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Ahmad Eied: The Leader Known for Creating Milestones in the Telecom and Communication Industry

Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts,” said the former British Prime Minister and one of the most celebrated writer Winston Churchill.
An entrepreneur’s life is not at all easy. There are stones of failures which form the pillar of success in an entrepreneur’s life. There is hardly any successful person who hasn’t failed in life. They might fall down over and over again, yet every time they will get up; they surge ahead with even stronger dedication, unwavering willingness and profound determination. They believe in themselves, their idea, their motive, and every time they rise from a fall, they make a step closer towards success. The leading contributor of the American industry revolution and the magnate of the business industry, Henry Ford once said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
One such leader, who turns every negative energy into a positive opportunity by creating revolutionary milestones in the world of telecom and communication services, is Ahmad Eied, Founder and CEO at Skytel Systems, a leading VoIP company providing turn-key Internetworking solutions, extraordinary VoIP systems, technology consulting, managed and professional IT services and on-time technical support for companies worldwide. Ahmad is unlike all other entrepreneurs whose lives have been inspiring us for ages. He is not just the CEO of a leading communication service providing firm, rather he is also the sponsor and one of the driver of the Skytel race cars.
Passion, Dedication, Determination and Courage is What Makes People Successful
Ahmad doesn’t only keep his daring attitude limited to the business deals and corporate life; instead, he involves his schedule in accelerating and rushing in the car on a deadly sports car race track. Ahmad is an extremely busy CEO and a highly passionate businessman; hence, it often becomes difficult for him to get out of work even when he is not working. Either while going to sleep or taking a shower, he is always thinking about the next strategy for the company. But when he is in the car, at high speeds of 180-200 MPH and there’s an opponent right next to him, where a mistake can blow him out and may cost his life, it’s the only 12 seconds of his day and life, when he can actually stop thinking about work and concentrate on life.
Ahmad further stated about his passion and said, “I am constantly thinking about my work, trying to make my staff better, trying to strive on how we can give better customer service, just to make sure that our product is ahead of the game and our partners.” With a goal to always strive further ahead in life, Ahmad with the able support of John Belich, CTO at Skytel, has led the company to be enlisted in Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies 2017 and also to be in the list of the Next-Gen VoIP and help the company stand as an All-in One technology Provider for Superior Business Efficiency.
About the Journey which Molded a Young Man to a Successful Business Personality
Ahmad is always striving further in life and always sets goals that are too difficult to achieve. To support this fact, he said, “I believe that if I have a goal that I have achieved then my goal wasn’t set high enough.” With an ultimate goal to conquer the telecom and VoIP industry, a vision to achieve that coupled with the firm belief that “with failure comes success”, Ahmad is redefining every terms in the industry to help people communicate better and effectively.
Begin his career in 2001, with the computer retail stores during the times of economic uncertainty was one of the daring decisions Ahmad took in life. With a motive to get out of the community level thought process and start competing in a global level, Ahmad started Skytel Systems. During that time, when VoIP was barely out of the ground and anybody hardly knew about it, the Founder of Skytel started developing a VoIP system. Times were difficult, even failures were prevalent, yet Ahmad was always firm with his determination and eventually succeeded.
Slowly, Ahmad started replacing his old telecom providers with the VoIP system he developed and began to give it for free to his clients. Eventually, he started selling his retails stores and initiated the growth of Skytel. Now, he proudly recalls that Skytel was formed with no debts or bank loans. Once after finalizing the name of the company, Skytel started getting into the veins of the business communication and carrier hardware systems.
About the Leading VoIP service Provider
Incepted in 2009, Skytel provides enterprise-grade hosted VoIP and unified communications to businesses and institutions. It is rapidly becoming the standard for business communication worldwide. The company delivers a wide range of unified communications product, including voice, video, contact center, managed IT services and mobile applications. Skytel’s cloud-based phone system comes with full PBX function, admin controls. and unlimited phone features. Its video services are known for its point-to-point and multipoint virtual meetings and video collaboration. Skytel’s advanced contact center and monitoring are available through its Contact Center. With Skytel, customers can access all the services using their mobile devices, desktop computers and web browsers.
