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Adopting a Time-is-Money Mentality: 5 Second-Saving Strategies for Business Owners

“Time is money” might sound like an adage your grandfather drilled into your head with a wagging finger and a stern expression, but today, this approach can bear more financial fruits than ever in the modern business world. Considered by some to be the world’s only non-renewable resource, time is incredibly precious in modern businesses, where Facebook notifications or email alerts threaten to pull your attention away from growing your business.

From unnecessary meetings to unexpected delays, companies can waste time in myriad ways, resulting in shoddy workmanship and strained professional relationships. That said, read on for five time-saving strategies to save you valuable seconds of your workday.

Rely on mobile notaries

Rely on mobile notaries

Businesses can save time by relying on a mobile notary such as this when signing contracts and other essential documents. Unlike traditional notary publics, a mobile notary public can meet you on your time at your home or office. By dodging in-person appointments, you can guarantee that documents are notarized in just a few minutes without the unpredictable commute time often associated with meeting a traditional notary, allowing you to devote more time to your business.

Keep your equipment up-to-date

Whether you rely on a drill press or hard drive to keep your business running, you must update your machinery. Otherwise, you could lose valuable company time tackling a computer-virus-related mishap that could have been avoided with preventative anti-malware installation.

Automate where you can

Simply switching your business expenses to autopay can save you valuable time each month you would otherwise spend paying the bills. In a similar vein, if you run a business where customers have to check into your facility to be served (such as a hotel or spa), you can set up a visitor management system that instantly notifies the host when guests arrive.

Take advantage of templates

You’ll waste valuable time that could be better spent growing your business if you create marketing materials, forms, and emails from scratch each time you use them. By relying on templates, you can save valuable time that you would usually devote to drafting the same messages over and over again. As an added perk, templates can also help your company send out more streamlined content.

Expect the unexpected

Just because you’re on track to developing better time management doesn’t mean that your business won’t run into the usual bumps in the road. Between clients running behind schedule to merchandise that arrives three days later than expected, managing a business comes with all kinds of unexpected time wasters. Business owners can avoid the time delays that come with unforeseen circumstances by scheduling time for delays between meetings and other important events. That way, an early morning meeting that had to start twenty minutes later than expected won’t derail the entire day.

Wrap up

Time might be the only non-renewable resource, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart about how you use it. From choosing mobile notaries to budgeting time for the unexpected, savvy business owners can learn to conserve their most precious resource and increase their company’s potential.