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Accentuate Pte Ltd: CRM & ERP Software Solutions Provider

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The ERP market is growing at mind boggling speed. Apart from the fact that ERP software requires major investment; The efficiency of this software is second to none. The ERP software can comprise of many modules such as, crm, sales, finance, inventory management, and many more.
As businesses around the world grow with every passing minute and business operations gain in complexity, the use of this software guarantees productivity, and integrity of any businesses. Accentuate Pte Ltd, a company based out of Singapore has placed its future on developing and serving ERP solutions to companies; they offer one of the most comprehensive and value for money software solutions out there.
For the first time in forever, someone cared about SMEs
While technology advances at a breakneck speed, these solutions can be very expensive. Targeting at the average micro and small SMEs, Accentuate Pte Ltd reimagined the way businesses should pay for ERP Software Solutions. The company went through extensive effort to make real sure that clients don’t play a losing game in technology over a long run. Accentuate Pte Ltd’s products and services are designed and built around the clients as well as their business.
The Entrepreneur ask himself regularly: Why do clients buy, and why do they not buy?
Ken Tan, Founder and CEO says that, “First of all, we identify our target clients and we make certain that we know every reason there is that they will not buy our services and we find a solution or an answer to them”.
A Leader, a Mentor and an Entrepreneur
This brilliant ERP Solution Provider is the brain child of two dynamic leaders, Ken, Tan Kian Hui and Chan Boon Ping. Having founded this company, Ken Tan also serves as the CEO, while Chan is the Chief Technology Officer.
There is no substitute to hard work and here is the success story of Ken Tan. The founder started his professional career at the age of 22 and through the rigor of reality & business as well as consistent self- improvements, Ken learnt to be patient and wise. He understood that success can only be achieved through teamwork. Teamwork can only happen through great leadership: The right man for the right job. By the age of 32, Ken became an expert in the business and entrepreneurship.
With the zest of using his expertise to help others, the th serial entrepreneur decided to start his 5 business. Ken knew that building his own product is the only way to make the biggest difference to the market: The micro and small SMEs. Accentuate Pte Ltd was born in the year 2013.
With tremendous leadership skills and perseverance, Ken successfully made Accentuate Pte Ltd one of the best ERP solution providing company in the market. The founder is a deep thinker, he asserts, “As an entrepreneur, it is our job to rearrange the puzzle with existing pieces to show clients a picture they had never seen before; In time, they will come to realize how much they had fallen in love with it. How attached and dependent they have become of it.”
Delivering Solutions at par with Advancing Technologies
The software solutions offered by Accentuate Pte Ltd is powerful, highly-effective and affordable. Thanks to its Fully Integrated Modules, the flow of information and data is seamless and the nightmare of having to enter data multiple times is nullified.
Integrating all the softwares including CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Delivery, Inventory, Warehousing, Kitting, Manufacturing, Human Resource, eLeave, and e-Claims, the ERP Software Solution offered by Accentuate Pte Ltd ensures productivity for businesses. This means that if information or data is being keyed into a component, for example: If one creates a client in the CRM, they can select the same client in the Accounting Module to create an invoice without having to recreate the same customer. Information is tightly integrated.
Helping clients ease into the software and moving from analog to digital, or upgrading from a simple software to Accentuate ERP, Accentuate Pte Ltd believes that proper hand holding is crucial. Initial implementation is done with a lot of support and users are usually invited into a WhatsApp chat group along with the engineers of the Accentuate Pte Ltd. This reduces the amount of formality and cut down on all the unnecessary filler lines that are normally used in emails; Thus, improving productivity. Addressing client’s problem in real time is what Accentuate Pte Ltd has mastered over the years.
Staying ahead in the market with constantly evolving technologies like AI, Robotics, Automation, IoT, and many others, the company reveals that they follow a strategic plan by focusing on one objective at a time. Opportunities are vast and this technology company is certainly making its way into every meaningful one.
Cost-Effective Yet Powerful Software
The biggest take away for Small and Medium SMEs: Now they have a highly cost-effective option to choose from. Accentuate Charges $400/month for CRM Solutions (Complete with Full Accounting features) and $600/month for ERP Solutions complete with Inventory management.
Other Value Added Services

  • No User Cap (No catch)
  • No Ticketing Cap
  • 2 free onsite re-training sessions for new staff per year
  • 2 free live webinar re-training sessions for new staff per year (All locations)
  • Unlimited number of report customizations to clients
  • Unlimited video QNA support for clients.

The dream of every business is probably to own a powerful ERP Software. It puts together structure and automate a great deal of boring tasks. With Accentuate Pte Ltd, micro and small SMEs can finally stop dreaming and start using one.
Accentuate Pte Ltd is truly here to level the playing field for the small little guys out there.
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