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Mr. Wolfgang Korda | Sales & Operation Director (EMEA LATAM Center, Germany)

AISHU: Committed to Empower a True Breadth of Organizations

In Asia, the Chinese company AISHU is already a big player in solutions for data management and big data infrastructure.

AISHU was founded in 2006 and now is headquartered in Shanghai, with 6 R&D centers located in Singapore, Hamburg, Changsha, Tianjin, Suzhou and Chengdu, having more than 1,700 employees, serving more than 27,000 enterprise customers in government, manufacturing, finance, education, healthcare and SMEs of numerous industries in over 50 countries around the world.

The overseas market of EMEA and LATAM market, is served out of the office in Hamburg. This EMEA/LATAM headquarters was founded in 2021 and is the first R&D location outside APAC.

Through China’s R&D technology and support, Singapore’s comprehensive cultural quality and openness, and serious and rigorous attitude towards professionalism of German, we formed our super comprehensive strength and provided customers with unprecedented high-cost performance and high-quality experience big data products, solutions and services.

Insights Success caught up with the Founder CEO, Mr. Frank He, Ms. Soufe Li, Marketing & Branding VP, and Mr. Wolfgang Korda, Sales & Operation Director in our endeavor to find “The 05 Best Backup Solution Providers to Watch in 2022.” We asked them to share more about AISHU and its future goals.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What was the initial idea behind the inception of AISHU?

AISHU, which can be regarded as “AI+SHU”, is not just means “Love Data” in Chinese. “AI” stands for AI insights of AISHU, and “SHU” stands for the digital circle and big data infrastructure that AISHU is committed to building.

The vision of AISHU is Co-creating a smarter world with smarter data, which is also the initial idea of AISHU. From the vision, AISHU is certainly a company with deep insight into the industry.

Digital transformation is inevitable globally, happening at different speeds in different areas and across industries. However, digital transformation faces many difficulties, the biggest of which lies in data management and utilization.

Focusing on data capability exploration for sixteen years, AISHU provides multidomain data capabilities through the big data infrastructure, aims to help customers of all trades to fully release the value of data in the digital transformation, build cognitive intelligence and realize data-driven business through the integration, governance, insight of multidomain data.

What are the primary objectives and philosophy of AISHU?

To solve the data problems in the digital transformation, AISHU developed a new data layer between the cloud infrastructure and the applications. This so-called Big Data infrastructure, integrates and manages all data and generates all possible insights for optimized decision making via an analysis through AI.

“Digital business today demands data-driven organizations.” But what does that mean exactly?

Traditionally, data has been treated like a byproduct. Employees work based on (branch) experience and familiar processes. Data and information are mainly used to monitor business performance and provide insight into rules, but the final decision is still made solely by humans.

However, in data-driven organizations, the importance of data as a factor of production is emphasized. In decision-making such controlled modern enterprises, this information, these facts, indicators, and data are the very most important clues, while employees play a supporting, monitoring, and correcting role.

In AISHU’s understanding, a data-driven organization takes data as its production factor and drives business with data to achieve sustainable and innovative growth and increase productivity. The construction of a data-driven organization is a step-by-step work that has three features:

  • Data as Assets: Data-driven organizations manage data as corporate assets, eliminate data silos to ensure data security, integrity, relevance, and quality.
  • Data as Services: Data-driven organizations focus on operational processes such as business domains and management activities, improve efficiency, reduce risks, and fully unleash the value with data capabilities.
  • Data to Knowledge: Data-driven organizations extract domain knowledge from data, accumulate domain intelligence and empower businesses with it to enable business innovation of model, technology or service, such as data monetization.

What are your top-notch products and solutions that have a strong foothold in the industry?

Since its establishment, AISHU has grown from a data-focus vostro to a protagonist in big data infrastructure due to its focus and continuous innovation.

Now AISHU provides customers with multidomain data capabilities of integration, governance, insight and protection through innovative products and services.

Powered by AI insights, AISHU delivers a unique big data infrastructure, including four products of AnyBackup®, AnyShare®, AnyRobot®, AnyDATA®, covering structured data, unstructured data, machine data and knowledge graph data, creating leading data security, data availability, data intelligence and data insight solutions and services.

  • AnyBackup® | Tiered Data Protection
  • AnyShare® | Intelligent Content Management Platform
  • AnyRobot® | Scenario-based AIOps Platform
  • AnyDATA® | Domain Cognitive Intelligence Framework

AnyShare® has been successfully named a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platform (CCP). AISHU products have also been named in Gartner reports for content services and disaster recovery for many consecutive years.

