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Garry Drummond | CEO & founder | 802 Secure Inc.

802 Secure Inc.: Shielding Clients from Unwanted Security Threats

Back in 2014, two of the industry veterans, each with more than 20 years of cyber security knowledge and expertise came together to set up 802 Secure, with a vision to be the market leader in Cyber-Physical IoT Threat Management. 802 Secure specializes in wireless Cyber Physical IoT network security, providing solutions for both Enterprise and Government clients. Its customer acquisitions have been across multiple verticals such as Healthcare, Critical Infrastructure, Hospitality, Global data-centers, as well as Government.
What makes 802’s solutions unique is that it addresses the ever-increasing IoT risks stemming from unmanaged, unsecured, and misconfigured IoT devices and networks, OT networks, and Shadow IoT. This evolution requires a new level of visibility across not only wired IT networks but the surrounding physical environment (off-network systems). Gartner and NIST refer to this emerging attack vector as Cyber-Physical Security.
802 Secure provides visibility into the Cyber-Physical Security blind-spot, combining edge security with centralized cloud threat intelligence.
Protecting Clients with Ground-Breaking Solutions 
802 Secure’s AirShield is autonomous and non-intrusive monitoring and protection solution that provides immediate visibility and cyber security protection for both IT and OT networks. AirShield provides threat intelligence across multiple wireless protocols and frequencies to detect devices and systems to protect against misconfigurations, Shadow IoT, unknown and unmanaged IoT devices, and previously undetected wireless attacks. It protects the infrastructure from Cyber-Physical IoT wireless threats using wireless deep packet inspection, situational awareness, zero trust, anomaly detection, and behavioral analysis. Traditional WiFi vendors are focused on protecting their networks, not OT networks or Shadow IoT problems. This inflection point suggests that most organizations are blind to the Cyber-Physical IoT risks surrounding them. AirShield monitors and identifies Cyber- Physical IoT wireless devices and networks in your airspace to bring out the needles in the haystack, ranks the threats in order of severity across Cyber-Physical, IT and OT networks, as well as Shadow IoT.
The Industry Veteran 
Garry Drummond, the CEO and founder of 802 Secure is a 20-year-old veteran in the information security industry. He attended Clackmannan College School of Business, Scotland, where he studied Business Studies. Gary’s diverse background uniquely combines cross-functional sales and business development skills driving the company’s vision for addressing the problem space of wireless, IoT and Cyber Physical Security.
Successful organizations share two characteristics: they are smart, and they are healthy. An organization demonstrates that it is smart by developing intelligent strategies, marketing plans, product features, and financial models that lead to an upper hand over its competitors. The company demonstrates that it is healthy by eliminating politics and confusion.
Implementing and reinforcing organization clarity is vital to executing the business well. “I like to accomplish this by building and maintaining a united leadership team, create organizational clarity by eliminating any confusion within the company and lead from the front — over-communicating the goals and the direction of the company,” says Garry.
When Trust is the Ultimate Currency 
802 Secure believes that, trust is the ultimate currency; it’s the way to advance development by opening an individual’s potential. Building trust in the workforce builds respect—for the business and people. The leaders of 802 Secure, like to study the DNA workflow, how do people intermingle and communicate with each other and solve problems. With that said, the company starts by first hiring the right people with the right cultural fit and then applying their range of abilities in a role where they can exceed expectations and lead others. This energizes focused innovation towards the shared objectives and mission. Strong leadership is the way to building worker trust.
Also, when it comes to tackling competition in the market, the organization works very closely with;

  • Influential leaders – who have pain points, vision or an opinion on how they would solve the problem
  • Passionate fan bases – who are willing to tell the good and the bad about the company’s product and messaging
  • Local customer offerings – make it easy for local customers to test product across multiple verticals, get early product feedback
  • Vocal customers – helps the company to step up its game

The company believes that in order to compete well and win, one needs a competitive analysis strategy, and that’s what it implements. A competitive analysis is an easy way to keep score when it comes to measuring the adequacy of its marketing strategy by identifying the competitors and evaluating their current marketing tactics relative to its own, determine where it is and where it needs to improve.
Future Roadmap 
With increased IoT enablement and adoption growing worldwide, the leaders of the organization see global markets opening up for 802 Secure across Consumer IoT, Enterprise IoT, and Industrial IoT. To sustain competitive advantage, the company needs to continue to innovate on building advanced Cyber-Physical threat intelligence with API integration to some of the leading NAC and firewalls vendors to better detect, assess and prevent exploitation. 802 Secure also needs to build upon a channel-friendly, easy to implement go-to-market sales strategy with a repeatable sales playbook that creates urgency and higher gross margins for its partners.