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Aerobyte: Next Generation Cloud Security

Cloud Computing is one of the many trends in IT industry and the reason is its growing popularity in the market. It offers valuable services like mobility, flexibility and cost saving to organizations. The most valuable of all is security, as 94% of businesses have seen improvement in security after switching to the cloud.
Aerobyte is one of the leading cloud solution providers. Founded in 2010, it has committed itself in helping enterprise organizations solve critical problems by addressing security and compliance concerns. In an Interview with Insights Success, Howard Hellman, the Founder of Aerobyte, shares his experiences on leading the company.
Below are the highlights from the interview conducted between Howard and Insights Success:
Describe the ways in which your cloud solutions are focused on being customer centric.
Howard: Aerobyte reduces the complexity and trepidation of working with any cloud provider in ensuring their data and communications are protected through software vs. buying expensive appliance upgrades that most cloud providers offer. Our dashboard gives our customers the convenience and analytics to ensure their cloud systems are protected from an attack.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of the company.
Howard: Aerobyte has learnt over the years that less is more. When we started this journey we were offering 6 different products to accomplish what one client server product can do. Thanks to advancements in server and network technologies, we can easily handle large workloads utilizing a handful of servers vs. buying expensive security appliances.
What are the company’s strategies to evolve with the volatile trends of the industry?
Howard: Our solution allows organizations to cut down on the number of security vendors and products that are used to protect organizations through inefficient perimeter defense strategies. Our API integration allows our Cyber Defense Framework to integrate with best of breed products while reducing the number of resources and false positives to manage a secure infrastructure.
Where does Aerobyte see itself in the long run and/or what are its future goals?
Howard: Once our Cyber Defense Framework is deployed globally, Aerobyte literally will take the Wild West out of the World Wide Web. An internet based on trust and complete privacy opens the doors to new innovations of what can be done in the cloud that previously cannot be done. It is our objective to take this solution and add consumers which opens the door to unlimited possibilities on how we conduct business on the web today.
Considering the escalating number of Cloud Solution providers, how does Aerobyte stand out from its competitors?
Howard: Aerobyte drives down the cost and complexity of securing both the cloud and on-premise systems. Our simple approach allows organizations to focus on protecting what matters and who has access to the cloud through our multipoint trust methodology and data flow protection in every direction.
About the Founder
Howard Hellman is the Founder of Aerobyte since 2010. Currently, he is responsible for handling the product development team in the company. Through a combination of technical know-how and an understanding of how technology influences the way the company works, the management team has developed a rare perspective in an industry that all too frequently emphasizes unnecessary features over practical benefits. By tempering the knowledge of what can be done with an appreciation for what should be done, Howard has been able to guide efforts towards the development of products and services that stand apart as unique, innovative, and  most of all genuinely useful.
Before Aerobyte, he has been a part of the business development team of Options Media Group. He has also worked for various enterprises including Scriptlogic, where he worked as account executive and Data Resources group where he has been the Vice President Sales and worked as Senior Account executive also.
About The Company
Aerobyte’s Cyber Defense Framework helps organizations reduce the cost and complexity of their Security Infrastructure. Its Software Defined Security (SdS) allows organizations to move away from their perimeter defenses and protect data flow, systems and users from the inside out. Its solution is comprised of an encryption communications broker that orchestrates security throughout the enterprise and its edge interconnects which can be deployed on any Server, VM, Workstation, Mobile and IoT device.
Aerobyte helps customers identify areas of the Core Infrastructure and analyze total cost of expenditures that are spent protecting their critical applications and communications. It demonstrates to its clients how and where significant cost savings can be made in order to increase the protection of their organization while saving their money from their security budgets.