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Adaptive: Turning Your Instincts into Real-time, Fact-based, Actionable Intelligent Data

Many organizations are in a mad rush to leverage exciting, new technology to capture and run analytics on data for a variety of reasons. The issue they are facing is that there is limited governance to these processes and organizations are running into concerns on the accuracy of the data and implementation of processes that scale with proper stewardship. Organizations are at risk as they are not protecting or auditing the data due to this rush and constant analytics. A strategic plan for big data adoption within the business intelligence environment will balance the need for agility in adopting innovative big data analytics methods and data management architectures in ways that are aligned with corporate vision and governance.
Adaptive, Inc. is a global company, headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, providing the most comprehensive data governance and metadata management platform available today. The firm is a market leader with a long history of helping organizations to adapt and support the rapidly changing business and IT environments, which are driven by the ever-increasing demands of compliance, regulatory pressures and governance requirements. Adaptive provides innovative solutions that enable governance and enhanced analytics on managing data on a holistic scale. Their clients span across various sectors including banking/finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, transportation and government entities.
The Adaptive Framework
As the name indicates, Adaptive readily adapts to an enterprise’s technical landscape or ecosystem, as the firm works with many different technologies to complement the existing processes, without replacing anything.
The Adaptive Business Glossary Manager (BGM) is one such solution that offers a framework to assist enterprises with defining and communicating consistent business vocabulary and aligning glossary terms to standard language definitions. By directly referencing entities that represent the corporate hierarchy, processes, and data, BGM provides traceability and a “semantic perspective” of organizational execution and contributes to improved data governance while substantially reducing the compliance risk.
The company’s first product was their Adaptive Enterprise Architecture Manager (EAM) platform that enables organizations to model and manage strategy, process and information technology throughout the enterprise. The Adaptive EAM product line provided the pathway to their Metadata Manager Product line. The ability to semantically capture information sources and automatically associate the relationships with other concepts enabled enhanced analytics and governance for their valued clients.
A Self-taught Leader of Adaptive
Jeff Goins has been the Chief Executive Officer of Adaptive since April 2017, and he has also held various leadership roles in the company before that. His career spans over fifteen years in the technology industry, specializing in methods and technologies utilized to capture an organizations most important asset ─ knowledge. Jeff has also formed many global alliances throughout his career.
Equipped with experience and expertise to understand the business and the technical issues, Jeff creates a vision for developing products and service offerings that address organizational issues in a repeatable manner. He has been actively involved in developing and implementing strategic planning and business process improvement initiatives, including large transactional and decision support systems. He works with both commercial corporations and government organizations in developing architectural frameworks to assist with key strategy implementation initiatives. Academically speaking, Jeff holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.
Providing Peerless Platform for Organizations
Many Big Data centric programs are dumping data into Hadoop or graph centric databases without understanding the source of the data and/or if the quality of the data is accurate and governed properly. Adaptive provides a unique solution to this problem with the ability to integrate business, technical and operational metadata.
Adaptive provides a platform that harvests and parses metadata from many different sources which includes data modeling, ETL, Legacy, Business Intelligence and Big Data platforms.  They stitch the relationships between these sources providing end-to-end data lineage analytics and governance.
Adaptive’s platform also enables organizations to capture and maintain its business glossary and ontologies that can be leveraged as a “single point of truth” for managing definitions, rules and proper stewardship on the data. Analysts and stewards, for example, can determine if any field in a report or contract term is among a term governed in the glossary or ontology. Adaptive also captures the technical metadata automatically to ensure accuracy. This enables understanding of where there are inconsistencies, redundancies and risks with managing data assets on a holistic scale.
Providing Transparency for the Clients’ Data
Adaptive provides a robust platform that fits within the existing technology ecosystems that enables organizations to understand how data is governed and analyzed on a universal scale. It is critical to understand risk, security, data retention and privacy controls. The company ensures organizations are meeting regulatory mandates properly.
Furthermore, the company is in a unique position wherein they’re the only providers of technological platform that strictly adheres to the many standards set in the marketplace today.   Moreover, Adaptive’s CTO sits on a number of these boards ensuring that these strict standards are implemented into the Adaptive offerings.
In addition to their hosted web-based, highly-flexible solution platform, Adaptive offers access to a world-class professional services team that provides training, consulting and mentoring around metadata management, data governance, data quality and enterprise architecture. Adaptive also works with many consulting groups supporting their practices as well.
Envisioning Constant Growth
Adaptive will continue to scale and grow in terms of both revenue and staff through their market leading product offerings and also will be announcing acquisitions that augment its product strategy. They will continue to leverage leading underlying technologies such as graph and triple store technologies in their offerings to link the metadata and instance data layers providing real time analytics. Adaptive looks forward to bringing in content specific to certain vertical markets such as Finance and others.

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