Starting Skytel was the most daring thing Ahmad has done. He was unsure about the outcome, yet he took the step forward. From working in a 450sq. ft. facility, Ahmad has lead the company to a level where it now works in a 15,000 sq. ft. building, with extraordinary facilities like a game room, think-tank room, a beautiful kitchen with a bar and a training center. Though there are plenty of VoIP service providers in the market today, Skytel stands firm with its extraordinary facilities like its unlimited facility i.e., unlimited local long distance to unlimited international calling, and even unlimited tech-support. In the current scenario, where companies are more into finger-pointing one-another, Ahmad ensures its clients that Skytel has the solution to problems that are hampering their communication.
The company even goes on flight to the end-users location and physically installs the phone system for them, and gives training to every single staff member on the usage of the system. Skytel’s billing system is also quite simplified, and offers unlimited benefits. Along with being the leading VoIP service provider, Skytel is also an IT provider. Owing to their roots in the computers and IT industry, Skytel has a vast experience in the field; making them an expert in solving IT related issues. The company possesses an enormous amount of knowledge on the firewalls, network, routing and internet service providing.
The Company ensures Updated Technology with Greater Security
Skytel doesn’t compromise on the security of its clients and provides a secure VPN connection for its customers through LAN or WAN. Its clients are free from boundaries and makes calls securely from anywhere they wish. And, to make that possible, Skytel offers cellphones that ensures secure call anywhere-anytime. Apart from the technical industry, Skytel serves a wide range of clients and has a strong client-base in the medical industry. The company offers a robust system providing backup options which protects users from internal data breaches. While talking about the security offerings of the company, Ahmad said, “We assure our clients a secure connection and everything from LAN to WAN and even the computers remain secured within our network, leaving them with no scope of complaining.
Skytel offers some amazing services, among which stands Skytel Contact Center. With this, Skytel can integrate its users’ phone system with CRM, and in case the user doesn’t have a CRM, it can integrate the data with simple excel spreadsheet. With this system, the company offers scheduling and campaigns so that the users don’t have to dial-in the numbers, they can directly pick the number, call it which is automatically open then in whatever theorem they choose. It is also a useful tool for coaching purposes as with this system, the managers can actually hear the call live and can give instant feedback to the caller. Its recording options help the caller to hear it later and improve his/her skills.
Tactics to Maintain a Healthy Work Environment
Ahmad still maintains a traditional and personal approach with each of its employees to maintain an outstanding working environment. Every morning after reaching the office, he shakes hand with each employee and asks them about their life to fill his quench to establish employees’ wellbeing and their work satisfaction. Whenever possible, he takes up a quick stand-up meeting with every team of his company, except for the administrative team with whom Ahmad has a formal meeting. Like any other successful leaders, Ahmad knows how to appreciate people and motivate his employees.
While talking about the secret behind his motivation, Ahmad said, “My team! And the feedback our clients give.” He further added, “Seeing my team happy, seeing my team laugh and chatter makes me happy.” The leader of the team also said that to keep himself motivated, he listens to motivational and inspiring speeches of others, which puts him in a sound place. While validating this point, he said, “Those successful speeches makes me who I am and helps me to keep my team happy and motivated as well.” Ahmad also gives a huge credit to the CTO and considers him to be the one whom he can completely trust.
While talking about John, Ahmad said, “His training methods, his patience, his tactics of managing all these people and his customer service is so high that I have seen second to none.
A Leader’s Advice to the Rising Entrepreneurs
Never give up!  If you have a dream, you have to follow that. You’re going to fail and you have to get back up to do it. Every time somebody says that you can’t win or you won’t, or it can’t be done, then you need to think of that in a way that it can be and it will be done,” asserts Ahmad. He advises people that no matter how bad the day is, people shouldn’t show negativity or weakness to others and mentions, “Your clients, your peers, you friends have to see courage, they have to believe in a confidence that you have in order for you to grow the company.” Ahmad further stretched the point by saying that everyone wants to see their leaders happy and motivated.
Ahmad also suggested his followers to start learning today instead of investing money on others to do it. He suggested people to be courageous and said, “You can only do the best you can. All you can do is all you can do.” With such motivation, Ahmad is leading the team to grow the company at a 517% growth rate of the present state. He further states his plans to expand its services and focus on a solution that will help teenagers from being bullied, a service which will help parents monitor their child’s activities and save them from doing anything that will harm them.
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