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Adaptive: The Data Governing Specialist

Business organizations process large amounts of data regarding its clients, vendors, products and resources. This data is very critical and sensitive which demands data governance and information management to enable successful decisions to be made. Furthermore, additional business relevant data is needed for comparison and more. These requirements make organizations mandatory to store and secure data and make it readily available for future prospects.
Data security and handling is a very challenging task that can be lost, stolen or corrupted. There is a continued emphasis to provide special training to stakeholders of the business for proper ‘data management and governance’ that leads to improved analytics and insight on data assets. Due to the skills sets and processes needed to accomplish an ongoing data governance capability, organizations are seeking external managed service providers that will be responsible for solving all their data related issues and problems.
Adaptive’ provides end-to-end data governance solutions that enable organizations to accelerate key data-dependent business capabilities needed to manage and govern data assets. It improves the ability of organization to properly govern their data and enterprise architectures with proven approaches with its enabling web-based technology platform.
Adaptive’s Unique Solutions
Adaptive helps the organizations to understand first and foremost WHERE their data is stored, WHAT it means, HOW it flows by putting proper Meta tags on their data attribution to properly understand risk, privacy, retention, security and compliance related analytics and governance on an enterprise scale.
It also enables that the right stakeholders are involved in the process to ensure proper stewardship and notification is being performed throughout the organization. Adaptive’s capability is essential for organizations to ensure that their data governance is included as a core capability for ‘Big Data’ analytics projects.
Adaptive caters superior services to its clients like;
Business Consulting Services that guides and help in developing effective stewardship of processes on a holistic scale.
Engineering Consulting Services having teams that go deep, ensuring the capabilities of Adaptive platform are fine tuned for clients systems and business goals.
Education Services Experts will ensure clients users, and project sponsors, get the task-based knowledge they need to be successful in their roles.
Customer Support Services provide end-users, designers, analysts and administrators with dedicated support and customer care.
Jeff Goins – the Framer of Adaptive
Jeff Goins, Managing Director of Adaptive, understood the problems faced by companies that have data stored in ‘silo-centric’ applications and platforms. The Staff of these organizations only saw ‘snapshots’ of information that was inconsistent and potentially inaccurate due to not fully understanding the source of the data in the reporting processes. Jeff asserted, “Enabling governance capabilities that ensure accuracy, reuse, and enhanced analytics was needed and the Adaptive vision of ‘Data Fully Understood’ is our commitment to our clients who leverage our technology platform and professional services.”
Challenging Journey
One of the biggest challenges faced by Jeff while expanding the global presence of Adaptive is; to understand how to scale effectively, perfect timing for the proper capital infusion, and hiring the right people that fit the culture of the company.
It is important for any company to hire appropriate personnel and provide a proper working environment for innovation and success. Employees are the core for success and expansion for any company. It is also important to provide a framework of success for our staff by working with clients that also have the desire for implementing projects based on proven best practices and processes to ensure all stakeholders understand their role in the success criteria of the project.
Excellence for Success
The key to the success of Adaptive is continued focus and commitment to delivering quality services and support services to our customer base. Adaptive enables employees to be successful and committed to each other in the overall vision of the company.
Jeff asserted “People truly make the difference and having a quality staff that goes the extra mile for each other creates the roadmap to the success of the organization.”
“Through innovative technologies, professional services delivery and partnerships, we aspire to be the metadata repository, governance and analytics software provider of choice for progressive organizations worldwide,” Jeff Added.
Jeff’s Message for Young entrepreneurs
“Love what you do and don’t give up on your dream no matter how difficult this can be at times. Life will bring obstacles your way and having loyal and trustful people in your life who provide the support and needed advice is an important facet to success.”
Future Roadmap
Adaptive will always focus on providing solutions for data governance and enhanced analytics.  Adaptive will continue to include data content which facilities knowledge reuse and best practices with emphasis on improve capabilities for data security, risk analytics, data privacy and overall data management.
Adaptive’s team knows that understanding and managing data on a holistic scale is a critical capability for any organization to be successful.