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Advanced Data Systems: Meeting the Challenges & Changes within the Healthcare Industry

Boosting profitability and productivity with the Medics Suite of proven clinical, financial, and management automation for practices and medical billing companies, that is what Advanced Data Systems Corporation (ADSC) is known for. ADS holds quite a remarkable place in the healthcare automation industry, with 2017 marking their 40th anniversary as a privately held, debt-free company to which their clients have always had easy access.
ADSC’s Medics solutions are ideal for large single or multi-specialty medical groups and enterprise-sized organizations, as well as for high volume medical revenue cycle management (RCM) companies.
MedicsRCM provided by ADSC itself is a very high volume RCM company which uses the Medics Suite for their own RCM clients. The industry right now is embracing value-based medicine as driven by MACRA and its MIPS reporting. Their Medics EHR can be used to compile and report on the data necessary for complying and for avoiding penalties, both of which are especially significant.
Other Medicare value-based medicine initiatives such as Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Transitional Care Management (TCM) can be taken advantage of with the Medics EHR. Medics is excellent for a wide variety of specialties including a some generally considered a little more unusual for their own particular nuances including anesthesiology, behavioral health, and radiology. Cloud is the preferred implementation route yet Medics can still be implemented in customer hosted format.
Innovative Leader Ensuring the Company’s Growth
David Barzillai, President of ADS, is a visionary in healthcare IT. Mr. Barzillai, who has a City College of New York degree in electrical engineering, initially founded ADS with systems for radiology. He quickly saw how other specialties could also benefit from and began to retool the software to work with a variety of specialties.
Mr. Barzillai’s drive is to ensure the clients see more patients, generate more revenue, and boost profitability/productivity with ADS’ automation for practices and health systems.
Always Available for Patients
Mobility is king. As cloud-based, Medics provides for virtually ubiquitous secure connectivity using iPhone™, iPad™, Android™, other internet-enabled handhelds including watches/wrist devices. Patient Engagement is in the spotlight today. MedicsPortal lets the practice remain open to patients 24 x 7 x7 365 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
Strategy Behind the Success
Keeping up with evolving technologies is something in which the ADS Programming Team takes great pride. With hundreds and hundreds of required governmental and payer updates, the company hasn’t missed a single deadline on any including recent ones for ICD-10 and Stage 2 MU. The ADS Team continuously stays attuned to the industry’s requirements, and to evolving technologies that will benefit their clients.
Company Known for its Innovations
ADS is known for its highly innovative solutions and services. Their Medics FlowText™ revolutionizes how physicians transcribe their reports. Working with Dragon Medical™, Medics FlowText mimics an outside transcription service but with physicians transcribing directly into the patient’s Medics EHR record. Not only is the report created, segments of the transcribed text are intelligently inserted into the patient’s record simultaneously, eliminating the time-consuming step of going back to data into the patient’s record. Medics FlowText also makes the Medics EHR voice navigable.
Another ADS-developed innovation is EMRdirect™ giving radiologists a secure way to transmit their finalized reports directly to their referring physicians’ Stage 2 certified EHRs via Surescripts™ Secure Messaging without requiring expensive HL7 interfaces. Reports can even contain links to the patient’s images.
For behavioral health/addiction medicine, the Suite has a number of capabilities for outpatient, partial outpatient, and full inpatient facilities. The system handles UB-04 and HCFA claims, DSM-5, progress and group notes, and more.
Medics BedManager™ for inpatient facilities solves the age-old problem of tracking available beds and utilization…a crucial requirement to minimize backlog and maximize workflow.
ADS developed a number of Medics PM features for groups and enterprise organizations who also sell purchasable products (orthotics, supplements, frames, and lenses, etc.) and/or who provide non-medical services (spa, cosmeticians, etc.).
The system tracks inventory calculates sales tax, and invokes an easy checkout window separating medical and non-medical payments, even accepting gift cards and coupons as methods of payment.
Growing along with the Client’s Satisfaction
Growth has always been a constant ADS factor. They see that continuing both in the present Value Based medicine world and in their dramatic increase in RCM business.
MedicsRCM has become a very viable, economical option to which groups and enterprise organizations have turned, especially with its transparency. Not only are MedicsRCM clients never in the dark on their data, but ADS train them on using the Medics Suite and encourage them to be “plugged in.”
Clients of MedicsRCM have access to their Medics EHR, or they can use their own EHRs interfaced to MedicsRCM.
A Company Ready to Assist its Clients
Occupying its own 15,000 square foot building from which virtually all ADS services are provided, with additional regional offices, they have over 200 full-time employees dedicated to client satisfaction as growth continues.
A testament to ADS customer satisfaction is how a good number of clients actually date back over twenty years. Clients appreciate how they have never discontinued a product or missed a required update deadline date.
Referring to the secret of success, David asserts, “Producing excellent systems that in turn produce revenue and efficiencies for our clients, along with the solid infrastructure and backing of a company that has four decades of industry experience, is our recipe for success.”
With ADS, the Medics Suite, and MedicsRCM being poised to take on current and upcoming healthcare challenges in the financial and clinical arenas, the company is ready to assist its clients in exactly the ways they want or need to be assisted.