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Abir Chermiti | Founder & Podcast Host | EllePod

Abir Chermiti: An Enthusiastic Award-Winning Women In Tech Ally

Have you wonder you can do what you always wanted, or you should be in a different place but don’t know where to start? “If you want to do it, just do it”, says Abir Chermiti, the Founder & Podcast Host of EllePod.
When Abir Chermiti started her podcast, she knew she was not the first person talking about women in tech or women in business, but she had the audience & Abir was able to share stories of amazing women that nobody has heard of. EllePod started with her and with time it is growing and expanding to a community that helps uplift women in tech & business.
Thirst of Creativity
Abir grew up in a community where access to information was hard and extremely limited. She watched others trying hard to break through these challenges and fight for themselves with no support system to help them bring their creative ideas to the world.
EllePod is a podcast series for women in tech and business. The podcast is a weekly show that features the stories of women leaders, engineers, designers, founders, VCs, and all types of different females in tech and business who are succeeding in their careers.
This has always been Abir’s drive — to break through and support others, to be the support system that she did not have, and to be there for other women who are like her. She also looks up to women in science and technology and leaders from whom she feels inspired by their stories of persuasion, hard work, persistence, supporting others, and building communities are the source of energy that she wants to spread to others.
A Mastery of Interpersonal Skills
Abir believes in the power of voice, and she always wanted to build a bridge that both helps support women in tech and business & inspires young girls from around the world to be whoever they want in their careers. Founding EllePod was the result of her experience in the tech field working as a Software Engineer for years in different workplaces — where she saw the impact and importance of having women making decisions in the workplace — and her passion to empower women in tech, encourage and support them to get into the tech industry and build their own careers. Abir also enjoys listening to their stories and being inspired.
A Problem Solver
The hardest challenge when you are starting a business, or a podcast, comes from within; the fear of failure and the lack of confidence in the belief that you too can launch and be able to scale a business in a fast-growing sector — a sector that can be challenging for female entrepreneurs especially”, probes Abir.
Since launching EllePod in 2020, and especially during the pandemic, Abir has felt that it is her responsibility to show up and support her community, and she has been actively mentoring students and young professionals in Africa to help them manage the stress and challenges that they are facing now. Abir knew EllePod could help by mentoring, coaching, and offering knowledge for both women and men in tech to challenge the pandemic and breakthrough.
Ability to Inspire, Engage & Empower
“Your podcast might not be the top podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts but if that is your passion and you feel you have something to offer the world, whether it’s a product, advice, or a story … go ahead and do it. There will be always people who will listen to your podcast and appreciate the information you are sharing”, asserts Abir. If there is one thing that COVID-19 taught, it would be that we are surrounded with opportunities and it is for you to grab them, she says.
Abir started her podcast in the middle of a global pandemic, to prove to herself and every other girl that it is never too late to start your own business and pursue your dreams. All it takes is courage and confidence, and that is the key to success.
A Proactive Team Player
The global pandemic has resulted in a huge shift to online platforms and an explosion in the Broadcast Media Industry. During the first half of the year, according to, about 383,678 new podcasts debuted. This has meant that there has also been a remarkable increase in the number of podcasts listeners around the world and particularly in the US.
At EllePod, Abir is still the only one on the team and a positive attitude and culture is what keeps her going every single day. Considering this unprecedented time, where businesses are shutting down, people are losing their jobs, and with thousands of podcasts launching, it is crucial to have a positive work culture for you to succeed as a solo-entrepreneur or as a team.
As challenging as it looks, this situation has created more opportunities for podcasters to gain more listeners. The key for success in the podcast industry is consistency, and that’s one of EllePod’s pillars — showing up for the company’s audience and providing useful content and support to her community means that the company is capable of overcoming the challenge of not being the only one doing a podcast.
An Incubator for Women in Tech & Business
Abir envisioned EllePod a platform that connects women in tech and business across the world, from the smallest village in Tunisia to the greatest city in the world, New York. EllePod will continue sharing the stories of amazing women in tech and business from different regions, cultures, and backgrounds, and will make it accessible for everyone. Abir started EllePod with the vision to become an incubator for women who want to start their own businesses and she continues to work towards that every day.