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AGC Networks – Amplifying User Experience With Unified Communication Solutions

Unified Communication has come a long way since the formation of its idea of integrating a range of communication systems to optimize business processes. A growing number of companies have realized the potential of integrating Unified Communications (UC) tools into their daily operations; breaking fee from legacy phone systems and moving to evolved communication systems that integrate voice, video and data needs of an organization through collaboration solutions. Adoption of UC services across verticals has been on the rise mainly due to its unrivaled advantages of providing seamless communication and collaboration that enables both efficiency and productivity for businesses.  AGC Networks Ltd. has been one such Global Solution Integrator, leading the competition in Enterprise Communication Services around the globe. With over three decades of experience, AGC has been delivering customized business solutions for organizations to boost their revenue growth, increase market penetration, optimize operating costs and improve employee productivity.
Currently serving over 3000-odd customers across different verticals, AGC Networks is one of the leading Global Solution Integrators in Unified Communications, Network Infrastructure & Data Center, Cyber Security, and Enterprise Transformation & Applications. With global headquarters in India and US HQ in Dallas, Texas, AGC has a significant presence in North America, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, and the UK, accelerating customer’s businesses with its customized solutions and services. AGC Networks have sound partnerships with global leaders like Avaya, Shoretel, McAfee, Palo Alto, Juniper, Cisco, NICE, Aspect, Verint, HPE, Polycom, and various others.
Tackling Against the Initial Challenges
Since its inception in 1986, AGC Networks has been working closely with leading global OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to anticipate and evolve the customer’s technology landscape.  However despite being faced with factors such as the rate of technological obsolence and other roadblocks along the way, AGC has overcome all hurdles to become what it is today. A major challenge faced by AGC during its initial years was the rate of adoption and acceptance of UC that was not quite at a consistent pace which led towards a lag in progress. Add to that, adoption in certain verticals like Banking and IT/ITeS was comparatively faster than the other industries creating a wider gap of technology adoption and innovation across verticals.
Holding Dominance in Unified Communication from the Beginning
From its commencement, AGC Networks has always remained committed in providing clients with the best returns on their technological investments. With its vision of accelerating the customer’s business, it has differentiated itself by offering industry specific solutions to enhance business operations. The evolution of AGC Networks has been outlined by the apparent need to remain connected anywhere, anytime – a need that also ignited the growing requirement of continuous unified communications across multiple platforms. A trend that was anticipated by AGC at its core and delivered consistently ever since. While adapting to the evolving business dynamics over the last three decades, AGC has continued to hold dominance in the UC industry, primarily through its Glocular approach – Think Global Act Local!
Offering Customized UC Solutions That Enhances Business Performance
Under the UC platforms, AGC offers a vast portfolio of solutions like IP Telephony, Contract Centers, Audio, Video & Control Integrations (Multimedia) and Collaboration. Whether it be catering to the infrastructure as well as the application domain or providing a ‘before purchase’ experience to customers (CEC), AGC’s solutions have translated into a much better Return on Technology Investment (RoTI) for their clients over the years. Integrating their UC solutions have helped their customers to reduce product development cycles, enhance team communications and move products to the market sooner. This has resulted in higher productivity, shorter time to revenue and improved customer satisfaction. This is true for AGC’s customers across the verticals of Banking & Insurance, IT & ITES, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, Government and the new age verticals.
The Leader Behind AGC’s International Expansion
Sanjeev Verma, Executive Director and CEO of AGC Networks, is the chief architect who has contributed significantly to maintain and enhance the profitability of AGC’s international operations. With over 21 years of extensive experience in the ICT arena, Sanjeev has a highly successful track record in a diverse set of management and leadership roles. An ingenious mind with a vivid understanding of diverse geographies aptly reflects in his Glocal strategy of ‘Think Global Act Local.’
In his seven years’ service at AGC, he has brought-forward excellence by successfully delivering upon the key drivers of the company’s international footprint, namely organic growth and inorganic acquisitions. In his previous stint as the President of AGC Networks, he played a significant role in the company’s roadmap in India and its expansion onto foreign shores.
Integrating Collaboration into Enterprise Communication
In today’s economic scenario, enterprises are quickly realizing the importance of collaborative solutions that empower businesses as well as save communication expenses. But the level and type of collaboration needs varies, depending upon geographies, industries and organization size and the purpose behind its implementation. AGC is the leading solution integrator in collaborating enterprise communication. They differentiate themselves by providing industry specific solutions to customers that enhances their business performance. AGC believes and follows an experiential selling methodology.
The Big Picture Ahead for UC and AGC
Although the demand and adoption of UC services are bound to proliferate further, two emerging trends are slated to dominate the UC space in the coming years – Mobility and Cloud Based UC. However, with the injection of new technologies, various security challenges will also stem up, like the risk of data loss, email authentication issues, and other data security challenges. By delivering customized solutions around Cyber Security like User and Entity based Behavioral Analysis (UEBA), VAPT, etc. based on Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across Premises, Hybrid and Cloud Networks, AGC has anticipated these imminent challenges and believes that cloud and mobility will thus play a vital role in the UC space in the approaching years through the security layer created.
Cloud Based UC – This will offer enterprises with the necessary flexibility and agility.
Mobility –  This can further enhance the employee productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
AGC Networks is future ready to understand these eventual trends in Unified Communication and integrating with Security solutions thereby providing immaculate solutions for the customer’s technology landscape.

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