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Alexander Vale: New Zealand Built Digital Marketing Platform Performs on Global Stage

Specializing in search marketing, Alexander Vales premier platform, SEMCast®, was released to the APAC market mid-2016, with this, Alexander Vales vision was realised, delivery of a truly unique, total solution, digital search marketing platform.
Alexander Vale
Following years working within the digital marketing sector and being privy to the inner workings of the providers, Alexander Vale’s co-founders Steve Vale and Dean Alexander were granted extensive in-depth knowledge into the New Zealand and Australian digital marketing industries. Gaining invaluable insights into companies and their clients, incentives driving the tactics employed by sales teams, proficiency of delivery staff, and core motivations behind the ethics being displayed by upper management, including that of ‘Google premier partners’. Digital Agencies continued to deliver complex solutions with multi product add-ons lacking in both budget and deliverable transparency. With little in the way of governing or regularity bodies ensuring companies delivered clients even minimum acceptable ROI’s it was apparent and abundantly clear to Steve and Dean that something needed to change!
Following two decades of digital marketing development, hundreds of hours of trial and error, and countless setbacks the Alexander Vale digital marketing agency (backed by sheer blind determination) was launched.
The platforms core strategy was developed by Dean Alexander originally to service clients with $100,000+ Pay Per Click (PPC) annual advertising budgets while CSO for a New Zealand based international Google Premier Partner. The strategy was so successful that Dean was recognised as amongst the top 1% of Google account managers globally. Following the launch of Alexander Vale in mid-2016, Dean’s core strategy was then re-engineered, streamlined, and refined by Steve Vale (CEO) to deliver an extremely powerful, full service, agency level platform. SEMCast® is engineered as a total digital search marketing solution to ensure clients receive the highest possible ROI from one all-encompassing digital marketing platform.
SEMCast® is based on an idea of how to best generate enquiries from online marketing. The automation and algorithms that the technology provides enables this to scale and be used by more businesses. SEMCast® seamlessly integrates this technology delivering clients a very powerful agency level platform.
Data is key, SEMCast® call and email tracking allows access to full data logs, offering insights into what happens before, during, and after a call. This enables clients to track the customer’s journey from the marketing initiative, through to the phone call and email, and right down to individual keyword level. This enables real-time budget allocation to campaigns and keywords with highest ROI. This is all made possible by SEMCast®’s unique mix of strategy, technology, and hands-on management.
The Recognition that Follows Quality
Alexander Vale are considered market leaders in New Zealand being the only local technology company recognised in the CIO APAC Top Ten Digital Technology Companies 2017. “Strategy, innovation, and attention to detail is key. Our handpicked global technology partners, specialised team of world class developers, leading website designers, SEO engineers, and support staff are key to seamlessly delivering a truly unique, extremely powerful, digital marketing solution.” – Dean Alexander, CCO.
SEMCast® Digital Marketing Platform Top Global Performer -Dec 2016
In Q4 2016 just 4 months from the SEMCast® launch, the platform delivered our clients, on average, across all
campaign keywords, position 1.85 in Google Search. Clients received 834% more traffic, which produced 581% more calls and emails than the current global Google AdWords industry averages, all while costing SEMCast® clients 34% less per enquiry.
SEMCast® vs Google Premier Partner Client: Migration Results
PGG Wrightson Real Estate – National Reach
Following the transfer of 164 regional PCC campaigns from a Google International Premier Partner to Alexander Vales’s SEMCast® and with no increases in budget, PGG Wrightson Real Estate, gained ranking of 10% to an average position of 1.90 in Google search across 8,421 keywords. Whilst the average Cost Per Click (CPC) was reduced by 80%, campaigns achieved an average Click Through Rate (CTR) of 10 time the Google AdWords global industry benchmarks. PGG Wrights has significant gains of 2,297% in traffic nationally.
Hoyts Cinemas – National Reach – Jan 2017
The Hoyts New Zealand PPC campaign was managed by one New Zealand Premier Google partners. The budget, campaigns, Ads, and keywords where not changed in the migration. After migrating to Alexander Vale’s SEMCast® platform the improved results where nearly instant are almost unbelievable! Comparing pre and post data, Google impressions increased from 27,189 to 319,851 per month – up 1,076%, Ad Clicks to the site increased from 7,836 to 128,321 per month – up 1,538%, Click Through Rate increased from 28.82% to 40.12%, and the average Cost Per Click was down 83%.
Auto Care Whangarei – Auto Super Shoppe – Localised – Feb 2017
Following Auto Care Whangarei’s migration to Alexander Vale’s SEMCast® platform the local mechanic service centre has had record breaking increases to traffic and more importantly, enquiries.
In the last 3 weeks, the platform delivered a huge 55.32% conversion rate from paid search, that’s a staggering 2,237% higher conversion rate than the current global auto industry averages. The platform produced call enquiry rate increases of 433%, while reducing the cost per enquiry by 88.12%. All this has been achieved with a small local budget.
SEMCast® Delivers Clients Ground Breaking Enquiry Rates
SEMCast® average enquiry rates from Google AdWords PPC campaigns far outshine global industry averages in a recent review of March 2017 client data. For instance, across plumbing clients, 74% of visitors to the plumbing websites generated from Google AdWords then went on to make a call or email, compared to global averages of just 2.5%.

Enquiry Rates by Industry from Google AdWords Traffic


Blue = Global industry average enquiry rates

Green = SEMCast® average enquiry rates (March 2017)

SEMCast® Doubles Clients CPA to New Record High – March 2017
SEMCast® across all clients campaigns delivered new record breaking highs for the month of March 2017 cementing SEMCast® platforms position amongst the top global performers.
CTR averaged 19.06% – 897% Higher than Global Google Average of 1.91%
Conversion rate (clicks to email and calls)  averaged 35.50% a staggering 1,214% Higher than Global Google Averages of 2.70%

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