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A Keyways to Professional Your Building, Landscape or Home Improvement Business

Every small business owner is looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction and get excellent ratings. If you are in the building, landscaping in Alpharetta, or home improvement business, there’s a good chance you drive a heavy vehicle or excavation equipment to get the job done. You always run the hazard of damaging your customer’s yard or driveway due to the weight and design of the vehicles required to do the job.

This risk is especially high if you work in a place where rain softens the land regularly. You can’t tell your customers they will have to wait because it rained; you will never get any work done that way.

Tearing up a lawn can keep you from getting a 5-star review. Some customers may want you to pay for the repairs required to fix the damage your equipment caused even if you warned them it could happen.
Composite construction mats are a great solution to this problem caused by your equipment.

Construction mats are interlocking rectangular ground coverings that can be made into an artificial driving surface. Generally, they are made of a lightweight but durable composite material.

In the past, many contractors have used plywood or other wooden materials to create artificial surfaces to get the equipment safely in and out of work sites. Wood can warp or sprinter. This can create a mess for your customers also. Plus, the wood has to be replaced pretty often due to weathering and other damage.

Construction crane mats can be simple to use if you get the right kind that is light enough for two workers to move them.  If only one worker is available, that is okay. He can use a specially designed drag hook to move the mats into place.

The mats can be locked together with connectors once you have them laid out the way you want them.

The half-inch thick mats will not shift around when you drive on them. They also have raised diagonal ridges in a well-spaced herringbone pattern instead of a smooth surface for improved traction in any kind of weather conditions. So backing down your artificial track is easier because yours won’t slip on wet grass.

There are composite mats explicitly designed for use in snowy conditions. Cars usually need special tires to drive in the snow or ice because the ice blocks the road surface needed to create the proper amount of traction and heat-generated friction required to keep the rubber from sliding. The mat designed for use in the snow look and feel more like asphalt with the ridges in an x shaped pattern for better grip in cold conditions. The mats can make all the difference when you need to get work done in less than ideal conditions.

Composite mats have another great advantage. They are easy to clean after the work is completed. They can be hosed off or wiped down to keep from possibly bringing weed seeds or other contaminants to the next job. Many of your customers take pride in their yards; you want to ensure that you don’t cause them difficulties later on down the road.

These composite construction mates can be stacked neatly anywhere you have space for them; unlike wood, they don’t need to be stored in a water-tight building to prevent rot or other types of deterioration. This means you can use storage sheds to store other essential equipment.

Composite construction mats are ideal for any outdoor work project in any type of weather condition.
Construction mats are not recommended for indoor use, such as lining garage floors or closed-in shed floors. There are other types of composite materials manufactured for indoor use.