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A3Cube: Offering High Performance Data Computing

Nowadays, everything is driven by data and this creates large sets of the same. To analyze such amount of data sets, there is a growing requirement of highly sophisticated data systems which can quickly examine the information and draw conclusions about the information they contain. A3Cube a Computer Hardware is pioneering in transforming high-performance computing (HPC) systems into high-performance data (HPD) systems.
Since its inception, A3Cube is focused on providing the best solution possible to store, manage, exchange, and analyze data faster and in an easier way by leveraging existing consolidated applications. For this reason, the increasing numbers of critical data-driven applications and the increasing amount of data by these applications give strong supporting growth to the company.
A3Cube specifically develops and builds products for High- Performance Data Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and is driven by the consideration that high performance data analysis and data-driven computation will be the most important topics in the next years. The organization is firmly convinced that another revolution is started, and it wants to lead this data driven era.
United Set of Products 
A3Cube develops a new class of supercomputers which are oriented to the AI, ML and Big Data Analytics to the enterprise. These supercomputers are making possible a completely new set of application that were out of reach until today because of lack of reasonable computational power. The company has combined together hardware and software in a unique way realizing a scalable and fast platform that achieves more than 90% of system efficiency. These solutions are based on the company’s own technologies, RONNIEE Express and Fortissimo Foundation. These two systems are ready to use and extol the maximum performance from the hardware without changing or recompiling the applications.
A3Cube’s three products family includes DB Turbo, KIRA, and GRIFO. DB Turbo IO is specifically designed to accelerate database. It starts from a single node and scales to 1000. KIRA is a supercomputer which is easy to use and manage and helps crunch data. GRIFO is a compossible infrastructure for AI. It is able to aggregate up to 128 GPUs in a single system overcoming with the limitation of today’s proposal of the market.
Admired Leader 
Antonella Rubicco, the CEO of A3Cube, has been at the forefront of high-tech companies for more than 15 years and has led several companies to international prominence with her experience, and knowledge about the markets. She has successfully coordinated complex, multimillion dollar projects, developed key-partnerships and forged business relationships with other companies, universities, and research institutes. Thanks to her innovative ideas, the company has reached to 2017 Top Game changing startup, and 2018 Best technology company in AI. Michael Dell has recognized Antonella as one of the CEOs who have already proven that they know how to start and grow a business.
Making Determination Key 
The inspiration behind the work of A3Cube has been a belief that nothing is impossible. A3Cube believes determination and knowledge are the keys that can change the world. When the company was founded, the idea was to use the technology in the best way possible in order to extol the maxim in terms of performance and improve the quality of life. The vision is to explore and open new scenarios and transform what was considered impossible, into possible. The organization is always working on to make something difficult, complicated, and complex in the analysis and calculation of an enormous amount of data into something extremely simple that is within everyone’s reach.
Leading Solution Provider 
Data is a part of everyone’s life now. It is in all fields, which include Social Networking, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, and Marketing as well. But there is a big bottleneck in data access time which creates problem in performance and limits the opportunity that Big Data, AI and ML can open to the company and the end users. Sending and storing large amount of information in the cloud involves security and privacy issues. Also, in an environment where connectivity is limited or non-existent, cloud-based AI is not a solution.
A3Cube is the only company that really solves these problems and delivers the right computational power needed to manage this huge amount of data. It gives customers the capability to generate the maximum value from their data and makes everything simple to deploy, maintain, and manage. Now, with its innovative solutions, A3Cube is ready to lead the AI, ML, and Big Data market.
Vision for the Future 
A3Cube is growing, and it is becoming a reference for AI, ML, and Big data analytic solutions. Now, the company sells the system on premise. The technical team is working on the solutions that are able to address the future challenges of the market. The company has a division that develops algorithm and projects for the application of AI in specific fields. At these two divisions, the organization is working to create and propose the solution as a service. This completes the offers to the market and permits to satisfy any request.