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After Pulsar and Duke, Bajaj-KTM to Dominate the Industry with E-mopeds

According to the report of Money Control, Baja-KTM is looking forward to the development of a new electrical moped with the production to start in 2022. Production will take place at the Bajaj’s Pune production plant. Previously, Bajaj-KTM operated on a platform for its upcoming two-wheel electric rides, including electric scooters and electric bicycles. For the forthcoming next electric moped, the same platform will also be used.
Stefan Pierer, Chief Executive of KTM, said, “As part of the series development project for PTW (powered two-wheelers) electric vehicles in the low voltage range (48 volts), which was developed together with Bajaj, various product variants in the segment of electric scooters will be produced from 2022 under both the brands of both partners.”
Initially, the moped will be sold in the global market only. Whether the same will be brought to the Indian market is not clear yet. However, in India, recently, Bajaj has launched the first Chetak, a fully electric scooter.
Within the automobile industry, a range of manufacturers have already joined the EV area with two-wheelers, as this seems to be the future of mobility. As electric vehicles (EV’s) have become ubiquitous in the two-wheel space, more brands are expected to join the EV market.
Currently, TVS is the only Indian manufacturer of E-mopeds. These vehicles are powered by a 100-cc engine and therefore are inexpensive. Because of their practical nature, these mopeds are a standard option for small shop owners. The Bajaj and KTM moped is somewhat different from what has been used up to now. In comparison to TVS’s engine, it is a small electric engine that will be driven by the Bajaj-KTM variant.