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advo group: Empowering People Solutions

New startups face the challenges of finding and retaining a talented workforce in addition to capital investment. Retaining the talent within the business is a difficult task faced by all employers. A good quality, talented and dedicated workforce drives success and growth. There is an expectation however from today’s employees that, in addition to salary, their employer should look after more than just the statutory pension but include wider benefits and perks. There is also an expectation that access to information on their staff benefits through technology mirrors their personal life where all information is at their fingertips. But according to advo, there is no technology equality for smaller employers. Larger PLCs have access to technology and staff platforms, SMEs do not. Recognising this issue over the last two years advo developed management, staff and flex portals specifically designed for the SME market.
Successfully Transforming SME’s with Futuristic Solutions
advo is an award winning advisory with a focus on people and technology. advo business technology platforms are standalone or linked delivering corporate style benefit management and communication to SMEs. advo assists its clients through dedicated ‘hands on’ account managers who have smaller portfolios, allowing active account management and a better understanding of the customer needs.
As an IIP Gold employer, advo continually updates staff knowledge to ensure that they can integrate and apply the best of new ideas and thinking. They deliver essential employer services and integrated technology solutions specifically designed for SMEs including employee benefits, payroll, and HR. They utilize technology to deliver people-led advice, supported and expanded by their own in-house developed and managed technology.
advo Online
advo’s in-house technology called advo Online. As a communication hub, advo Online creates simplicity, it is quick and easy to use, saves time, looks good and gives control over clients and their benefits.
Some of the benefits of advo Online:

  • Management of all staff benefits in one place with 24/7 log on access, including reports for finance and P11d.
  • Staff portals that grant access for each employee to view their own benefits
  • advo online plus; empowering employees to make amendments to their personal details and engaging them through the online selection for lifestyle benefits such as Give As You Earn and Cycle to Work.
  • advo select; a bespoke flexible benefits platform configured for clients own corporate identity of providing a window for employees to self-select.

Architect of advo group
Larry Bulmer is the Founder and CEO of advo group. Being a part of the industry for a number of years, and whilst working at the leading UK medical insurer, Larry felt that the UK market needs a broker that would really work for their clients. As the medical expenses market in the UK was dominated by a few large players; the need to have an expert negotiation on behalf of clients was paramount. This approach led to the early adoption of technology, and while competitors looked at the internet as a place to gain customers, Larry used the internet to provide a platform that improves the customer experience. 20 years later, the advo group has won numerous awards and continues to blend people and technology together to add real value to their client’s experience.
Larry is well known and respected figure within the health insurance industry and outside advo. Larry was the first Chairman of Association of Medical Insurers and Intermediaries (AMII), an organization that promotes good practice.
Futuristic Solutions from Experts
advo has been managing employee benefits for over 20 successful years and been recognised as the ‘best’ intermediary firm on numerous occasions by its peers. Team advo believes that both their people and technology outshine their competitors. Their IIP Gold status is an independent testament of their investment in training and staff support. Their aim is to be the first to bring a truly integrated SME management system to market, incorporating ‘tell us once’ technology that will manage all HR and finance needs mapping an employee’s journey through an organization.
The advo’s solutions on a single platform for smooth working
HR: Online management system linked to staff portals inclusive of sickness, absence, holiday, training/career (including appraisal and career planning), expenses, personalized company docs, online payslips, etc. backed by personalized HR advice.
Employee Benefits: All personalized employee benefits and wellbeing is managed in one place, with real-time data, total rewards, online claiming and benefits selection/tailoring backed by experts independent advice.
Payroll: advo acts as its client’s payroll department at a fraction of the cost of running in-house. Using its HMRC accredited systems it makes payroll management simple.
Private Clients: advo’s personal approach delivers simple to understand options and independent advice for all its clients’ needs.
Benefits for Company Clients
advo clients automatically have access to a multi-benefit management platform (which also includes non-advo managed benefits) and individual staff-portals reflecting their employers own colors/logos. This can be extended to include total-reward-statements, online-payslips, retail discounts, lifestyle benefits and a full range of flexible-benefit options. Easy and intuitive advo online, assists employers with the engagement and administration of all employee benefits together in one secure platform.
Awards and Achievements
advo has a reputation for cost control and customer service excellence and has been recognized as the UK’s ‘best’ advisory firm by its peers on numerous occasions. advo management and communication technology platforms have won applause for their innovation and application. It has the best people supported by linked technology that gives its clients control.

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