In addition, AISHU provides DaaS based on a multi-modal data intelligent architecture to maintain neutrality with cloud infrastructure, helping customers deal with the free flow of data in hybrid cloud.

It is worth mentioning that the AISHU Anti-ransomware Solution is an ESG-validated solution to prevent ransomware, leveraging the tight integration of three key AISHU offerings to protect organizations’ critical data, AnyBackup®, AnyShare®, and AnyRobot®. Business-critical data includes both the data stored for core business systems and applications and the data on knowledge workers’ machines. The components of the AISHU Anti-ransomware Solution work together to protect against attacks at the edge, in the cloud, and on-premises in the data center. ESG evaluation confirmed that AISHU offers a proven, modern data protection solution that enables organizations to protect against attacks anywhere in their environment and recover quickly.

What are the roadblocks that AISHU faces in the ever-changing landscape of the business world?

The hard part about AISHU is to let more enterprises realize that they need to choose a professional data vendor that can provide multidomain data capabilities and form a close relationship to create and explore data-driven business together. Enterprises cannot just stop at digital transformation but look beyond.

Most companies understand that digital transformation is a simple IT planning. This is not the goal of digital transformation, but a part of it. The core of digital transformation is to empower business development, with technology as the jumping-off point, data capacity building as the process, and creating a data-driven organization as the goal.

In fact, in the ever-changing business world, data management demands are constantly updated:

  • As the IT environment becomes increasingly complex, how to achieve tiered data protection on demand?
  • With the explosive growth of data, how to efficiently manage massive data?
  • As ransomware is pervasive, how to prevent ransomware ensure data security?
  • Since disaster recovery operations are complex and inefficient, how to improve disaster recovery capabilities?

However, with the holistic approach of managing structured and unstructured data, it will make customers’ data more valuable but is not enough.

A unified big data architecture is required to complete global management of multiple domains, which is AISHU delivered, covering multidomain data of structured data, unstructured data, machine data and knowledge graph data, transforming data into business value to build data-driven organizations.

How is your company adapting to market orientation?

AISHU is a company with open mind. AISHU has in-depth cooperated with more than 1,000 global partners to build data capability ecosystem, including Huawei, Microsoft, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, SAP, H3C, etc.

What’s more, we understand we need to work with our customers and partners, in order to make the digital transformation successful. We call our partnership with customer as “Digital Partner.”

Digital partnership around multidomain data is a brand-new partnership with AISHU and our customers. In the context of digital transformation, we need to fully combine the technical ability of AISHU and the business understanding of customers to realize the implementation of customers’ digital transformation, cultivating industry digital talents and innovating industry digital transformation.

At the same time, we build up a strong partner ecosystem including Infrastructure Ecosystem, Industry Ecosystem, Application Ecosystem, Service Providers Ecosystem to serve our customers together.

AISHU products are also designed in a way with plenty of open APIs and low-code development framework which make the integration with AISHU products easy and low cost.

What is your stance on implementing innovative technologies?

We are a company that is constantly and vigorously focusing on technological innovation. With the heavy investment in research and development, AISHU’s big data infrastructure, based on cloud-native technology architecture, platform-based product architecture, and artificial intelligence data service architecture as the core technology, has accumulated more than 300 invention patents and served customers in more than 50 countries.

AISHU provides the best of both worlds. In addition to Traditional Data Protection and Management, we have moved all over into a “Multidomain Data Capabilities” – AnyBackup® Tiered Data Protection, AnyShare® Intelligent Content Management Platform, AnyRobot® Scenario-based AIOps Platform, with all moving into AnyDATA® Domain Cognitive Intelligence Framework.

Cognitive Intelligence is the key to Data-driven organizations. Through the integration, governance and insight extraction of multidomain data, that is Domain Cognitive Intelligence, a knowledge network of private domain data is formed, transforming data into circulatable, serviceable and applicable assets.

With a unified data architecture and innovative middle platform solutions, data silos can be greatly integrated. Data in different business domains can also be governed separately to maximize the value of the data.

With a focus on data technology approach in the heart, AISHU focus on data technology for 16 years. Furthermore, with the mind of making the data industry flourish with high quality service providers, products and applications that finally benefit customers and all players in this market, AISHU opens sources two key product libraries.

The pulse on the needs of the market come over by our close co/operation with all our Partners and co/work with our end-customers.

In what traditions is your company contributing to the communities?

