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AIDEN Creative: Aspiring, Innovative, Dedicated, Effective & Notable

Digital marketing optimization is nowadays essential for Internet marketers who wish to compete productively. From a website visitor to closed business, and with the right tools, every phase can be optimized to reduce cost and increase sales. Marketing successfully in the digital media is now relying on data and technology more than ever. Technology is used to gather the data, and this data is consumed by more technology to automate and optimize every phase of the digital marketing lifecycle. Marketing Optimization is the process of improving the marketing efforts of an organization in an attempt to maximize the desired business outcomes.
A prominent player in the digital marketing reign is Aiden Creative. Aiden provides the most effective and affordable digital marketing services for SMEs and start-ups. They have a terrific track record in delivering top-notch works and exceeding the KPIs that are agreed upon with their clients.
Evolving Services to suit Market Trends
Aiden Creative was set up with a vision to provide innovative, affordable and effective websites/web applications to SMEs in Singapore. Their clients are SMEs that seek opportunities for expansion of their businesses through IT solutions that reduce cost from productivity improvement and increase revenue from reaching out to a wider clientele on the Web. While working with their partners, they saw changes in their partners’ business needs, so the company expanded their services to include Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing Solution. Currently, they are providing an array of services including Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing Platform.
 The Ingenious Behind the Creative Invention
Taufin Rusli, Creative Director & CEO, started his career as a software and web application development engineer. In his work, he saw an increasing importance of user experience which, at that time, was the driver for increasing number of interactive websites. He decided to join Aiden Creative, which was among the top performers in the industry, to gain the related skill on user experience improvement in web development. At Aiden Creative, he worked on other important skills in digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing.
Taufin constantly looks out for the latest techniques in IT solution and passes on the information to his team for capability improvement. It’s his utmost desire to have his team use the latest techniques to ensure that their partners get a solution that is always relevant to the needs of the time. A good example of this is his plan to create a customized CMS using Progressive Web Apps instead of traditional method. This new approach allows a website to load faster and enjoy the search engine optimization benefit by default.
“Little Fire” Cadre of Innovation and Creation
Aiden Creative values talent development and agility in response to changing business needs from their partners. Aiden means “Little Fire” in Gaelic language; it epitomizes their team which being small in size is full of ambitions.
Their agility as a company has worked well in helping them to maintain a healthy turn-over. They started off as a company that provided Web solution and it worked well for the firm. However, the company observed that their partners’ business required a different way of connecting with their customers, so they decided that they’ll have to expand their offering to provide higher value to their partners’ business. They worked hard to enable capability in mobile app and digital marketing solution. It was the right move as digital marketing is now their biggest revenue generator. Aiden Creative is now unstoppable and is always on the look-out for the next value generating concept or solution for their partners.
Their valued team members get their overseas trip paid by the company as a token of gratitude for their creative work and it also helps their team members to see different culture and way of life which will also help them to develop a different mind-set that can be useful in designing solutions for their partners.
Challenges Faced by the Industry
Managing cost is one of the challenges that every digital marketing company faces. The cost of running a business (rent and salary) is quite high in Singapore. With countries in the region picking up digital marketing competence, managing cost will be of utmost importance. By investing the same amount of capital as this company in other countries, you will get more space and more labour available. The trade-off from cheaper rent and labour versus productivity/infrastructure reliability is still in Singapore’s favour, but other countries in the region are catching up. Singapore digital marketing companies need to think about how to move up the value chain in the services that they can provide so that the trade-off mentioned above will always be in their favour.
The other challenge is to find talent with a clear understanding of the full capability of digital marketing service. There is also the technical challenge of keeping with latest development in their tools of trade. The search for the better tool for design, development and user experience is a never-ending quest.
Future Intents
Aiden Creative looks forward to tap into the growing capability in the region by expanding their operation regionally. This should help with cost management as discussed above. They are also excited about gaining a slice of the lucrative market in the region that is not yet utilizing digital marketing as part of doing business.

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