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8allocate: Delivering Value-based Scalable Custom Software Solutions

The traditional outsourcing was mostly based on cost arbitrage. The second critical factor was the lack of onshore resources. Scarce talent pools drove companies to look for specialists beyond the national borders, and sourcing talent from offshore proved to be a lifesaver for many startups and companies with tight budgets.
Today, outsourcing is completely multi-faceted and has a great potential to add significant value to any company beyond cost saving and provide access to remote pools rich in good specialists. The access to tribal knowledge and narrow-focus niche expertise is the key driver of outsourcing nowadays. Modern businesses are looking at outsourcing as a strategic venture that allows them to extend in-house IT departments and achieve a successful digital transformation via partnerships with external consultants and powerful R&D centers.
Slowly, traditional cost-based outsourcing models are becoming obsolete and less effective. Today what’s really required by many businesses is a value-based approach to outsourcing. That’s what 8allocate is trying to cultivate as a business. 8allocate is a technology-agnostic B2B ecosystem that delivers value-based scalable custom software solutions by leveraging a unique consultative approach, account-based recruitment, and a trusted resource network. It helps its clients build highly efficient dedicated/distributed software development teams either in its Ukraine-based R&D center or remotely.
Unique Consultative Approach 
8allocate delivers “Best code possible”. Some of the company’s board members are also active members of such organizations as the YPO, INSEAD and Chicago Booth. This helps 8allocate to provide the best-in-class consultative approach for servicing clients and bringing mature tech closer to their doorstep. It boasts an unparalleled Team Performance monitoring methodology which results in attrition rate being lower than 10%.
Account-based Recruitment 8allocate assigns a dedicated recruitment consultant to each client’s team. This dedicated recruitment consultant acts as their account manager and helps them manage their software engineers on a regular basis. Due to this approach its clients have 80% hiring success rate.
Trusted Resource Network 
The company operates one of Ukraine’s leading Coding Academies – GoIT that has graduated over 6,000 IT specialists over the past 4 years. It allows 8allocate to keep Ukraine’s national talent pool sustainable by filling it up with fresh resources skilled in mainstream and mature technologies. 8allocate has a broad network of local and international recruitment partners which allows it to bring the most sophisticated and hard-to- find talent to client’s project team faster than local competitors that wok in silos.
Leveraging Mature Technologies 
8allocate specialize in delivering custom solutions that leverage mature (aka Web 3.0) technologies such as AI, ML, VR/AR, 3D, and blockchain. From XDR wallet for a crypto company to AI-based traffic arbitrage systems – the organization’s project portfolio is full of cutting-edge solutions for both startups/SMBs and established enterprises.
Strong Leadership Team 
It’s needless to say that a strong brand starts with a strong leadership team. As the CEO of 8allocate, Vladimir Potapenko has built a strong and diverse top management team that’s ultimately accountable for the company’s success and reputation.
8allocate’s senior leadership uses their experience, knowledge and outside-the- box thinking to ensure the delivery of ROI-driven, value-based and clean code solutions for each business partner as well as the company’s topline growth and bottom-line savings. The management team has a shared vision that the key to 8allocate’s success is collaboration. The company’s work ethic is based on the 8 principles drawn from a “Philanthropist’s Guide to the Future” created by Michael and Susan Dell Foundation:

  • if it looks easy, we look deeper,
  • we take the risk our challenge deserves,
  • we stay the course,
  • money alone doesn’t solve problems,
  • people are our main asset,
  • we measure mindfully,
  • if it doesn’t work, tell everyone,
  • when we see real-world impact our partners make with our help,
  • we know the effort was worth it!

Dan Harrison, as a Regional Director for Europe and Israel brings in almost 20 years of experience working in IT sales, new business development and client engagement. At 8allocate, he built a highly efficient outbound lead generation team, selected and hired sales development representatives and researchers, and initiated new processes in order to streamline sales and client engagement. He also acts as an account manager for clients he has brought in, making sure they’re completely satisfied with 8allocate’s approach, attitude and the final delivery. Dan’s experience and dedication is the key reason behind very low attrition rate of the clients of 8allocate.
Huge Tribal Knowledge 
8allocate is based on a huge tribal knowledge accumulated over years of working with different clients and using different methodologies, and many lessons learned from previous failures and successes. It has faced many challenges, including a highly competitive environment, the lack of qualified resources (that’s when its Coding Academy comes in handy, as it allows it to train, re-skill, grow and nurture talents, and align them with the real-world business needs), geopolitical issues, etc. But overcoming each new challenge makes the company stronger!
Sustaining Competency 
8allocate is sustaining its competency in IT consulting and staffing solutions by shifting from cost-based to value-based outsourcing. To the organization, value-based outsourcing is an integral part of both globalization and the sharing economy. As a new-school outsourcing provider, 8allocate is becoming an active driver of their clients’ business success. Additionally, the company is focused primarily on building strong bonds with its clients and helping them achieve all of their goals and KPIs through a consultative approach and custom-tailored strategies.
Insights into Future 
8allocate sees itself as one of Eastern Europe’s leading technology powerhouses with R&D centers spread all over the world. It is building an influencer brand and it strives to become a thought leader in mature tech.
Appreciating Reviews 
“Their project managers are exceptional at finding talented developers to fill our positions.” – Roger Sarazin, VP of Products and Services, On-Board Data Systems
“The team was excellent throughout the project, finding professional, dedicated resources and managing the entire hiring process. They were focused and found ideal candidates quickly, resulting in an 80% hiring rate, while thinking of long-term aspects of the project.”– Tal D., external consultant at SkyCoin
Source: Major League of IT Consulting And Staffing Solution Providers 2018