AISHU has been committed to community charity for many years, as volunteering has been part of our company’s culture. Children welfare teaching support, environmental protection, epidemic volunteering, digital consulting and operation for public welfare organizations, etc.

For example, in July 2021, Henan, China suffered a heavy rainstorm, and the situation was grim. Affected by the disaster, data loss, service interruption, and data center breakdown occur due to power supply interruption or abnormal shutdown. In the face of the disaster, AISHU provided free data rescue services to companies and organizations in need in Henan.

What is the next chapter for AISHU?

One of our credos: Collaboration instead of confrontation.

More and more companies know that data-driven business processes can help reduce costs, increase profits and reduce risks. We, AISHU, carry the “love for data”, not only in our name. We want to help create the path to these benefits for our customers, adding value, and facilitating across departments as easily as possible. The employees can thus fully concentrate on what is most important: the personal creation of value. For this purpose, experts are originally hired in the companies for the specialist areas.

We take it for granted that every person and every company have a right to the security and integrity of their data. Conventional manufacturer approaches e.g. of a data protection software generate over it a multi-million business. Consider that (further) developments of such isolated solutions hardly lead to any customer benefit. In other words, most new developments are not even needed by more than 95% of customers, but are pushed onto the market as “indispensable innovations”, even as “indispensable services”. In short – data backup is absolutely necessary but please at an acceptable price.

We have a unique and unified Big Data infrastructure. What is meant is simultaneous and constant access to all necessary data, information, versioning and of course backups from anywhere and at any time. This is a must and, as already mentioned, must be fundamentally and comprehensively guaranteed but, above all, must remain affordable for everyone. We are talking about a federation and the representation of ALL structured and unstructured data as well as all (system) information. Furthermore, AISHU will develop customized data solutions based on actual requirements to help customers in different industries to exploit the full value of data in the context of digital transformation, build cognitive intelligence and realize data-driven business processes to unleash the effectiveness of 1+1>2.

This is not pie in the sky, because this is exactly our holistic approach. We want to and are able to provide our customers with exact and individual demand rules for decisions through a constant analysis of data and information in an automated way. Suggesting and providing data and information before you even start looking for it is no longer a future in working with AISHU. In addition, AISHU provides multidomain data capabilities to enable data integration, governance and insights.

Certainly, we need access to the data with you to analyze what value we can add from it, what actions we can start with it, and what optimizations we can tackle independently or with the end customer. Doesn’t anyone wonder why a backup should run stubbornly in the background according to a static predefined set of rules, causing costs, wasting bandwidth and performance if no changes or accesses have taken place? Which date is used most often and needs highest priority right now. Abandon traditional thinking and let the data work for you. Data silos and thinking in such is yesterday’s news.

And of course, if the customer wants to start with a traditional backup, we will serve him just as gladly and above all fairly via AnyBackup. Further development via AnyShare and AnyRobot can be done step by step at any time. Always we will concentrate in close cooperation with the customer only on the essentials. And something very important: All data, information and analytics belong exclusively to them, in the data center in the private/public/hybrid/multi cloud anywhere, and only where you deem it right and important.

Yes, we are certainly the newcomers in the European market, but we also have the advantage that there can be no justified rumors or arrogant accusations. We listen to our customers and adhere to the principle of “walk the talk”; in other words, what we promise we also implement together.

No matter how you approach working with us, it’s good to let them know we have a vision, happy to do more for your benefit. The cross-domain data capabilities, domain cognitive intelligence, and data-driven organization building that AISHU offers may be a new concept and difficult to understand, whether in China, Europe, or around the world, but it will have a profound impact on their businesses and industries in the future.

Provide a few customer/client testimonials that rightly exhibit your company’s expertise in the market. (If applicable/permissible)

“A content management platform that is very powerful from different perspectives such as architecture, technology, and solutions. It can connect with all key business systems such as ERP, CRM, OA, and perform unified content management. It can also be operated according to the actual business. Need to sort out the document management system and carry out the full life cycle management of digital assets. In addition, it also supports high-performance backup and recovery to achieve three-dimensional security protection.”

– Gartner Peer review for AnyShare

“AnyBackup is a convenient and stable backup system. It can be very convenient for information systems, database backup. AnyBackup provides a variety of backup strategies, such as full backup and incremental backup, and can customize the backup time and cycle period. In addition, the system also supports the deletion of duplicate backup data, which can greatly save storage space. In terms of visualization, the operation interface provided by AnyBackup is very simple. Users can quickly learn how to use various functions of the system according to the system prompts.”

– Gartner Peer review for AnyBackup