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8×8: Great Communications, No Compromises

A truly global, hyper-scalable cloud unified communications and contact center platform, 8×8 is powering the communications infrastructure worldwide for businesses of all sizes. Whether it is an SMB operating out of one location or a large multinational enterprise, 8×8’s multi-tenant services platform, housed in nine international data centers, enables businesses to operate as one unified entity while delivering the highest quality of service in the industry.
8×8’s distributed platform uses innovative, patented geo-routing algorithms to route communications quickly and efficiently to the closest available data center no matter where the user is currently located, resulting in crystal clear connections.
Trusted Provider of Secure and Reliable Enterprise Communications
8×8 is the trusted provider of secure and reliable Enterprise Communications as a Service (ECaaS) offerings to more than 45,000 businesses operating in over 100 countries across six continents. 8×8’s out-of-the-box cloud solutions replace traditional on-premises PBX and contact center hardware and software-based systems with a flexible and scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) alternative, encompassing cloud business telephony, collaboration, contact center, and conferencing services.
8×8’s innovative ECaaS solution brings all unified communications and contact center services together into one integrated cloud platform, delivering continuous communications experiences from desktop to mobile. This enables companies of all sizes to solve critical business needs and modernize their infrastructure with world-class business communications, contact center solutions, conferencing, collaboration and advanced analytics.
Vik Verma- The Technocrat of 8×8
Named as 1 of 40 “technology pioneers” by the World Economic Forum in 2003, Vik Verma, CEO of 8×8, in his 26 year career, has taken complex technology and created products and services that deliver value to customers worldwide. He began his 26-year executive career with startup Savi Technology, where he was one of its first employees. He joined the company as a design engineer straight out of Stanford and then quickly rose through the ranks, first as VP of Engineering and then COO. As COO, he played a leading role in negotiating the sale of Savi to Texas Instruments. Subsequently promoted to CEO, Vik in partnership with leading VCs from Silicon Valley and Asia led the management buyout of the company.
Later, Vik re-engineered the business, quadrupled its size, executed a joint venture with Hutchison Whampoa and sold it to Lockheed Martin. At Lockheed Martin, as President of Strategic Venture Development, he focused on turning the company’s military technologies and programs into global commercial ventures ranging from seabed mining to nanomaterials.
At 8×8, Vik is leading the team that has pioneered business communications’ move to the cloud with the company’s ground-breaking cloud unified communications and contact center technologies and services.
Future Vista of 8×8
While reflecting on the future vista of 8×8 Vik says, “We are at a tipping point in the industry with many mid-size and large companies now seeking out cloud communications solutions. Key to growth will be to continue to educate business leaders on the many benefits of cloud communications such as enhanced features/functionality, increased flexibility and speed of deployment. 8×8 is supporting this transition with its integrated cloud communications platform that delivers one continuous experience across all devices and business workflows no matter the size of your business.”
8×8’s momentum is a testament to the current market dynamics. The company is seeing accelerated adoption of cloud communications by mid-market and enterprise customers, who now represent over 50% of 8×8’s total service revenue. The market opportunity ahead is tremendous – with less than 5% of mid-sized and enterprise companies worldwide having migrated to the cloud, according to Gartner.
8×8 is paving the way for businesses making the transition to cloud communications. They have built a high growth, profitable business by developing and delivering the industry’s most comprehensive suite of secure, reliable and integrated global cloud communications solutions. 8×8 is continuing to innovate and enhance the business value of their solutions with deeper analytics and line of business applications and integrate additional collaboration tools within their platform to provide customers with the most comprehensive and seamless global communications experience available.