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Adwizar: Get your Business an Exceptional Branding

At Adwizar, they help Personality Brands & Aspiring Talent become famous and share their story with the world. The company grows social media networks and helps brands go viral by providing the proven strategy, team of specialists, content, and influencer access needed to build an organic following – they do this so that you are freed up to focus on what you do best, because they believe everyone has a story that the world wants to hear. Adwizar manages over 100+ celebrities social media accounts, generating 300 billion impressions, 100 billion in reach, 7.7 billion post engagements, 7.6 billion video views throughout their accounts. The services the organization offers are Influence Marketing, Social Media Growth for Instagram and Facebook, Monetization, Social Media Management, Social Media Consulting & Training.
Enthralling Journey of Adwizar
Initially, Adwizar was created to help celebrities monetize their massive social media following while growing their fan base exponentially. During the journey of successfully monetizing millions of dollars in advertiser revenue and growing their client’s followings by the millions, they realized that they could help more than just celebrities with their proven growth methods. They started a viral growth program called GrowthX that helps personality brands and aspiring talents to increase their following on Instagram and Facebook while building influence, brand awareness, and credibility. While in the process of launching their GrowthX program, they had tons of product-based companies approach them to use Adwizar celebrities and influencers to promote their products. After a successful launch with rapper 2Chainz “Dabbin Sweater” campaign selling over thirty four thousand sweaters, generating over 2 million dollars in revenue within 30 days with Matty J, they decided to officially offer an Influencer Marketing service. Now, they work with clients such as Coca Cola, Snickers, Colgate, Best Buy, Disney, and Microsoft just to name a few.
Magnificent Personality of Adwizar

Spectacular Smith, Founder and CEO
also known by his stage name ”Spectacular,’’ is an American multi-platinum recording artist, entrepreneur, no. 1 bestselling author, angel investor, social media guru, keynote speaker and entertainer. Keynote speaking on topics such as social media, technology, branding, and marketing.
Intrigued by the business possibilities of social media, he turned his group Pretty Ricky Facebook page into his personal laboratory, testing out his theories behind social networks for a full year until he had a new, unbreakable system of gaining and monetizing followers. He then turned those ideas into Adwizar, the dominant social media brand in the urban music space to create a platform for partners to gain a productive mass following, enabling them to use their social media outlets to generate residual income.
Adwizar has now grown beyond urban music into dealing with major brands and corporations, athletes, merchandising deals, and more. Adwizar is recognized as an innovative company that has no ceiling on its growth.
Smith is known as one of the “Top Marketing Gurus To Watch” by Huffington Post, awarded the “Innovator Of The Year” by Black Enterprise, and named one of the “Greatest and Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs” by Inc Magazine.
Happy Clients of Adwizar
Each Influencer, Company, or Brand is unique to its own demographic. Adwizar follows detailed analytics to deliver solutions that are tailored to their clients following. Their social strategist will diagnose client’s social media accounts and do extensive research on their brand which allows them to deliver content to their audience’s wants and needs. Once an algorithm is in place, they monetize and maximize advertising revenue.
Adwizar runs the social media pages of celebrities such as Bow Wow, Fat Joe, Soulja Boy, Master P, Jayden James, Birdman, Miss Kennedy Summers, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and countless others. They always delivered amazing results, their client Mighty Duck has grown his Facebook account from 1,500,000 likes to over 6 million likes and monetized a high 6 figures payout within a year’s time frame.
Major Challenges faced by Adwizar during their Business Days
Adwizar transitioned from just being a monetizing company for celebrities exclusively; to adding two more services that turn people into influencers and brands into the leading sources of their industry. Some of the challenges that they face are constant changing Facebook algorithms, competitors that think they can deliver better results than they can, but can’t, the general challenges of growing a new fast growing business, adding services, and finding out what your clients’ needs are and how to deliver on them.
Word of Establishment
The organization would say it’s having a great company culture and hiring people that are willing to learn and become better constantly. Having a team with great leadership qualities to execute with, and building technology that would help make the company more proficient in delivering amazing results.
Future Lane of Adwizar
Smith sees himself as a thought leader in the social media space and Adwizar being the go to company that all companies and personality brands go to becoming famous on social media and building their brand influence while sharing their story to the world. He also feels that Adwizar will solve the problem of trying to hire “social media gurus” in-house for companies.