, on-demand beauty consultations, and AR livestream video content—in order to deliver a more personalized and fulfilling consumer shopping experience.
Educating Consumers About Beauty Tech Innovation
As a leader in beauty tech, Perfect Corp. strives to not only service its brand partners with cutting edge beauty tech solutions to meet their business needs, and deliver one-of-a-kind virtual app experiences to its users, but it also wants to drive though leadership and educate the greater beauty industry.
Perfect Corp. first launched its Global Beauty Tech Forum in 2019 with single day conferences around the globe (from New York, to Tokyo, and Paris), featuring innovators and key opinion leaders who can speak to digital transformation and results of beauty tech innovation. The company also launched a Global Beauty Tech Education Series which offers step by step tutorials spotlighting new innovation today and its successful implementation.
Furthermore, Perfect Corp. strives to continue to be a resource for brands, retailers, press, and aspiring entrepreneurs, and release regular weekly content across its blog to help educate readers about the benefits of beauty tech in driving business today. It also releases a quarterly Global Beauty Trends Report that dives into data and analytics of virtual try-on to deduce evolving consumer beauty behaviors around globe.
Unlocking Endless Possibilities
The vision for Perfect Corp. over the next five years is to continue expanding, innovating, and adapting to deliver on the most impactful consumer beauty shopping experience possible. It’s time to double down on AI innovation and unlock the endless possibilities that this smart technology brings to the industry. Perfect Corp. will continue to provide cutting-edge beauty tech services to partners across the globe expanding to all markets in order to meet the growing demand. It will strive to deliver unique beauty tech solutions and digitally enhanced consumer experiences to the industry, leaning into the digital transformation. It also envisions cross-category expansion using advanced beauty tech for jewelry, hats, eyewear, accessories and beyond. Alice says that the ‘sky is the limit so stay tuned’.
Enlightening Emerging Innovators
Alice’s message for aspiring entrepreneurs has always been to dream big, embrace change, and never give up! She says that this mentality will inspire a future of innovators who embrace challenge with confidence necessary to achieve the impossible and break boundaries.