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Alfresco to embed Data Modeling in its own Business Process Management (BPM) System

Alfresco is a software libre, i.e. a free software company

It is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions provider for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems. The company has recently started to provide Business Process Management (BPM) with its flagship ownership product of Alfresco Activiti 1.5 BPM. The company has decided to upgrade its technology with the addition of Data Modeling technology to this platform. This platform provides users with simple access to any connected data collection unit. This helps in enhancing abilities of an enterprise to create a model based data for many co-operate applications.
Data modeling in Big Data analysis for the software industry is the method of making a data model for an Enterprise solution by performing data modeling procedures. These procedures involve proper analysis and provide the meaning of data for the business process in the Enterprise solution. The Data modeling process will have a close relationship with business shareholders and the future buyers of the Enterprise Solutions. There are three types of data models for the Enterprise solutions, conceptual model, logical model and a physical model. These procedures of Data modeling involve standard, steady and expected modeling of data for resource management.
Alfresco Activiti which is providing a solution for enterprise Business Process Management (BPM), is pointing towards enterprise companies and business developers. Alfresco claim, Alfresco Activiti has a high-performance business process engine which provides users with elasticity and ability to optimize the product for handling mission detailed procedures. The latest technology provided for BPM solution also included a strong platform and tools for end user product, and embed alongside a series of enterprise content management systems. This latest technology development also includes Alfresco One.
Data modeling has become very important in enterprise solution due to the need of addition of data in the business procedures. The data from different internal sources and external sources are difficult to access due to complications in data structures. Alfersco has managed to embed BPM with external data in an everyday procedure. This helps the operator to facilitate himself by replicating a number of databases into the object. These objects then can be integrated into Alfresco Activiti. Operators can retrieve data through the database by providing queries. Some example can be given as collecting important and specific information of employee for the particular role he plays in the organization. Operators can also edit and rewrite data which is inside of a database.
Fraport (Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide), which is working alongside Alfresco is handling more than a million documents, involves a number of instruction sets and confidential materials ranging from an executive board meeting to the different regular procedural data. Kai Stephan, Consultant at Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, has recently said, “Alfresco Activiti gives us course documents in the entire organization with attractive workflows, alongside the mixture of meta data. This helps us to make sure that the important and critical material is obtainable at the particular time and in the given place.”
Changing the Look of Business Process
Under a given condition, an operator can customize integral guidelines set its own instructions or guideline accordingly, which belongs to the business process itself. The flexibility is an added advantage of the Alfresco’s platform, as it enables operators to reinitialize content management features. The operators with less knowledge can also produce its own content in business applications.
The user or operator can also create documents for the content also for the business procedures. These documentations can be very useful in the sectors like finance, mobility, production and Governmental services in defiance.
Extra added Features to the Alfresco’s Activiti 1.5

  • Operators/users can view file attachments through aligned processes.
  • Operator teams can handle the workload through better management.
  • Faster and better advancing through different levels in production.
  • Customizing Activiti’s integral libraries and analytics.

Paul Hampton who is a senior director in the marketing team for Alfesco has said, “We were able to succeed with Alfresco Activiti 1.5 which permitted developers in all stages of development to produce a rich content product for older and latest business procedures.” Surely, Alfersco’s Activiti 1.5 (BPM System) with an added Data modeling concept, will prove to be handy for users with private and local cloud in their enterprise.

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                                                                                                           -Pankaj P Shrotre