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A Line Says It All!

People love cars. To be honest, they are mad about them. Cars are the spellbinding aspect of the vastly spread automobile industry. They are the mixture of poise and aggression reflecting your personality traits. As Alexandra Paul said, “The cars we drive say lot about us.” Therefore everyone is so individualistic about the choices and the brands they opt for. Thanks to some auto-makers, the standards of car-making have been raised so high that for fulfilling customers’ expectations, companies need to be top-notch in Performance, Aesthetics and Service (PAS). Any company meeting these norms will definitely be the customers’ favourite.
Certainly, ‘PAS’ parameters are the most important one, but one cannot deny the fascination of a catchy tagline any automobile brand possesses. A tagline or a catchphrase reflects the ideology and vision of the company. It is a short set of words which delivers a memorable phrase about a brand’s core values. It is evident that a portion of crowd gets attracted towards a particular brand because of the brand’s creative catchphrase. So here are taglines of few globally famous car-making brands.

  • Aston Martin: Power, Beauty and Soul.
    The slogan of this British cultural icon perfectly personifies its incredible products. Power for performance, beauty for aesthetics and soul, reflects the company’s determination to strive for excellence.
  • Audi: Vorsprung durch Technik (Being ahead through technology).
    This German stalwart has kept it very simple and to the point, focussing more on technical perfection. However, people are also fond of its state-of-the-art designs.
  • BMW: Sheer Driving Pleasure.
    Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW is one of the leaders of the luxury car market. This Germany based giant has shifted to this catchphrase from its classical one i.e. The Ultimate Driving Machine, both showing its outlook in this segment.
  • Ferrari: We are the competition.
    This power packed machine manufacturer overtly expresses dominance through its tagline, setting the benchmark to a level difficult to reach.
  • Ford: Go Further.
    This US legend has set a slogan not only for customers but also for itself, inspiring to keep moving forward.
  • Jaguar: The Art of Performance.
    Jaguar, known for its powerful and elegant cars, has exactly resonated this ideology with its tagline, crafting a beautiful blend of performance and beauty. However, many of the Jaguar lovers admire its previous catchphrase, Grace.Space.Pace.
  • Lamborghini: We’re not supercars. We’re Lamborghini.
    The ‘Automobili Lamborghini’ has made this Italian brand, a worldwide phenomenon when it comes to supercars and luxury SUVs. Previously, it had a classical slogan stating, Follow your ears.
  • Lexus: Experience Amazing.
    This luxury vehicle division of Toyota has truly conveyed its opulence through this catchphrase. Witnessing its marvellous cars is an amazing experience.
  • Mercedes-Benz: The Best or Nothing.
    Probably the true leader of the luxury cars segment, Mercedes flaunts its superiority through this incredible tagline replicating its passion about perfection.
  • Nissan: Innovation That Excites.
    This prominent automobile brand from the land of rising Sun recently shifted from its vintage slogan Shift to the aforesaid newly introduced one.
  • Porsche: There Is No Substitute.
    Thanks to this creative marketing catchphrase, people don’t need any explanations. If you want to be unique and different, you have no alternative than a Porsche.
  • Renault: Passion for Life.
    Renault’s newly launched slogan replacing the previous Drive The Change brought a bright, modern take on its historic virtues resonating spirit of automotive revolution.
  • Toyota: Let’s Go Places.
    A world leader in automotive production, Toyota is probably the only company having hundreds of taglines, different for different countries. Its US domain slogan Let’s Go Places is among the most popular ones sharing the honour with taglines like Start Your Impossible and Quality Revolution.
  • Volkswagen: Das Auto(The Car).
    This gigantic German group is well known for its perfectly crafted and engineered vehicles. Historical ‘The Car’ slogan could be the only catchphrase that could portray Volkswagen’s vastness.
  • Volvo: For Life.
    This Swedish automaker through its slogan has expressed two important elements of the brand; loyalty for life and safety of life. Needless to say, this makes it one of the best taglines ever created.

After reading all these creatively crafted taglines, one can easily get an idea of how powerful of a marketing tool they can prove to be. After all, influencing someone’s choices isn’t an easy job. In this world of advertisement, many claim that along with performance, aesthetics and service you need to have incredible marketing tools like that of brand slogans. Without these it is really hard to draw the attention of customers who are equipped with vast number of choices nowadays. Certainly, in this regard, taglines have proved their importance and comprehensiveness.

Dhiraj Gore