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ActivTrak: Making Employee Monitoring Easy

Nowadays most organizations invest in behavior analytics software in order to fully understand how their teams are performing. However, collecting this data can be very costly and time-consuming. Meet ActivTrak, a cloud-based employee monitoring service. The easy-to-download software provides employers and offices with a tremendous amount of data to analyze. The software gives organizations the figures required to perform in-depth user behavior analysis to identify key trends within their company. Users can examine how administrative changes affect the overall workflow of their company.
Along with these features, ActivTrak offers access to the raw data as well as integrating via webhooks to send behavior-based activity notifications to programs like Slack, Trello, IBM Qradar, Segment, Salesforce, and others. This gives companies full transparency into the inner workings of their organization. All of the tools available in ActivTrak are customizable, allowing the user to get the most out of the product.
The software provides a tailored experience that gives the user full control over what they get out of the product whether that is detecting insider threats, improving workflow efficiency, or creating a more productive workplace. From selecting which workstations have screenshots taken to choosing where the data is housed, ActivTrak has a personalized experience which caters to every customer, giving them exactly what they need.
A Pioneer 
When launched, ActivTrak was one of the first in the employee monitoring space to move to cloud-based reporting. Herbert Axilrod, the President & Co-founder, and Anton Seidler, the Co-founder, saw a need for a solution that was mostly effortless on the user’s part and didn’t require much time to understand. The program is purposefully built to be accessible. Within minutes of installing, users start to receive real-time reports and behavior data.
When describing the importance and efficiency of the software Herbert asserts, “We were among the first, if not the first, in the employee monitoring space to move to cloud-based reporting. Before then, solutions were based on local networking with peer to peer communication. Not only was the cloud solution much easier to deploy, but it allowed us to collect and analyze employee activity data at a scale and in ways that hadn’t been done before.”
Tackling Misconceptions and Making the Industry a Better Place 
In 2002, Herbert Axilrod and Anton Seidler bootstrapped ActivTrak without any outside investment. This sacrifice not only allowed them to conserve capital but also gave them a deep insight into the product and market. Both founders were able to witness the natural evolution of the marketplace and the growing acceptance of employee monitoring. While there were some things they could do to accelerate growth, they didn’t want to get ahead of themselves. Herbert emphasizes, “Too often, money is raised without a clear knowledge of how it should be spent and thus often wasted.”
ActivTrak delivers a flexible user experience that can be utilized at all levels of business. From small businesses to enterprise companies, ActivTrak can provide real-time feedback. The software arranges a treasure trove of data into an easy to understand layout but also allows for raw data access. Anyone from a beginner to IT expert can take the software and use it for their specific purposes.
Versatile Suite of Features 
ActivTrak is unique because it provides an easy-to-use program that effectively allows users to gather large amounts of behavioral data that can be used to improve workforce management and boost workflow efficiency. Through ActivTrak’s intuitive software, users can analyze reports and real-time data, and can also use this information to find trends happening in the day-to-day operations of the company. Using this information, employers can be sure they are maximizing productivity by making decisions based on reliable, unbiased data.
Painting the Picture of the Future
When it comes to the future of the company, Herbert mentions artificial intelligence, “We see it playing a big part in the next evolutionary phase of this marketplace.” The organization also believes that AI techniques will not be limited just to user activity data-streams, but it will also be used to analyze the many screen images and videos that ActivTrak captures.
Lastly, by combining incredibly powerful software, with an easy to use interface and personal customer service, ActivTrak aims to provide a complete resource that can boost productivity, improve security, and drive increased revenue. By creating a digital twin of an operation, ActivTrak also helps decision makers analyze trends to improve performance throughout the organization.
Promising Appreciations from Clients 
“The information provided has been useful to provide feedback to the project sponsors and provide direction for the continued development of our system, including investment decision making.” RAF Case Study “ActivTrak was simply plug and play, believe it or not. It took me 2-3 mins per machine to get started and overall took me 1 hour to block all the unnecessary sites. In no time, I was ruling the entire thing, and was on top of my employees’ activity.” Regenersis Huntingdon Case Study “We are big fans of ActivTrak! Loyalty and trust are the foundations for any company to grow and succeed, and ActivTrak helps us to know which employees are honest and loyal behind our backs and reward the right ones.” Parry International Case Study
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