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A.Y. Technologies: Building Software that Solves Real Problems

With more than 2 billion smartphone users in the world, the mobile app industry is booming more than ever before. Not only do we have a bigger market for mobile apps, we have a more sophisticated market. Users are not settling for mediocre apps anymore. They demand the highest quality performance and user experience.
Whether an app is already released or going to be released, they can’t survive if they don’t meet certain standards. Speed, usability, and performance are big standard differentiators in this market, and A. Y. Technologies is the keeper of these standards.
A Mobile Development and Web Application Agency
A.Y. Technologies is a mobile development and web application agency in Vancouver, B.C. Quickly growing, to a team of 8, A.Y. Technologies provides a range of services from their initial Roadmap Workshop, development, and custom software/integration services.
They use state of the art technology to solve problems for their clients. As an Agile development organization, they collaborate closely with their clients and focus on delivering innovative, scalable applications in rapid iterations.
A.Y. Technologies prides itself on it talented and flexible team, which has emphasis on delivering digital products frequently and rapid iteration.
Software Architect
Amin Yazdani is the Founder of A.Y. Technologies Inc. Amin has more than 15 years experience with software development and 5 years experience with software architecture and design. He has helped many startups with the scalability of their software systems and implemented agile processes to improve software development efficiency. He is an advocate of the new wave of software development and operation management (DevOps) and has been a volunteer and organizer of DevOpsDays Vancouver for the past 3 years.
Amin has a B.Sc. Degree in Software Engineering from Sharif University of Technology and M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University.
Unique Differentiators
For A.Y. Technologies, there are two unique differentiators in the market: 1 – Technology and 2 – Process.
On the technology side, they build all their mobile apps with React Native. React Native is on the cutting edge of technologies for building Cross-platform mobile applications. The apps they build with React Native are fast, performant, secure, and cost-effective. Furthermore, as they build only in React Native and then compile into both Android and iOS platforms, their clients spend less money and get more value.
On the process side, A.Y. Tech has a unique on-boarding program called the Roadmap Workshop. They offer Roadmap Workshops for every stage of the product development cycle. They help entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground and find product market fit, and also helps start-up businesses to speed up development and growth. Furthermore, they help the established businesses improve efficiency and reduce costs.
These workshops are 2 weeks long and the main goal of all of them is to reduce the risk of failure, delays, and cost overrun. Until now A.Y. Tech has been very successful with these workshops and expects more in the future.
Current Challenges within the Market
Being a young company, the team of A.Y. Technologies has learned a lot during the past year and half. They’ve learned the value of clear communication between team members and their clients, and how to better manage projects to deliver as promised.
They found that the biggest challenge for mobile apps is that users are getting more sophisticated and their standards are generally much higher. The apps that had acceptable performance or user experience a year ago would not pass the test today. Mobile apps need to match the level of sophistication of their users and that’s the biggest challenge, both from the technology side as well as user experience design.
Building Great Apps that make Companies Successful
To overcome the current and future market challenges, A.Y. Technologies follows the best user experience design practices with state of the art mobile development technologies. They bring the best of both worlds together to help apps reach their full potential. They also focus on building scalable platforms for apps, so they can easily handle millions of users. With their focus on startups and entrepreneurs, they build apps that make companies successful.
Making Mobile Apps more User-Centric and Performant
On their unique approach, Amin says, “We are not here just to build what clients think they want. We guide them through our process and clarify what they need and, in the process, reduce the risk of failure. By building clickable prototypes that look like the real thing, we help them test their apps with their target market before writing a single line of code.”
Their goal is to help startups achieve their growth goals. And they see themselves as a leader in a new mobile app movement, one that is making mobile apps more user centric and performant.

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